The Anatomy of Mishpuka Conspiracy for Race Riots, Revolution & More

Nobodaddy, had a link up that inspired me to take a look at this very pointed G. Wean book 

The Anatomy of a Conspiracy of Race Riots & Revolution .  O.J. Simpson laced story of the total orchestration of events to bilk the sheeple, jerk them around through emotional programming, and basically completely poison the nation.  Lots of dirt on a whole farm full of filthy swine.  HIGHLY recommended.  I have a few questions I’ll post but hope others can comment.  Nobo, where them other texts.  I don’t see jack out there on this guy. 

Anyhow here’s a intro sample:

Early in his presidency, Ronald Reagan named U.S. Federal Judge Irving Kaufman to head his new Crime Commission to crack down on Organized Crime. Kaufman—secretly a high level member of the Anti-Defamation League, a vicious hidden foe of America and against everything Christians stand for—after two-and-a-half years of directing the so-called “Crime Commission”, came out with an announcement denouncing the Italians, the Japanese, the Chinese and Mexicans.

Quoting Kaufman’s “great revelation”:

“We have uncovered new criminal organization networks emerging in U.S. cities in drugs, gambling, prostitution and extortion. The operations are highly structured and disciplined. They operate virtually unnoticed by the American public.”

Kaufman then emphasized gravely his uncovering of these Italian, Japanese, Chinese, and Mexican gangsters with hypocritical, phony concern.

Quoting Kaufman, “These crime groups must be stopped.”

Then he identified dramatically the criminals he claimed to have uncovered, “The Mafia, the Jakuza, the Triad Society and the Mexican Mafia.”

But Irving Kaufman, a federal judge and head of the President’s Crime Commission to expose Organized Crime, while falsely posing as a loyal American never once mentioned the Mishpucka (the Jew Crime Family) the most secret, deadly, powerful organized crime family in the world and the only one dedicated to the total destruction of America and the eradication of Christianity. And why would Kaufman cover-up and fail to alert America to this fearful enemy? Because Federal Judge Kaufman is a ranking agent of the ADL and a Mishpucka actively engaged in the plot to destroy America and Christianity.

The rest is at TFC’s archive on Wean.