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Brandeis Donors Exact Revenge For Carter Visit

Apparently, the old 'canard' that Jews control much of academia, the media, and government institutions is more true than they care to admit.

Major donors to Brandeis University have informed the school they will no longer give it money in retaliation for its decision last month to host former President Jimmy Carter, a strong critic of Israel.

The donors have notified the school in writing of their decisions — and specified Carter as the reason, said Stuart Eizenstat, a former aide to Carter during his presidency and a current trustee of Brandeis, one of the nation’s premier Jewish institutions of higher learning.

They are “more than a handful,” he said. “So, this is a concern. There are evidently a fair number of donors who have indicated they will withhold contributions.”

Brandeis history professor Jonathan Sarna, who maintains close ties with the administration, told The Jewish Week, “These were not people who send $5 to the university. These were major donors, and major potential donors.

“I hope they’ll calm down and change their views,” [fat chance]Sarna said.

Sarna indicated he knew the identity of at least one of the benefactors but declined to disclose it. He said only that those now determined to stop contributing include “some enormously wealthy individuals.”

Eizenstat said his information came from discussions Tuesday with university administrators, who did not disclose to him who the donors in question were, or how much was involved.

Kevin Montgomery, a student member of the faculty-student committee that brought Carter to Brandeis, related that the school’s senior vice president for communications, Lorna Miles, told him in a meeting the week before Carter’s appearance that the school had, at that point, already lost $5 million in donations.

Asked to comment, Miles replied, “I have no idea what he’s talking about.”

Miles said that university President Jehuda Reinharz was out of the country and unavailable for comment. The school’s fundraising director, Nancy Winship, was also unavailable, she said.

“I have not heard anything from donors,” said Miles. “I don’t know where Stuart’s information is coming from. I don’t think there is any there there, in your story.”

Clearly, this guy is not authorized to open his flap.

The apparent donor crisis comes on the heels of a series of Israel-related free speech controversies on the Waltham, Mass., campus, of which Carter’s January appearance is only the latest and most high-profile. Critics of Israel last year protested Reinharz’s removal of an art exhibit from the school library containing anti-Israeli paintings — denounced by some as crude propaganda — by youths from Palestinian refugee camps.

The university got flack from the other side when it awarded an honorary doctorate in June to renowned playwright and frequent Israel critic Tony Kushner, who once referred to Israel’s founding as “a mistake.”

The run-up to Carter’s appearance was also punctuated by acrimony when the former president declined an initial invitation to appear in a debate format with Harvard Law professor Alan Dershowitz. Instead, Dershowitz appeared only after Carter left the hall.

Yet, the school has also won notice for a course it offers on the Middle East conflict co-taught by Shai Feldman, a prominent Israeli strategic analyst, and Palestinian Khalil Shikaki, a leading West Bank demographer. It also conducts an exchange program with Al Quds University, a Palestinian school in East Jerusalem. The Brandeis student body of about 5,000 is about 50 percent Jewish but also contains a significant population of Muslims.

Nevertheless, the free-speech controversies seemed to pit Brandeis’ commitment to maintaining its status as a top-tier, non-sectarian university —with all the expectations of untrammeled discourse this brings — against its determination to remain, in Reinharz’s words, a school under “continuous sponsorship by the Jewish community.”

The alleged action by some top donors has now sharpened the tensions between those two goals, intensified by the school’s commitment to the ideals of its namesake. Supreme Court Justice Louis Brandeis, a founder of American Zionism and one of the judiciary’s fiercest free speech defenders.

“The American Jewish community understands the visit by Carter to Brandeis to be reflecting a heksher” — a stamp of approval — “from the university,” said Sarna, whose field is American Jewish history. “They see it as a statement that Brandeis certifies him as kosher.

“The faculty views it very differently,” he said, “that Brandeis is a forum; that views are uttered in that forum, some of which we agree with and some of which we don’t. But the faculty does not view his appearance as a heksher.

“It’s that gap in perception that seems to require greater dialogue between the two entities so at least one understands the other,” said Sarna.

But the Carter event may have instead opened the door to greater tensions. Emboldened by it, a group of left-wing students are now seeking to bring to campus Norman Finkelstein, a controversial Holocaust scholar who charges that Jewish leaders exploit the tragedy to fend off and silence criticism of Israel for its treatment of the Palestinians. He charges, too, that Jewish organizations have inflated the number of Holocaust survivors to inflate reparations payments.

