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The Anatomy of Mishpuka Conspiracy for Race Riots, Revolution & More

Nobodaddy, had a link up that inspired me to take a look at this very pointed G. Wean book 

The Anatomy of a Conspiracy of Race Riots & Revolution .  O.J. Simpson laced story of the total orchestration of events to bilk the sheeple, jerk them around through emotional programming, and basically completely poison the nation.  Lots of dirt on a whole farm full of filthy swine.  HIGHLY recommended.  I have a few questions I'll post but hope others can comment.  Nobo, where them other texts.  I don't see jack out there on this guy. 

Anyhow here's a intro sample:

Early in his presidency, Ronald Reagan named U.S. Federal Judge Irving Kaufman to head his new Crime Commission to crack down on Organized Crime. Kaufman—secretly a high level member of the Anti-Defamation League, a vicious hidden foe of America and against everything Christians stand for—after two-and-a-half years of directing the so-called “Crime Commission”, came out with an announcement denouncing the Italians, the Japanese, the Chinese and Mexicans.

Quoting Kaufman’s “great revelation”:

“We have uncovered new criminal organization networks emerging in U.S. cities in drugs, gambling, prostitution and extortion. The operations are highly structured and disciplined. They operate virtually unnoticed by the American public.”

Kaufman then emphasized gravely his uncovering of these Italian, Japanese, Chinese, and Mexican gangsters with hypocritical, phony concern.

Quoting Kaufman, “These crime groups must be stopped.”

Then he identified dramatically the criminals he claimed to have uncovered, “The Mafia, the Jakuza, the Triad Society and the Mexican Mafia.”

But Irving Kaufman, a federal judge and head of the President’s Crime Commission to expose Organized Crime, while falsely posing as a loyal American never once mentioned the Mishpucka (the Jew Crime Family) the most secret, deadly, powerful organized crime family in the world and the only one dedicated to the total destruction of America and the eradication of Christianity. And why would Kaufman cover-up and fail to alert America to this fearful enemy? Because Federal Judge Kaufman is a ranking agent of the ADL and a Mishpucka actively engaged in the plot to destroy America and Christianity.

The rest is at TFC's archive on Wean.


Right on, Mr. Fes', and I'm very grateful you took notice. Mr. Sullivan had to remove that blog because of something to do with its format (or so), which was interfering with WUFYS functions (or so). Text is extracted from old journals - which I (painstakingly, "lol" - but seriously) converted to .pdf about 2 years ago. Among the finest and most powerful FIRST-HAND stuff I personally have ever read, etc.

The blog I posted here at WUFYS, with links for reading and/or d/l, are here:

Be happy, safe and well (buy guns, gasmasks, 't rest withal).


I kind of botched that comment (as is my wont). Here's the links to the .pdf (I hope they won't mess some WUFYS functions up):

Reports to the People, by Gareth (Gary) L. Wean 

Others I posted in that blog:

Gary Wean Interview w/ Rick Martin (1993)

Eustace Mullins – Exposés & Legal Actions (1991-97) 

I'm "glad", not "grateful; and "t' rest"...

I hope that some will take the time to read his works - his book There's a Fish in the Courthouse might [?] still be available from Nick L. (contact info here):

There's a Fish in the Courthouse:

$50.00 includes S&H.

Additional fees apply to shipments outside the U.S.


Nick Landholt

c/o 1450 E. Saltgrass St.

Odessa, TX 79766


Tel: 432-934-6338


Wean closely investigated such creeps as Begin, Mickey Cohen, ETC., and learned 'too much' - they forced him out of all 's jobs and persecuted him the rest of 's life, etc. I would say more, but there's no need - you'll find it in the reading, &C.


To order:

I worked as a maid in a upscale hotel when I was in high school.  One day I got someone who had in their wastebasket a note from the front desk "Mickey Cohen called".  The name sounded familiar, so I called my mother - she says, "that's  a gangster from the 50's". 

Cohen wrote a book called "In my own words" and the guy on the cover looked almost exactly like the one renting the room. It couldn't have been Cohen himself because Cohen was by that time fairly old - this one looked about 40.  He had piles of actress portfolios lying around - hundreds of them. My mother figured he was probably a relative of Cohen.   Cohen's associate invited me (the maid) to sit down for a drink - I was underage and in addition could have gotten fired.  I declined. 

Cohen was involved in the Screen Actors' Guild, as was Reagan.  It looked like Cohen and his associates were still involved, maybe not as openly. 

Cohen was part owner of the racetrack where Sirhan Sirhan worked.  He also claimed to the press that he knew something about the Patty Hearst kidnapping. 

Reagan, according to Mullins was at one time considered a Communist and used to be called "Red Ronnie" in his Hollywood days.  All his anti-Communist charades were nothing but pure posturing. 

Thanks for the PDF NoBoDaddy.  I downloaded and read about 60 pages this AM and I do have a couple of meaningless questions/thoughts.

If CIA-Hunt was involved on a purely patriotic mission ie to point an unsuccessful but planned assassination attempt at the foot of Fidel and Cuba thus justifying an invasion/overthrow,  How would that particular conspiracy Not benefit the Mishpucka?

Mishpucka would still have a protected militatry industrial racket and tensions would still exist between the USSR.  The only negative for Mishpuka would be no gaurantee of a resumed gambling operation in Cuba and JFK might still pursue his Peace plan.

This conspiracy sounds all too believable but I believe we have a CIA group doing a bailout on their Mishpucka co-conspirators in an attempt to limit their culpability; as if a separation of criminality could exist betwen the CIA and Mishpucka.

Also, this similar scenario could easily be applied towards the 911 event, involving Mishpucka and the CIA and another possible double or triple cross.  Either way, it is a sad state of affairs that leaves one feeling  miniscule in a world of criminality.

Further into Wean's book regarding the Judicial fraud only adds credibilty to the  total control these criminal bastards have on every angle of the system.  We certainly have a big mess on our hands and the solution won't be pretty.

Oh, I apologize for some typos above and wish to add another thought.

Twice, the figure of "40 Million" Jews could be slaughtered if the American people found out the true JFK story.  I find this argument to be dubious since the world wide Jewish population in 1963 was perhaps half that and no one should nonchalantly assume that people would react in any such manner.  Seems like absolutely contrived bullsh*t to justify a cover-up.  Typical Jewish lies based on lies.

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