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Gaddafi loyalists did it

The corporate media disinformation campaign is in full swing. Some media shills claim that the Benghazi attack was in response to that silly video. Some say it was launched as revenge for the death in Pakistan (by U.S. drone strike in June) of Hassan Mohammed Qaed, a Libyan-born cleric who was supposedly a key aide to Osama bin Laden. (This is bullshit, since al-Qaeda is a group of mercenaries employed by NATO.)

Some say “Islamists did it,” or “Salafists did it.” (More bullshit, since the Salafists are NATO allies.)

Some claim that the attack was done on Tuesday, since it was the anniversary of 9-11. WikiLeaks claims that the attack happened because the US had backed Britain's threat to storm the Ecuadorian embassy in London and remove Julian Assange.

In reality, the attack on the US consulate was by Gaddafi loyalists. Libyan Deputy Interior Minister Wanis al-Sharif admitted this in a Benghazi news conference that was later broadcast on Al Jazeera television. Libya’s prime minister and parliamentary speaker also admitted it, as did Libya’s NATO-installed president Mohammed el-Megarif.

Later they all changed this, merely calling the attackers “extremists.” 

They do not want the world to know that Gaddafi loyalists are active and numerous.


(1) U.S. ambassador Christopher Stevens was in Libya throughout the NATO bombardment, and assisted in Libya’s destruction. Since Gaddafi loyalists had already burned down the US embassy in Tripoli, Stevens had been spending most of his time in the spacious and luxurious US consulate compound in Benghazi, thinking he would be safe from the loyalists.  All American staff live in a gated community near the consulate. Stevens even took to jogging in Benghazi. That’s how arrogant he had become before he was eliminated.

(2) This was the latest in a series of attacks by Gaddafi loyalists against NATO interests in Libya. (The loyalists have also assassinated several of Gaddafi’s high-ranking military officials who had defected to the terrorists.)

On 5 June 2012 the loyalists detonated a bomb outside the gates of the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi. On 6 June in Benghazi they tried to kill the British ambassador, but only succeeded in wounding his bodyguards. In early August an unknown number of Gaddafi loyalists were killed in a shootout with Libyan security forces on a farm outside Tripoli. Also in August, the loyalists attacked a compound of the International Committee of the Red Cross in Benghazi and the port city of Misurata. That was the fifth attack on the NATO-controlled ICRC in several months. (In July the pro-NATO terrorists retaliated by abducting an Iranian Red Crescent delegation in Benghazi. The fate of the Iranians remains unknown.)

On 18 August 2012 Gaddafi loyalists set off a bomb outside Tripoli's Four Seasons hotel, where a number of military officers from Benghazi were staying.

On 19 August 2012 (the eve of the anniversary of Tripoli’s fall to NATO and its terrorists) Gaddafi loyalists set off car bombs that killed two people in Tripoli. One car bomb was outside the Interior Ministry (controlled by the USA). Minutes later, two car bombs exploded near the former headquarters of a women's police academy, which the NATO now uses for interrogations and detentions. That same day in Benghazi, loyalists set off a car bomb, hoping to kill an Egyptian diplomat. Tripoli's security chief, Col Mahmoud Sherif, said Gaddafi loyalists did it. He ordered the arrest of 32 people for questioning.

(3) According to the Washington Post, people near the US consulate began demonstrating against the video around noon. At 10:00 pm about fifty Gaddafi loyalists arrived on the scene and infiltrated the protesters. They quickly overwhelmed Libyan guards and U.S. security forces, entered the compound, and set its main building on fire. The entire compound was destroyed and looted. Then they immediately departed, leaving pro-NATO Libyans to help U.S. personnel to find safety, and to carry ambassador Stevens to a Benghazi hospital, where he died of smoke inhalation. The loyalists did not specifically target Stevens. They just wanted to destroy the compound. Stevens' subsequent death was a bonus.

(4) Last week, Mauritania arrested and extradited Abdullah al-Senoussi to Libya for trial. He was Gaddafi's former intelligence chief.  Last Monday, two senior Gaddafi officials went on trial, accused of wasting public money by paying $2.7 billion to families of those killed in Mossad’s bombing of Pan Am Flight 103 over Lockerbie Scotland. The two are Gaddafi’s Foreign Minister Abdel-Ati al-Obeidi, and Gaddafi’s former Secretary General of the General People's Congress Mohammed Zwai (i.e. head of the legislature under Gaddafi).

The Lockerbie bombing is a ruse. Pro-NATO Libyans make up any reason to hunt down anyone who was connected with Gaddafi. Saif al-Islam (Gaddafi's son) is in prison, awaiting trial for “war crimes.” The terrorists want Gaddafi’s son Saadi sent back from Niger (where he is under house arrest), and his nephew Ahmad Gaddaf al-Damm sent back from Egypt.

