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9-11 Commission attorney tied to Jewish Mafia

Richard Ben-Veniste, Watergate special prosecutor and 9-11 Commission member, once argued in favor of the Clintons during the Whitewater scandal.  He is also connected to the major players in the Jewish Mafia.


The Line To Lansky: Steinger Linked To Ben-Veniste, Jewish Mafia

We know that Joel Steinger, the mastermind of the billion-dollar Mutual Benefits Ponzi scheme with ties to several Broward politicians (Steve Geller, Stacy Ritter, Ellyn Bogdanoff, and others), had connections to Colombian drug cartels.

Now we have evidence of another intriguing connection, this one to the so-called Jewish Mafia in Miami, including business mogul and The Forge owner Alvin Malnik and infamous gangster Meyer Lansky. Another old Steinger chum: Whitewater attorney and 911 Commission member Richard Ben-Veniste, who defended Steinger in his 1981 felony case and remained close friends with him. Two sources with close ties to Steinger say that Ben-Veniste always hangs with Steinger when he's in town from Washington and that Steinger facilitates good times for the nationally known attorney. Ben-Veniste for years represented Steinger in his fight with Mutual Benefits against the Securities and Exchange Commission. Ben-Veniste, in fact, helped Steinger and the fraudulent company skate by an SEC investigation in 1998 that, had the agency done its job, could have avoided the debacle that followed. From a Wall Street Journal article at the time: "Richard Ben-Veniste, an attorney for the company and the Steingers, noted that no investor money had been lost, that the company wasn't
named in the SEC action, and that it was still in business."

Ben-Veniste is a partner with the high-powered international law firm Mayer Brown in D.C. Despite his impressive-seeming resume (he also played a significant role in Watergate), Ben-Veniste has always had friends (and former law clients) in low places. Not sure if any go lower than Steinger, though. 

   Steinger, according to multiple sources, also knew Meyer Lansky and even received a puppy from a litter related to the mobster's prized shih tzu "Bruiser." Steinger, a long-time fraud artist and boiler room operator, is also close friends with Alvin Malnik, another reputed mob figure with big-time legitimate businesses, including major real estate holdings throughout South Florida. Reader's Digest rather famously dubbed Malnik as Lansky's "heir apparent" when the mobster died in 1983. Malnik, who lives in a multmillion dollar mansion in Ocean Ridge in Palm Beach County, has ties to unions, title loans, Michael Jackson, Las Vegas, Hollywood -- and just about anything else you want to name. 

Malnik used to live at the Cricket Club in Miami. It was in the parking garage there that his brand new Rolls Royce was blown up in 1982. Malnik's ties to organized crime run deep and long, beginning with Lansky. In 1980, the New Jersey Casino Control Commission denied him a gambling license because they found he was a "person of unsuitable character and unsuitable reputation." While he still has vast business interests (including a rather remarkable kinship with the Saudi royal family) he's perhaps best known now for his philanthropic role with the Make-A-Wish Foundation. 

  The link between Malnik and Steinger comes not only from those who know Steinger, but also from official Broward County records. As I reported this week in a piece on Steinger's bitter divorce, the Mutual Benefits mastermind recently received a $602,000 loan from Miami attorney David M. Goldstein. Goldstein has also represented several of Steinger's business interests, including some involving Mutual Benefits. Goldstein is a right-hand man for Alvin Malnik, whom he's been working for for many years, along with Malnik's son, Shareef. Goldstein also represents Hollywood film producer Brett Rattner (Rush Hour, X-Men:The Last Stand), who is so close to Malnik that he calls Rattner his "11th son." Goldstein didn't return a phone call, so the reason for his giant loan to Broward's version of Bernie Madoff isn't known.

Stay tuned.


From Ben-Veniste's law firm Mayer Brown:

Israel Group

If you are an Israeli business seeking access to global markets or if you are interested in doing business in Israel, you need access to highly experienced and knowledgeable legal support. Both Israel and the worldwide technology markets provide a wealth of opportunities, but can pose problems for the ill-prepared and the unwary.

