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Meet the Next President of the United States of America

Now, we just have to make sure that he wins . . .

You have to see this!
This guy is AMAZING!


"Tell me, Barack, who do you want to nuke?"

Until the first Democratic presidential debate here on Thursday night, former senator Mike Gravel campaigned in almost total obscurity since becoming the first Democrat to declare more than a year ago, in April 2006.

But all that changed with a few provocative remarks from the stage of South Carolina State University with his seven better-known rivals looking on.

He said the early leading Democratic candidates "frightened" him because they had taken nothing off the table, including nuclear weapons, for possible military action against Iran.

"Tell me, Barack, who do you want to nuke?" he asked Senator Barack Obama of Illinois.

"I'm not planning on nuking anybody right now, Mike," Obama replied.

"Good, then we're safe for a while," Gravel said.

He accused candidate Joseph Biden Jr., the Delaware senator, of having "a certain arrogance" in dictating to Iraqis how to run their country.

Biden hit back, saying Gravel was living in "happy land."

Yesterday, Gravel said his debate appearance gave a public that does not know him or his record "a taste of the kind of leadership I can provide."

I tasted, and I like. More, please.

He spoke by telephone from San Diego, where he flew immediately after the debate to address the California Democratic Convention yesterday.

"What will make a difference in this campaign is not money, it's not celebrity,
it is a person who is prepared to tell the American people the truth," he said.
"The people are fed up and as president I will do a 180 and move this country in the opposite direction."

[uncontrollable cheers from the audience!]

A native of Springfield, Mass., Gravel served two terms in the Senate, representing Alaska from 1969 to 1981 . He made his mark as a fierce Vietnam war critic who staged a one-man filibuster that led to the end of the military draft. He drafted legislation to end funding for the war and released the Pentagon Papers, which detailed government deception over Vietnam, at the end of June 1971.

The Nixon administration decided not to prosecute Gravel for having Beacon Press in Boston publish the papers, though the US Supreme Court ruled that Gravel could release them only inside the Capitol, based on the Constitution's speech and debate clause.

Gravel today is a fierce critic of the Iraq war and government secrecy.

My kind of guy.

"This war was lost the day that George Bush invaded Iraq on a fraudulent basis," he said in the debate. Believing that Congress has the power to both declare and end wars, he called for a law to end the war.

"He's the one to say not only that the emperor has no clothes, but that the emperor wannabes have no clothes," said national pollster John Zogby, adding, "There is an angry voter. I don't know how that will take shape, it's way too early. But you got a sense why Mike Gravel is in the race on Thursday and that he is in the race."

The reaction to Gravel's performance has overwhelmed his campaign. His aides said they got more requests for interviews yesterday than in the first 12 months of the campaign.

Gravel's website could not handle the flood of hits after the debate, they said. Bloggers complained that they were ready to donate money but were unable to get into the website .

A Shoe-string Budget

"He started out with less money than the cost of a John Edwards haircut," said Elliott Jacobson, Gravel's national finance director.

Gravel told reporters after the debate: "We stayed in a $55 motel. I'll hitchhike to the next debate if I have to."

Earlier this month, Gravel returned home to Arlington, Va., from a campaign appearance in New York on a $25 ticket on Van Moose bus lines. He had spoken at the Rev. Al Sharpton's National Action Network candidates' forum, sharing the stage with Senator Hillary Clinton and Obama -- both of whom have already raised more than $20 million each.

Gravel said he decided to run for president because of his anger over Iraq. Friends urged him to use the campaign to also push two policy goals: direct democracy and a revamped federal tax code.

Gravel advocates a constitutional amendment and a federal statute establishing legislative procedures for citizens to make laws through ballot initiatives.

Good idea!

He also supports the Fair Tax, which would eliminate the Internal Revenue Service and corporate and individual income taxes, replacing them with a 23 percent national sales tax on all new goods and services. Each month, taxpayers would receive a check to offset the tax on basic items such as food and medicine.

Sounds a bit weird - but we can work with him on that. At least he abolishes income tax.

"People are talking about him," Zogby said. "And they are going to hear from him over the next few months as long as he's got money for a bus ticket."