 (5) “We know that Gaddafi loyalists are behind these bombings” says a source close to Libya’s newly elected president Muhammad Muqaryef. In the last few months, the (NATO-installed) security services have intensified their campaign against Gaddafi loyalists in strongholds such as Bani Walid and Tarhuna. In a recent interview, Prime Minister Abdel Rahmin al-Kib noted that a loyalist bomb making cell in Tripoli was captured.” -- Time magazine.

(Bani Walid is a loyalist stronghold, and its people held key positions in Gaddafi’s security services.  Bani Walid was also the last city outside of Gaddafi’s birthplace of Sirte to fall to the NATO terrorists.)

Local news reports say Gaddafi loyalists have hacked into the communications system of Tripoli's security headquarters.

Obama has ordered an increase in security at U.S. diplomatic posts around the world. Angry that there were no Marines at the Benghazi consulate, Obama has dispatched two Marine teams to Libya to reinforce the savage US occupation. Obama said, “We will not waver in our commitment to see that justice is done for this terrible act. And make no mistake, justice will be done.”

That is, against the Gaddafi loyalists, a.k.a. the "Green resistance."


Good!  Any idea how many loyalists are left? 

How many Gaddafi loyalists? Five million.

Libya’s population is 5.6 million, of which 650,000 live in the terrorist stronghold of Benghazi. A handful of Libyans have gotten jobs with the NATO-installed "government" or guarding foreign-owned oil wells, but most Libyans are either active in the Green Resistance, or else are just trying to survive as they pine for a Libya that was the wealthiest nation in Africa, with the continent’s highest living standards before the NATO attack.

Early in NATO's attack last year, I predicted that Gaddafi loyalists would be active for years or decades. NATO doesn't care, as long Western corporations can continue to steal Libya's oil, and steal the water from that sandstone aquifer. Unemployed Libyans must now pay for everything (including water) that they got for free with Gaddafi.

The corporate media continues to focus on that stupid video, thereby leading the Western masses to hate Muslims, and support the imperialist “war on terror.”

CNN refuses to mention Gaddafi loyalists, instead saying, “Sources tracking militant Islamist groups in eastern Libya say Tuesday night's deadly attack was most likely carried out by a pro-al Qaeda group.”

Nonsense. Gaddafi loyalists hate the NATO-employed mercenaries (i.e. al-Qaeda) as much as they hate NATO. Both destroyed Libya.

“U.S. warships, carrying guided missiles, are on their way to the coast of Libya, and unmanned drones are being sent to help search for the killers.”

Translation: the USA bombed Libya to ruin, and will resume bombing any place the US thinks might have Gaddafi loyalists.

“A group of Marines called a Fleet Antiterrorism Security Team was deployed to Libya to help secure U.S. facilities. About 50 Marines arrived in Libya Wednesday.”

Translation: Washington thought it had wiped out all resistance to its aggression, and that the theft of Libya’s oil and water would be easy. Now Washington sees it will not be so easy.

“The deadly security breach happened on the 11th anniversary of the September 11 terrorist attacks and heightened tensions across the region. Since Tuesday's deadly assault in Libya -- and a protest the same day at the U.S. Embassy in Cairo -- demonstrations have been reported worldwide, and security has been heightened at U.S. diplomatic missions worldwide.

Translation: Gaddafi loyalists did not attack the US consulate. Instead, “Muslim extremists” worldwide “hate us for our freedoms.” (Even though we pay them to destroy Syria.)

“The violence and protests stem from a 14-minute film trailer that mocks Islam's prophet. It was posted in July on YouTube, but got more notice after Egyptian television recently aired segments and anti-Islam activists promoted it online."

Translation: There are no Gaddafi loyalists. The attack on the US consulate happened because all Muslims are insane. (Except for Muslims we are allied with, and for Muslims we pay to kill other Muslims.)

“U.S. officials stepped up their criticism of the video and began pursuing the elusive filmmaker who allegedly made the video.”

Translation: Zionist Jews have embarrassed the imperialists.The video was likely made by the “Clarion Fund,” a group of Jewish militants in mid-town Manhattan (New York City) that regularly make such videos.


The corporate media bullshit piles up so fast you need wings to stay above it. Even Tony Cartalucci (“Land Destroyer”) has been taken in by the lies, saying, “US-Backed Terrorists Murder US' Own Ambassador in Libya.”

“The US has sworn to ‘make pay’ those responsible for the death of US Ambassador Christopher Stevens. In reality, those responsible for Stevens' death are fully armed, funded, trained, and coordinating with NATO special forces in Libya, across North Africa, and in Syria.”

No mention of Gaddafi loyalists.

In this topic and most others, most people refuse to face obvious facts. This is one reason why evil persists in the world.

Who knows? Perhaps Christopher Stevens knew too much and this whole event is another tactical "swiss knife" designed to shut him up, further demonise Islam and draw attention away from whatever is happening in Syria?

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