A group of right-wing students has invited to campus Professor Daniel Pipes, an Arabist and policy analyst who writes often of the security threat he sees to the United States and Europe from Muslim immigrants. Pipes has also founded Campus Watch, a program that seeks to monitor what professors teach in class and publicize those it regards as extremists. This has provoked charges he is a McCarthyist, which he denies.

In a contentious meeting with faculty after the Carter event, Reinharz denounced Finkelstein and Pipes as “weapons of mass destruction,” according to a report in The Justice, the Brandeis campus newspaper. His executive assistant, John Hose, explained, “These are people who tend to inflame passions, whose mission is not so much discussion and education as it is theatre, a show ... If you want serious discussion, there’s lots of resources available for that already at Brandeis.”

At the Feb. 5 meeting, Winship, the school’s chief fundraiser, also alluded to the brewing problem with donors. The e-mails from them “kept coming and coming,” The Justice quoted her as saying. “We’re just trying to repair the damage. The Middle East is just this trigger of emotions for our alumni and for our friends. For the most part, the donors who come to us come through the Jewish door.”

Reinharz sharply criticized the committee that brought Carter to campus for leaving the university with $95,000 in logistical and security costs, according to The Justice.

“Faculty members should not be allowed to invite whoever they want and leave Brandeis with a huge bill,” Reinharz complained, according to the paper.

The school’s budget for 2005, the latest year for which tax records are available, was $265.75 million against revenues of $310 million.

Members of the sponsoring committee protested that Reinharz had earlier assured them money would be no barrier to bringing the first U.S. president to Brandeis since Harry S Truman’s 1957 commencement speech there.

“I think Jehuda [protested the cost] because he wanted to distance himself from Carter,” said Montgomery, the student member of the Carter committee. “I feel this is Jehuda’s attempt to appease the harsh donor critics.”

The Brandeis president did not attend the Carter event, with his office making it known that Reinharz was out of town.

At the faculty meeting, Susan Lanser a professor of English, complained, “I know many, many faculty who do not feel they can speak freely about the Middle East” in public forums. And in an interview with The Jewish Week, Mary Baine Campbell, another English professor, spoke of “the chilling effect of knowing one speaks about things unwelcome by the administration in charge of working conditions and pay. They could be angels. I don’t know. It’s a slightly chilled atmosphere.”

Lanser said the administration’s warnings about donors had reinforced that sense. “I’m not saying that was the intent of the meeting,” she said. “I think Brandeis is committed to open intellectual inquiry. But this issue gets complicated because of the strong feelings of some donors.”

This vexed aftermath contrasted sharply with the widely praised tenor of the event itself. The university audience of almost 2,000 received Carter with notable civility and even gave him several standing ovations. At the same time, student questioners challenged him with tough and critical queries.

The focus of hostility toward Carter — his new book on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict — has led to no less than Anti-Defamation League leader Abraham Foxman charging him with “engaging in anti-Semitism.” Many others have echoed this.

The protests start with the book’s title, “Palestine: Peace Not Apartheid,” implicitly comparing Israel’s policies towards Palestinians in the occupied West Bank and Gaza to apartheid-era South Africa. The book itself contains gross factual errors, charge critics, and a lopsided bias that lays blame almost exclusively on Israel for the failure to resolve the conflict.

Critics object especially to Carter’s claim that pro-Israel forces in the United States have a disproportionate and stifling impact on public debate of the issue — denounced by Foxman as “the old canard and conspiracy theory of Jewish control of the media, Congress and the U.S. government.”

Well, at the very least, clearly, they control funding at Brandeis.

At the event, Carter defended himself against such charges. Interviews with audience members suggested their ovations stemmed more from respect for Carter’s former office and their acceptance of his basic integrity and good faith than agreement, necessarily, with his views.

“I think everyone was surprised at how well he was received,” said Michael Berenbaum, a Holocaust scholar and historian unaffiliated with Brandeis. “That may be the most important part of the story. Instead of coming as partisans, they listened to Carter attentively, asked tough questions and gave him an audience. The Jewish community may have a more significant generation gap than they understand between what young people are prepared to hear and what older activists are prepared to hear.”

