9-11 and the October 19, 2001 Philly bus station bomb

In the course of gathering information on 9-11 and the Mossad characters involved, one discovers a few events that have gone under the radar.  One of these is the bomb material left at a bus station in Philadelphia, apparently checked into a locker there on September 29th, 2001.

The C4 material, about the size of a bar of soap, is not commercially available.  It was of “high military caliber” and may have been taken from a military base, according to officials.  This amount would have been enough to level the bus terminal according to law enforcement.

According to police, the material was left in the locker to be picked up at a later time.  Was the perp part of a crackdown on terrorism that saw the arrest of the famed “Dancing Israelis”?

This was not the first – in early 2001, police bomb squads in Philly were kept busy by a series of unexploded devices found in the area,

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