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Is Obama's mother, Stanley Ann Dunham, Jewish? What I discovered was more interesting than that.

Wow.  I admit, I was momentarily speechless.  What had I stumbled across?  An organized conspiracy?

Article at this link.


Interesting, but it would have been nice to have read a little bit more about it here before having to click the link. 

I think that was probably enogh - the graphics on this board are problematic, and I don't like to post in more than one area.

Just found this:

"The rant is on Sabrosky's Web site, "Zionism Stinks," on which he accuses Israel of 9/11. It is full of venom and filth.

"Is Obama's mother, Stanley Ann Dunham, Jewish? What I discovered was more interesting than that."

There is no point to quoting from this "article." Suffice it to say that it concerns "Jewish Seattle" and involves Joe Diamond, Kenny G., Jimi Hendrix's first performance in the basement of Seattle's Temple de Hirsch, and Rabbi Raphael Levine. The rest you can predict."


You know, I could have included the dark side of Jewish Seattle but didn't - Like how Microsoft's Paul Allen and Costco's Jeff Brotman both bought elections here, turning the state into a Banana Republic, or the Jewish guy who ran the biggest burglary operation in the state, and there's more...

The stuff they're quoting is positive, not negative.  Wonder who's running the FoggedBrain,  er, Fogbow site.

There is NOTHING hateful in that article - nothing.

In general we have always discouraged posts that are little more than links to content elsewhere.  When the content is authored by someone else, a taster is sufficient to avoid lawyers doing what lawyers do. Where that content is authored by members of this site, a little more than a taster would be nice.

As for the graphics problem, that is really strange. One thing that is working fine here is posting of images. I'm just testing a complete redesign of the site that will be rolled out in conjunction with an upgrade to the site's software which should sort out the remaining problems. Here's an image from your site.  I just right clicked on it, copied the image (not the url) and pasted here.

Regarding the "hateful content", you and I both know that anything that exposes the truth is always given the label "hateful", even if it is not. Anyway, they are obviously dunderheads as they falsely attribute material written by you to Alan Sabrosky. 

I tend to have problems from this end with both formatting and images. I don't know why. 

FoggedBrains is an "anti-birther" site - I am not at all into that controversy.  I look at it this way:  if they think the documentation on Obama is out there, they need to get it, post it, and tell others how to do the same. Otherwise, they have to admit that the "Obama's missing documents" people have a point.  My problem is Obama's relationship w/ Israel - however, he's not the only President who caters to them.

I wouldn't be surprised if the busy little person who grabbed the yearbooks and ran doesn't magically show up this year and put them all back.  The conversation I had w/ the school was almost two years ago - I've been sitting on it that long not knowing if I should put it out there or not.  I'll work on getting more definitive proof - until then, the Obama supporters will show up, gnashing their teeth on this. As I stated, I could give a damn who is in office, in my view, it's all fixed.

In other news, "Mel Gibstein" left a comment (moderated and to remain unpublished) calling Funnye a "spearchucker" - of course, we all know Mel is a troll...

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