So, essentially, they're pissed off because Carter spoke freely and people LISTENED.

Doesn't sound consistent with the venerable principles of 'free speech' to me.

It does, however, gel perfectly with everything I know about the belligerent, racist, and intolerant ideology called ZIONISM.


Holy Sh!t -- If you ever had doubts before, now you know better.

Khazars (aka Self-stylized Fake
"jews") DO INDEED have control over ALL of our major and minor institutions --- in particular, Law, Medicine, Media, Politicians, Military, Education, etc.

They do NOT DESERVE their positions, NOR do they contribution anything POSITIVE (overall) to our society.

But what they lack they MORE than make up for in their 'blackmailing', backstabbing, killings, murdering, raping, stealing, con-artists, lying, and being "cute, funny, Zionist bastards"....

Thanks for the great news. But five million is chump change for these Zionist clowns. Brandeis will need to bleed a lot more than that, before they can shut down the whole damn rat's nest for good.


They hide their true political stance and Zionist identity. Lift a rock and the bugs under it all scurry to hide from the light which exposes them. Similarly these Zionists hate the truth and its light from exposing them...they are destined for a fall, one would have thought they would have learnt a lesson from history that creating tyranny and injustice will eventually cause a reaction. All non-Zionists should learn about the Truth and expose these people to ridicule and imprisonment for the criminals.



Brandeis has always been a Jewish university, just like DePaul University in Minnesota, for example, is a Catholic University.

The significance of the Brandeis story is that some of the Jewish students are tired of Zionist bullying. The split between Zionist and mainstream Jews continues to widen.

Ironically, places like Brandeis and DePaul are often the first to experiment with alternative viewpoints, since they are already a Jewish or Catholic university.

The real problem is Zionist control of PUBLIC universities, where one dares not question Israel.

And I want to clarify that the fact that donors are Jewish is not what I take issue with.

I would take issue with this kind of dictatorial environment - no matter who it stemmed from - that is based on the politicis of MONEY.

It's economic terrorism.

Money should not be controlling a society and its institutions - GOOD VALUES should be.


"Money" has no value - people do.

They hate our freedom!

Is there any other explanation why donors would withdraw their funding of the university?

How can an institution of higher learning live with this kind of blackmail?

How can the US accept that discussion of a book written by a former US president is not "Kosher"?

Since when has Kosher become the compulsory fare in the US?

What is the most ridiculous is that Carter in his book has been very diplomatic, and he has in effect been more diplomatic than many public Jewish sources:

It is time to confront this evil:

1. If the university backs down to its blackmailers it must have its university license revoked.

All US universities must operate in academic freedom without which they will inevitably degenerate into institutions of higher manipulation!

2. The names of the blackmailers must be made public. If they hold dual citizenship, strip them of their US citizenship, because they hate our freedom!

A special ritual is in place when aliens become US citizens. Correspondingly, there is a need for a ritual for stripping the citizenships of those who openly work to destroy the US and its values and demonstrate that their allegiance is to a foreign country.

Closely linked to this issue is the way it is communicated to the public. Again here we face the situation that the media hate our freedom!

A recent court case concluded that media ownership provides the owner with the right to lie to the public and to force journalists to participate actively in the deception.

This must stop immediately. A law must be passed that media ownership and journalistic freedom must be strictly kept apart to prevent destruction of the freedom of expression.

An important part of dismantling the Soviet empire was OSCE (Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe) and its fight to destroy the communist media monopoly in Eastern Europe.

We need a similar mechanism today to destroy the Zionist media monopoly.

Thank you for your sober attitude and serious attention to the larger implications of this matter.


Congratulations, Slumberers, you have been linked at the main page of Judicial Inc under this header:
Brandeis Donors Spit Venom Over Jimmy Carter........... Maybe we should return the favor here:
The most prominent Jewish University in the world .............. and here:
See for yourself. Make up your own mind.