I think we can manage to muster up the cash for a bus ticket!

What we need to do now is make sure he stays ALIVE!

Looks like we finally found what America needs - a REAL leader!

Many thanks for the tip, Susan!


To whoever Susan is, thanks for the tip may not be enough if this man can get elected for at least make a dent of fear in Washington.We have to get a grassroots campaign going to get this man in the running, along with Ron Paul. It sounds like either of them would be a better deal for the country than those bought off Dem/Rep idiots who would support the NWO and Israel.

Now let's see him talking about 9/11...

From Stepping Back From Imperialism: Redirecting American Foreign Policy

The linchpin to long-term stability in the Middle East is the settlement of the Israeli-Palestinian impasse. The U.S., along with its European and Asian allies, and regional players (to include Turkey, Egypt, Iran, Syria, Saudi Arabia and Jordan under the auspices of the United Nations) must sponsor direct negotiations between Israel and the Palestinian Authority, including Hamas. The negotiations, with the goal of a two-state solution, must be scheduled as soon as possible. Sponsoring nations and organizations would guarantee the demilitarized borders of both parties, would guarantee Israel's right to survive and thrive, and would make a commitment to the Palestinians to raise their economic standards to that of Israel. An accomplishment of this magnitude would go a long way to defusing the radical Islamic confrontation with the West. For that reason alone, Americans must be prepared to spend whatever political capital is required to bring peace to the region.

I prefer a one state solution - but, zionists would never go for that. So, this is a reasonable compromise. But, of course, being inherently unreasonable, zionists would never go for this either. Oh well. I would vote for Gravel in a heartbeat. And I will contribute to his campaign tonight if thet accept online contributions. 


"Money" has no value - people do.

FairTax is actually a really a great concept that is quickly gaining momentum. It is the leading proposal to get rid of the IRS and taxes on production, and to more sensibly tax consumption.

C.C. Nystrom

I was stunned and amazed listening to Sen. Mike Gravel's words. First time I had heard of the Senator even though he alone, apparently, saved me from the draft in 1974!

My birth date was drawn in the first thirty and just three weeks later the draft ended. Not being a political animal at the time I didn't know the details of my fortuitousness until quite recently.

I am not in full agreement with Sen. Gravel's entire platform (Socialized Health Care, I think we need to break up the AMA/Pharmacy/Insurance Cartel)but I am enamored with his forthright honesty. Those 'others' on stage scare me too!

In 1988 I wrote in Ron Paul for President because the State of Missouri would not allow his name on the ballot. To this day I still wonder if my vote for Ron was ever counted.

Anyway, it was quite simple donating money to Senator Gravel via his website and I plan to also donate to Ron Paul's campaign. They may never become President but we need them on the respective Platforms to shake the sheeple into a possible state of lucidity.

I contributed too. If anything "worries" me about Gravel though, it's his concept of a "FAIR tax." I don't understand it clearly at the moment, so I will reserve judgment until I do. But, I am uncomfortable with the idea of tax on consumption. The more reasonable tax would be on ASSETS. Taxing assets allows people of poor or modest means to remain free of tax burdens - which is as it should be. It's especially important in a system like ours where capital is "rewarded" by exploiting others with all sorts of legal instruments like "interest", "royalties", "fees", "rents", etc. If all these exploitative instruments were abolished, a whole new world would dawn and we would have only a modest gap between the "rich" and the "poor." As it is now, the "divide" is obscene. And to compound it by "taxing" the poor and the middle class to boot is nothing short of outrageous.


"Money" has no value - people do.

Great Idea !

So if I wanna chalk up 60,000 hits, all I have to do is declare Quasimodo for President ? Why didn't I think of it before ?

But then I might crash the whole blogsite, and I wouldn't be able to post at all ! That wouldn't be very much fun, would it ?


Great, just what we need. Another politician promising to tell the truth to the American People. He is a politician for Gods sake. He is no more going to tell the American People "THE TRUTH" than any other politician. By the way, what is the truth? As for being against the Vietnam war and Iraq war, sounds like another apologist and appeaser. I'll bet if he had been President during WWII his first act would have been to set a timetable for us to pull out of the Pacific and European theaters. Just the kind of person we need to fight the war against Islamic terrorists hell bent on killing or converting everyone in the world who doesn't think like them or bow to Mecca every day.