We Understand Your Business Objectives

With more than 1,800 lawyers in offices in cities worldwide, Mayer Brown is one of the largest law practices in the world. Mayer Brown serves clients on both sides of the Atlantic, including 65 of the Fortune 100 companies, most of the FTSE 100, and one out of every three U.S. banks. We offer consulting offices in Beijing and Shanghai, as well as independent correspondent relationships with Jáuregui, Navarrete y Nader, S.C., one of Mexico City's most respected law firms, and Tonucci & Partners (Italy and eastern Europe).

How We Can Help

Our Israel Group consists of lawyers throughout our international network of offices, including Israeli-qualified lawyers and Hebrew-speaking lawyers. We have the combined expertise and skills necessary to provide service of excellence to clients in all aspects of their Israeli projects, including:

  • a dedicated, internationally qualified team with in-depth expertise across the full range of disciplines required for accessing global markets or investing in Israel;
  • unrivalled strength in capital markets and international trade;
  • fully integrated skills in other key areas such as biotech, pharma, life sciences and biodefense; intellectual property and information technology/outsourcing; venture capital and private equity; mergers, acquisitions and joint ventures; financial services; finance and securitization; energy and renewable energy; telecommunications; and international arbitration;
  • tried and tested project management skills to ensure that both on-site and remote support on Israeli projects is delivered effectively; and
  • close working relationships with major Israeli law firms.

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Old Dick Ben Veniste, special prosecutor during the Watergate scandal and member of the 9/11 Commission comes from an illustrious line of Jewish criminals. LOTS of usury.  Lots of Talmud.  Early printing of corrupt versions of the Bible.  (see E. Michael Jones' The Jewish Revolutionary Spirit for the details and whole lot more). 

As Jones points out, the Vatican was always against forced conversions.  They were often carried out to PROTECT the "chosen" ones from the enraged public.  Situation complicated by Christian belief that baptism permanently changed the character of the baptised.  Some of the fiercest "persecutors" of the Jews were rabbis who went Ben Freedman.

Benveniste, also Benvenist, Benvenisti, Benvenista, Benvenisto, Ben-Veniste (Spanish bien venida = welcome) is the surname of an old, rich, and scholarly family of Narbonne, France from the 11th century, several branches of which were found all over Castile and Aragon, Spain and the Provence, France, as well as at various places in the Orient. It is also borne by families in Greece, Turkey, Bulgaria, Serbia, Germany, Austria, North Africa, Romania and Jerusalem.

There is a legend about the origin of the name that was told to the late David Benvenisti, a prominant Israeli scholar, by his grandfather Benvenisti Shemuel Yosef, a prominent Jewish leader in Salonica, in the beginning of the 20th century.

Sheshet Benveniste Nasi, (c.1131-1209) ben Isaac ben Joseph, physician and writer. He was the son of Isaac Benveniste Nasi (prince) the physician of the king of Aragon that came to Spain from Narbonne France in the 12th century. The Narbonne Jewish center was established, according to Jewish and Christian sources, by prominent Jews from Bagdad at the request of the Carolingian kings in the end of the first millennium AD. The Babylonian names of Makhir, Hasdai and Sheshet are the names of chief rabies and leaders - Nasi (considered by the Jewish tradition as descendents of king David) of the Jewish center. They appear together with the name Benveniste in documents of Narbonne and Barcelona from the 11th-13th century AD with the name Nasi added.[3] [4] Sheshet received his education at Narbonne, his probable birthplace, afterward he lived at Barcelona, and later at Saragossa, in which city he died. He practiced medicine, and was the author of a medical work, manuscript copies of which are still extant at Oxford and Munich. Such was his reputation as a physician that patients came long distances to consult him.

Vidal Benveniste de Porta (died 1268), Jewish Bailie ("bayle") - the administrative and tax officer of Barcelona, Girona and Lerida, Spain. Possibly his brother was Bonastruc ça (de) Porta, Nahmanides, (in Hebrew Ramban), also known as Rabbi Moses ben Nahman Girondi. (1194 - 1270). He grew up, studied and lived in Girona. He was a leading medieval Jewish scholar, Catalonia rabbi, philosopher, physician, kabbalist, and biblical commentator. He participated in 1263 in the Disputation of Barcelona before King James I of Aragon.

