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Defamation Redux

embed view on d/l 1½ hour movie torrent (rar parts) 1234

h/t to Fester and Sullivan

I watched this lengthy movie, looking to laugh at khazar the hutt, and I did, yet it was also incredibly boring at times, and hearing them say anti-semite like tourette's, especially from jabbe's bloated tongue, makes one want to go into a psychotic rage; therefore the movie has been edited down to just over 20 minutes, enjoy!


Nice to see Abe the Bae acting like a Monkey

"what are their names"


"what are their names"

...seeing the surname of that guy spying on the Gush Shalom meeting. 

That khutt has some nerve telling the Ukrainians not to relate the Holodomor genocide to the alleged holohoax by gas-chambers; he totally misrepresents Mearsheimer and Walt, by telling people that they said all jews have dual loyalties, when obviously it's only a double-digit percentage (sic)

Holodomor. ukraine, XX century. Millions of innocent victims of the bloody soviet rule. An attempt to destroy the spirit of the ukrainian nation. The technology of genocide.

Man, this is how it should be done!!! 

You really should do the whole movie with the fact screens.

I loved it!

For your fine work, I award you a

bronze Judea Capta Medal!

Excellent work, mate. I still wanna see the whole thing though.

i had uploaded the entire thing to megavideo, but it had a conversion error, so i uploaded the compilation, and it had another error, maybe i'm banned, lol =P youtube is blocking the compilation from certain countries, so here it is on

the download is there if you wanna watch the entire thing, torrent and file server; i may try again to upload it.

Mucho gracias, Grim.  I'm guessing bit torrent will play in any old video player.  Hope so.  Can't get enough of Dishonest Abe.

now  you know the WHOLE story Smile

..somebody should mail that to jabbe!!


Thanks Og.

The full video has been posted at ICH:

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