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Bush “outpolled by Lucifer”

Apparently, when Chavez called him El Diablo - he meant it as a compliment.

AP Poll Top Villian of 2006

SCARBOROUGH: Now[,] you don't have to have a [doctorate] in Political Science to realize it's never a good sign when you're outpolled by Lucifer

Watch it: WMP | MOV

2006 marks the year that Saddam got death by hanging and Bush got death by polling.


Thanks, Crooks and Liars


I wonder what the poll would look like if you included the "master minds" HENRY KISSINGER & THE ROTHSCHILD FAMILY? (assuming we first educate the public on their crimes and who they are)

Ah, but we'll NEVER hear of that on Zionist-controlled media.

You define the parameters, the allowed spectrum of opinion, and give the people the illusion of choice.


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