In the meantime, we don't want to miss another tasty tidbit. This segment could be more aptly titled- 'Perry Mason - or better yet, Hamilton Burger - Cross-Examines Jimmy Carter IN ABSENTIA at Brandeis U....
YouTube - Alan Dershowitz's Question to Jimmy Carter...... Try not to barf until it's over


Critics object especially to Carter’s claim that pro-Israel forces in the United States have a disproportionate and stifling impact on public debate of the issue — denounced by Foxman as “the old canard and conspiracy theory of Jewish control of the media, Congress and the U.S. government.

Here again is Foxman unrolling his forked tongue to perpetuate the deceit in hope of persuading the readers to agree in unison with his depraved Zionist ideology that depend on lies, spin, deception and back-stabbing as a matter of policy to brainwash the unsuspecting public.

Foxman isn't even good of a shitbag liar. He knows what he says is total horseshit and yet tell it with the straight face to divert attention away from the real dirty laundry the Zionists have under cover.

Particularly evilly convinning Jews already control America (AIPAC 2007 video promo), that's a fact. And we're heading to self-inducement of republican suicide & ruin (as forewarned by the founding brothers) after the as-yet-undetermined future war with the East instigated by the blood-thirsty imperial militant, greedy-beyond-all-reason capitalist-exploitative industrialist & Zionist blackmail/bribery/extortion mob factions with the pervasive influence on the hearts & minds of gullible Americans by the propaganda arm of the corrupt-to-rotten-core mainstream media that answer only to "masters of the universe" -- the "will buy out anything and sue to crush small men to deep debts" wealthy Elite & perversely parasitic "will smear & impoverish anyone who dare shed light on our covert operating plan" Zionists.


My blog Last Throes of US Empire

Nepos Libertas ! - I can't argue with a single thing you said, but take it easy on the adjectives ! I don't want you to use up all the bad ones ! You are blowing so hot, I think I can see steam rushing out of your ears !


Thanks for exposing the TRUTH of the "canard" -yet more proof, as if any were needed, of the need to hunt down, beat and whenever possible KILL these parastical subhuman vermin if we are to ever achieve a fair, just and equal world. As Alan Cabal has rightly argued, EVERY SINGLE JEW should be considered a military combatant: we must beat them in the streets, hang them from the rooftops, and burn and blow up their "synagogues of satan". A Jew is by definition not a human being but a truly degenerate subhuman beast worthy only of death. If only there really HAD been a truly "final" solution!

though I think I recognize "TedJames"

We don't advocate that kind of belligerent, irrational conduct here.

People - all people, including Jews - are innocent until PROVEN guilty of a specific crime.


Every human being has rights - Jews included.

We are trying to protect Palestinians and others from israeli aggression.

israelis are not ordinary Jews - they're ZIONIST Jews.

BIG Difference.

We are NOT trying to victimize innocent Jews.

"Money" has no value - people do.


"Money" has no value - people do.

TedJames, by saying that comment, you are no better than the genocidal maniacs we're condemning here.
Extremism and generalization is NEVER a solution. You have to be aware that the evil Zionist entity is NOT a representation of Judaism, but simply an abomination, as these Jews will tell you.
The evil ones represent a minority, as violent terrorists represent a minority in Islam.
It's hate like yours that drives one away from the solution, not towards it.

Why I hate sites like Little Green Footballs is because they use your very same logic, but with other "culprits". Which is why I condemn your idea as much as theirs.

So think about what you said and cool down.

Killing someone NEVER solved anything. Even if you are talking about this Zion Mossad scum. Death is Bad. All death. Preach death like yonder Wad further up and you will be looking into a world of hurt.

Do PEACE or stay here in hell.

First you take D.C. Then you take New York.


First you take D.C. Then you take New York :)

"A Jew is by definition not a human being but a truly degenerate subhuman beast worthy only of death."

Only if they defend Usury banking (and the Jewish killing machine it sustains) and if they consider it legitimate to charge Goyim/Strangers and non Jews interest to be the highest expression of their ethics.

If they condemn this double standard as monstrous they are on our side, the human side, otherwise they are pests.



An old trick of Zionists is to pretend to be a genocidal hater who advocates attacking and killing Jews on the streets etc., in order to create the false impression that any of the goyim who will not allow themselves to be herded like cattle, are violent and dangerous.

TedJames is probably a Zionist. It's an old act, I've seen it many times before. Qrswave responded wisely to his comments.

Always remember, they are masters of deception.

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