Islamists invading and forcing US to pray to Mecca?

Please - it's Sunday. Why must you subject me to such nonsense on my day off?

You've been watching too much Zionist tv. You need a break.

The Quran expressly declares that there can be no compulsion in faith. In other words, forced conversion is a sin. Get it?

Muslims (Arab Muslims in particular) just want to be left alone in their OWN land to live in peace.

Remember that quaint old notion that the United States used to promote before it got hijacked by zionists?

I do agree with you, though - politicians in general can't be trusted.


Quas, if you ran for president I would vote for you any day!

"Money" has no value - people do.


"Money" has no value - people do.

Truth Seeker--he could be the best of the ones up there that nite, I would like to hear better questions with it being unsanitized, like:
1. Will you re-open the 911 investigation with independent international scholars and career independent prosecutors?
2. Wlll you immediately imprison the last 3 administrations?
3. Will you force aipac to abolish itself or register as a foreign agent..
etc...he must do these things also:

Truth Seeker

I suspect that his intentions are to re-introduce democracy in the US.

After all the money the Zionists spent to dismantle it they are not going to sit idle and let him win back the US for the Americans.

Make it widely known that he is on a suspended Zionist death sentence and prepare to hit back hard if and when they get him.

Long live America!

I liked what the Senator had to say.

I remember him standing with my Senator Morse against Tonkin Gulf.

But, I have to say I am wanting to keep myself from being overly enthusiastic about him because he seems like Obama, a johnny come lately.

Granted, he was out there with good work awhile ago. But, he's not been around for awhile and I don't know what he's been doing before he's made his recent re-appearence.

I was impressed with Jackson and Nader in the campaigns they were in because it seemed they had a fair amount of time being active. They did not seem like they just appeared to get my attention. I had the sense that they were not fly by nights and that their principles were consistent over time.

I do not trust Obama and Clinton. Obama was unwrapped fresh and new a week ago as far as I can tell. The Sen. Clinton cannot be trusted because one minute she will promise to do right by health care, for example, and sell us out with managed care the next. She can't fight the powers that be, she says.

This election I've been prepared to vote for Fidel Castro because he has a good consistent record on health care, education, and national defense. I think even if he's dead by the time the vote comes up a dead cuban would be a better candidate than what we're offered by the business class parties here.

If Sen. Gravel addresses my concerns over the course of the coming campaign, he'll be on my list.

steven andresen

I agree that Gravel is a good honest candidate that would take this country in the right direction. I also think Kucinich is a good candidate who is currently in office and has been right all along, has made all the right decisions and is trying to make government accountable right now. Why does everyone seem to be overlooking Kucinich?

But, Gravel really has presence. He's forceful and gives the impression that he can get the job done. As much as I like Kucinich - he's a great guy - he doesn't come off as someone who can fight back. But, I would be happy if either one or even both won the Presidency. I am not a fan of a one man presidency. Before ratifying the Constitution, legislators were toying with the idea of having a three man council for the executive branch. I think that would have been a good idea. Too much focus on one man makes it more likely that he becomes either a despot or a target.


"Money" has no value - people do.

Wouldn't that make a good choice for the voters to make?

Hillary Clinton, Obama Barack, Rudy Giuliani, John Edwards, John McCain and the others who declare their support of State of Israel should never be nominated for presidential candidacy in either party.

They would be properly called traitors who put Israel's interests above American sovereignty. This is exactly what the founding fathers preached against.

I'd cast my vote for Ron Paul if I think he's right for the president but that will wait till next year.

Heck, I'll write-in if Ron is not nominated, which would show the bias of the Party Convention that likes to kiss ass with the popular candidates like it's a popularity contest without regard to integrity and good sense. Disgusting.

Personally, I don't respect Dennis Kucinich now that he calls for the nationwide banishment of handgun possession by legal non-felon citizens. Good for him to call for impeachment of Dick Cheney but Dennis is quite naive with lack of regard for the purpose and design of the 2nd amendment.

