“Anonymous” to target Iranian websites with DoS (Denial of Service) attack

4-30-11  The hacker group Anonymous has its next denial-of-service (DoS) target in sight: Iran, CNET has learned.

Members of the loosely organized group are planning “Operation Iran,” an attack designed to shut down Iranian Web sites beginning Sunday, according to their latest online proclamation. May 1 is International Worker’s Day.

“The people of Iran have the admiration of Anonymous, and the entire world,” the statement says. “We can see that Iran still suffers at the hands of those in power. Your former government has seized control, and tries to silence you. People of Iran–your rights belong to you.”

The operation seemed to already have begun late today with Web page defacements ostensibly targeted at Iranian hackers. Anonymous left messages on several Web sites that had allegedly been previously attacked by the Iranian Cyber Army, including the site of a Canadian information systems firm and the site of a Ukrainian dancing group, according to an observer on an Anonymous Internet Relay Chat channel that members use to coordinate their operations.

Anonymous is known for its renegade cyberattacks in defense of perceived underdogs or to support freedom of expression or other anti-establishment causes. In defense of whistle-blowing site WikiLeaks, the group targeted PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, and other companies late last year that had stopped enabling WikiLeaks to receive contributions.

Earlier this month, Anonymous targeted Sony in protest of the company’s treatment of Sony PlayStation hacker George Hotz. Hotz and Sony have since settled the lawsuit Sony filed, and Anonymous has denied any involvement in a recent serious breach that exposed information of millions of Sony PlayStation Network customers.

Other Anonymous targets have been: Broadcast Music Inc., the Church of Scientology; the governments of Egypt, Iran, and Sweden; the Westboro Baptist Church; conservative activist billionaires Charles and David Koch and their companies; as well as security firm HBGary Federal, which had reportedly been working with the FBI to identify the leaders of Anonymous.

Attention all Anons!

Now it can be revealed. Barrett Brown (right) is your leader!

And “senior strategist”. And “propagandist” !

According to MSNBC, he’s a “leader of the computer hackers group known as Anonymous” that’s “threatening new attacks on major U.S. corporations and government officials as part of at an escalating ‘cyberwar’ against the citadels of American power”.

Brown, a “sometimes freelance journalist”, told MSNBC he’s “not personally involved in hacking computers”, stressing he “only advises the group, participates in its internal strategy sessions and serves as its spokesman”, says the post, going on >>>

In the first network television interview he has given, Brown – who has been widely quoted as one of the group’s spokesmen — invited NBC to his walk up, one-room Dallas apartment and allowed a reporter to observe as he and what he said were other Anonymous members communicated in a secure chat room.

Their goal that day: drafting a threatening letter to PayPal, the online processing firm owned by eBay, in response to news that the firm had restricted service to Manning’s legal defense fund.

“We politely ask you to finally stand up and show some backbone,” said Brown, reading from the letter on his small laptop. “Unfreeze the account, or release the funds, so Bradley Manning and his lawyers can access it. Otherwise you prove you are nothing but a puppet of a criminal government, which is violating the Geneva Convention and the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution.”

And then, said Brown: “As always, it ends … We are Anonymous. We do not forgive. We do not forget.”

“That’s our little motto,” he added.

Not only but also, “Brown, for his part, makes no bones about the fact that Anonymous plays rough”, says MSNBC adding:

“Asked about the group’s capabilities, he said, ‘Well, they keep increasing, but I can tell you that our capabilities are such that, we can, for instance, go into the servers of a federal contracting company … take those servers down, delete backups, take all internal emails, take documents, shut down the websites of the owners of those companies, take everything from those websites, ruin the lives of people who have done it wrong … harass them, make sure they’ll never work again in this particular industry.”

Now you know.

Anons will doubtless feel much more secure knowing Brown is representing them to the world.

And in his self-appointed role, he’s doing quite well out of the lamescream mainstream media.


Anonymous website at anonnews.org