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Zionist prime minister of Sweden (Moderaterna) Fredrik Reinfeldt and wife Filippa caught stealing/embezzling millions

We've all seen how the Conservatives (Moderaterna) have sold out virtually everything they could of municipal and county municipal operations. But the question is whether Filippa Reinfeldt has gone too far in her quest to practically give away the kitchen sink.

One such "transaction" was healthcare Capio's purchase of Seraph's doctor clinic in Kungsholmen in Stockholm. Up to 2007 the clinic was run by the state, then sold or "spun off" to its own doctors - other staff were not allowed the opportunity to purchase it. The purchase price was a measly 694500 Swedish kronor (€78000 euros/$99000 dollars/£65000 pounds). When they recently decided to sell, they made a multi million profit. The new owner Capio - owned by private equity firms Nordic Capital and Apax - paid them very well. According to reliable sources, the price was at least 20 million kronor (€2255000 euros/$2860000 dollars/£1867000 pounds) for what is now called the Capio Seraph clinic.

Those who were responsible for "the sale" were Filippa Reinfeldt (wife of the Prime minister of Sweden, Fredrik Reinfeldt) and Chris Heister. How can they explain to taxpayers why they practically gave away twenty million kronor to a few doctors at Seraph, I do not know. We have seen such corruption by them many several times before.

Personally, I wonder why no one else has ever sat down and figured out how much of what was previously owned by the state and municipalities which is now owned by private intrests of the Conservatives (Moderaterna). And more is coming, it's no coincidence that Wallenberg (of the Rothschilds of Sweden) has now been appointed Chairman of LKAB (government owned Swedish mining company), which each year brings in around twenty billion Swedish kronor to the Treasury. This is a clear sign that Reinfeldt plans to give away even LKAB, to - Wallenberg.

By 2014, the Conservatives (Moderaterna) will have managed to sell out at least half of the assests and companies that we, the people, own, and therefore move the revenues they would have generated for us into - private pockets. They get away with this corruption, because the people involved, like Reinfeldt, afterwards move to another country (Israel) or another continent (USA in America). What they are doing is - theft, but they do not steal from the rich to give to the poor like some kind of Robin Hood, instead the complete opposite applies.

Zionist prime minister of Sweden (Moderaterna) Fredrik Reinfeldt and wife Filippa caught stealing/embezzling millions by selling government busineses!


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