My blog Last Throes of US Empire

"Yond Cassius has a lean and hungry look; He thinks too much; such men are dangerous"

FAIR TAX ....what a orwellian phrase!

Their is nothing FAIR about it.

Lets see this from a laymens view. I make say...50K a year. I must spend 45K in order to survive (actual spend this money for my family to eat, drive to work/school, have clothes, maintain my car etc.).

So they tax me at say 30%. SO 45K of my spending money is now taxed at 30%. The middle man and low/middle income will bear the BRUNT OF THIS plan.

Now lets go to someone making 1MILLION a year. Lets say he consumes 100K in order to survive (although he should only require what I do if he has a similiar size family). What is this guy taxed on? 30% of 100K.

HE can bank the other 900K into some usery account devised by zionist scribe pharisee's.

ITS all a bad dream. THE only plan that would truely work is to TAX stocks, bonds and all exchanges on NY stock exchange (billions/trillions trade hands each day). And to tax the wealthy MORE.


"I may not agree with what you say, but I'll defend to the death your right to say it"...Voltaire


"I may not agree with what you say, but I'll defend to the death your right to say it" Voltaire

"Hey you, Whitehouse. Ha ha,.. charade you are" Pigs/Animals/Pink Floyd

I am with Peacetroll on this. In fact, it should be universal. The rich should contribute more. Why should the poor support the rich further? As for Gravel, you are all wrong. Any candidate that does not support the State of Israel have NO chance of getting elected. If Gravel stays true, I see only two things. He will be offered a bribe he cannot refuse. If he refuses, he is done for. The zionists control the media. He will have no air time, his web site will be down most of the time, and he will be marginalized just like Nader was. As proof, this performance of Gravel was never reported in mainstream media. If for some reason he still prevails. Well, he will just have to go down like JFK. That is how the zionist would work. Then, you are back to square one. You have to concede folks. There is no way to win this. The zionist plague is like AIDS. It has broken down your immune system. Look at what happen to France. A nation once noted for its independent voice. It has now fallen to zionist hands. I fear the fever is going to get worse until all hell breaks loose. Then the Bible prophecy will come true, Armageddon.

You can see that he is a phony. The way is trying to ridicule Mike Gravel shows through. He is just like the others in the media industry. An agent of the zionists.

should pay the same percentage of tax on their unused assets.

That's fair.

What MUST change are the unjust laws that allow capital to breed capital without exerting any labor or taking any risks, i.e., collecting interest, and royalties on patents and copyrights is fundamentally unfair - it's like a cancer on the economy.

And of course there must be an end to the centralized private monopoly of our monetary system.

Once fundamental fairness is restored to the means of ACQUIRING wealth, there will be no need to tax people differently because there will be no vast disparities in wealth to warrant it.

If you truly love freedom and truly desire a "FREE" market, then get rid of the LAWS that force monopolies on US, under threat of civil and criminal liability.

"Money" has no value - people do.


"Money" has no value - people do.

Meet the Next President of the United States of America

on GCN Every Saturday, 11AM Central Time! LISTEN LIVE AT

CONFIRMEDMay 19th: Interview with Mike Gravel, candidate for President in 2008


It's hard to trust any politician these days but what he says does look rather promising, doesn't it? Especially in contrast to anything we've heard in a long time.

And i like the idea of Fair Tax.

I support a fair tax for two reasons.

1. A progressive national sales tax on new products and services (i.e., a “fair tax”) would allow consumers to control how much tax they pay. If you don’t buy something, you don’t pay tax. The tax would not apply to essentials like food, lodging, clothing, and so on.

With income tax, you’re taxed on what you earn. With a sales tax, you’re taxed on what you spend. Gravel’s fair tax would make no exceptions for rich people and corporations.

As things stand now, individuals and small companies waste extreme amounts of time, money, and energy trying to keep up with the income tax. (Naturally, accountants are opposed to any idea of a fair tax, since it would cost them jobs.) Meanwhile, rich people and large corporations pay no income tax.

2. All our financial problems are caused by the fact that our central bank (the Federal Reserve) is a private group with one motivation: their own profit at everyone's expense. The IRS is their collection agency. Any change in the collection agency would be a step in the right direction.