Don Vidal Benveniste (de la Cavalleria) was a prominent Spanish Jewish scholar who lived in Saragossa in the beginning of the second half of the 14th century and the beginning of the 15th century. The honor 'de la Cavalleria', according to the Encyclopedia Judaica, was given to the family by the knights Templar who protected the family and the family in turn administered the tax system of the Templars. His family was connected to the development of the town of Saragossa in the 14th century, and members of the family Benvenist de la Cavalleria were financiers of the local kings. He was elected, by the notables of the Jewish communities of Aragon, as the speaker before the pope at the beginning of disputation of Tortosa (1413).

Don Abraham Benveniste (Bienveniste) (died in c. 1450) of Soria and Toledo Spain. Statesman and chief rabbi (or "court rabbi") of Castile during the reign of Juan II, (1406-54). He was also entrusted with the public finances of the kingdom together with Don Yosef Nasi. Under the presidency of Benveniste a Jewish synod in Valladolid in 1432 drew up a statute called the "Tak?anoth," which was to serve as a basis for the administration of the Jewish communities in Spain. It dealt with the divine service, with the glorification of the study of the Law, with state taxation, and with the welfare and progress of the communities.

Don Judah Benveniste and Don Samuel Benveniste Sons of Don Meir Benveniste of Toledo. Grandsons of Don Abraham Benveniste the court rabbi of Castile. They immigrated to Salonica in 1492 with other Jewish Spanish exiles, and with them they founded the Sephardic community in that city. They succeeded in preserving a share of their great patrimony sufficient for the purchase of a large collection of books. Several experienced scribes were always employed in copying the Mishnah, the Talmud, and other works at their homes, which was the center of the scholarly Spanish exiles.

Don Vidal Benvenist (de la Cavalleria) Grandson of Don Abraham Benveniste was a prominent and a wealthy man in Spain in the second half of the 15th century. Together with his brother Abraham they negotiated a compact with the King of Portugal to allow 120,000 of the Jewish exiles from Spain in 1492 to stay in Portugal for six months. The Jewish exiles had to pay one ducat for every soul, and the fourth part of all the merchandise they had carried with them when they entered Portugal.

Francisco Mendes (Tzemah Benveniste in Hebrew) one of the wealthiest traders and bankers in Europe in the first half of the 16th century. He was the great grandson of Don Abraham Benveniste. His family was forcibly converted Jews known as Conversos (also called Crypto-Jews, Marranos and Secret Jews). While still Jewish, they had fled to Portugal when the Catholic Monarchs, Queen Isabella I of Castile and King Ferdinand II of Aragon, expelled the Jews in 1492. Five years later, in 1497, they were forcibly converted to Catholicism along with all the other Jews in Portugal at that time. Francisco Mendes|Benveniste directed, along with his brother Diogo Mendes (Meir Benveniste), from Lisbon and later from Antwerpen, a powerful trading company and a bank of world repute with agents across Europe and around the Mediterranean. The House of Mendes|Benveniste probably began as a company trading precious objects. Following the beginning of the Age of Discovery and the finding, by the Portuguese, of a sea route to India, they became particularly important spice traders (the kings of black pepper). They also traded in silver - the silver was needed to pay the Asians for those spices. They financed the kings and queens of Portugal, Spain, England, the Flanders and the popes in Rome.

Dona Gracia Mendes Nasi (1510–1569) a Jewish-Portuguese businesswoman of Jewish origin. Was married to Francisco Mendes (Tzemah Benvenisti), inherited the Mendes|Benvenisti fortune and became one of the wealthiest women in Europe of the middle 16th century.

Imanoel Benveniste (1608-1664) a notable printer from Amsterdam that printed many books in Hebrew among them the Bible and the Talmud. He was from Venice. Indirect information point to his origin as a marano that converted back to Judaism. <- early Jewish use of mass media as propaganda

Don Vidal Benveniste From Aragon settled in Constantinople after the expulsion from Spain in 1492. A writer of a book published in 1512.[14]

Joshua ben Israel Benveniste (c. 1590 – c. 1668), Physician and rabbi in Constantinople

Chaim Benveniste (1603-1673), Brother of Joshua, rabbinical authority at Constantinople and later at Smyrna.

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