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Moscow to Get New Air Defense System in August

___________ IMPLICATION: Russia, and the rest of the world is 'ready' for a showdown, if the KhaZars want to 'play.'

Created: 06.04.2007 14:46 MSK (GMT +3), Updated: 14:51 MSK, 9 hours 17 minutes ago

According to a senior air defense commander Russia plans to put new air defense systems on combat duty around Moscow in the end of August.

___________ IMPLICATION: They are protecting their largest city from ANOTHER Ashkenazi GENOCIDE --- they will NOT allow another "Bolshelvik" to happen.

“We are expecting to receive S-400 systems to protect the airspace around the capital in July-August,” Colonel-General Yury Solovyov, commander of the Air Defense Forces Special Command, was quoted by RIA Novosti as saying.

_____________ IMPLICATION: These S-400 air DEFENSE systems are the state-of-the-art in the world, they are highly mobile - thus, making them more resilient to any Zionist Sabotage attempt.

The general said that the system could be also used for limited purposes in missile and space defense, but it is not intended to destroy intercontinental ballistic missiles.

_____________ IMPLICATION: Not "intended" to destroy intercontinental (US/UK) ballistic missiles, but very much capable of doing so.

The system is highly capable of destroying stealth aircraft, cruise missiles and ballistic missiles with an effective range of up to 3,500 km and a speed of up to 4.8 km per second, he said.

______________ IMPLICATIONS: Highly capable of destroying Stealth fighters (even the newly F-22), Cruise missiles (remember Gulf War?!!), and Ballistic missles. Range of 3,500 km is damn far --- FYI, it almost the WIDTH OF THE USA from Coast to Coast, or in other words ANYWHERE IN EUROPE, AUSTRALIA, CANADA, USA --- anywhere the KhaZars can hide.

______________ By the way, 4.8 kps is 14 TIMES THE SPEED OF SOUND (343 m/s in Air at 20C), which can EASILY catch up to a Stealth fighter which travels at 3 MACH max for short bursts at that. In other words, it'll take about 11 MINUTES to travel 3,500 KM ---- you can't stop something that travels THAT FRIGGIN' FAST!!!!

The Russian Air Defense Forces currently deploy more than 30 regiments equipped with S-300 missile complexes, which will be gradually replaced with S-400 systems.

________________ IMPLICATION: The Russians KNOW what the Ashkenazis are up to, they are "upgrading" for any future "confrontation".


.. that the US Government will try to come up with a way to hinder development of this new system?

*raises hand*

Truth Seeker--I hope Iran hurries and buys a few as they will need them and sooner than august..send a few to china as well..

Truth Seeker

At this point Russia is not developing it there DEPLOYING it. It's sort of hard to hider development of a deploying system. Also do you wanna bet it's fitness for ShitStorm is rated very high to boot?

First you take D.C. Then you take New York.


First you take D.C. Then you take New York :)

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