Hi, against zionism. Agreed on your first note, but i don't know about the connection of Fed Res and IRS? How does that connection work?

Thanks for your question.

The Federal Reserve prints money out of thin air in Washington and Fort Worth, using the Bureau of Engraving and Printing, which is part of the Treasury Department. (Coins are made at U.S. Mint facilities in Denver, San Francisco, Philadelphia, and West Point. Coins represent about one percent of the currency.) The IRS is also part of the Treasury Department – but the Federal Reserve is is separate, secret, and beyond control.

If the Federal Reserve prints funny money, then why do they need to collect taxes?

Income taxes force the public to give back some of the funny money, thus binding the masses to the private Federal Reserve. This sustains the illusion that the Fed is a government agency, and allows the Fed to control the economy by playing with taxes. The Fed also rules us by controlling the amount of currency in circulation, and the prime rate of interest.

Someone has to collect money for the private gods of the Federal Reserve. That’s the IRS.

Someone has to police the currency. That’s the Secret Service, which is part of the Treasury Department. The entire Treasury Department is the enforcement arm for the private central bankers.

The whole scam was established in secret. The Federal Reserve Act was bundled with the Income Tax Act, which became the 16th Amendment to the Constitution, even though fewer than half the states ratified it. The Chairman of the Senate Banking Committee was Senator Aldrich, a Jewish agent of the Rothschilds, who slipped the whole thing through Congress in the waning hours of December 23, 1913, when most of Congress had already left for the Christmas holidays.

Since that time, the IRS has collected income tax for the private Federal Reserve, and we have all been its slaves.

When the Federal Reserve Act was passed, it alarmed people like Congressmen Charles Lindbergh (father of the famous flyer). They said the Federal Reserve would be able to cause depressions. They were correct.

In the 1920s, the Fed increased currency again and again, causing the boom known as the “roaring twenties.” By 1929, it had increased the amount of currency by 62%. In 1929 the Fed deliberately crashed the economy by removing money from circulation, thus causing the Great Depression. This allowed the private bankers and their cronies to buy giant corporations for pennies. Wealthy people like David Rockefeller (who were tight with the bankers) increased their fortunes twenty-five times over, while everyone else starved.

The global despair allowed private central banks in Europe and America to order up another world war, since war is the most profitable thing for private central bankers, and since it allows them to take ever more control. The bankers supported all sides, including Hitler. World War I was also engineered so private central bankers could take absolute control.

He who controls the money controls the world. It’s as simple as that.

Because the Fed can print money out of thin air, it has endless amounts to bribe any politician. In 1933 it ordered President FDR to outlaw gold trading, so only the banks could have gold. The bankers did not allow private citizens to trade gold again until 1974.

The Federal Reserve System has twelve regional branches, which makes it difficult for anyone in Washington to attack it directly. Its private nature is the most censored item in the news, since it is the ultimate source of power. Control of the media is necessary to help conceal this fact. The truth is also concealed by armies of lying economists. This is why economics seems so boring and confusing. People need money to conduct transactions, and the Fed controls how much money they have.

The Federal Reserve is linked with private central banks throughout the world. Together they have carved up the planet like gangsters in the “Godfather” movies. They force governments to borrow money at extreme rates of interest, thereby plunging the masses farther and farther into debt.

Let me repeat that…governments must borrow their own money from private bankers, who have an absolute monopoly on the money. And when you borrow money at interest, your creditor becomes your “moral superior.” Again, the Federal Reserve is God.

Most of the private bankers are Jewish, but it wouldn’t matter of the bankers were Christian, Muslim, or Martian. The problem is private central control.

Before the USA had a private bank, its economy hummed along using a currency known as Colonial Scrip. The government issued money, and allowed everyone to become prosperous. This terrified the private bankers in London, so they ordered Parliament to pass the Currency Act of 1764, which allowed the bankers to take back control of currency in the colonies. Within one year, most people in the colonies had been reduced to poverty and unemployment. They became slaves of the bankers, just like the people of Europe. According to Ben Franklin in his autobiography, this was the reason for the War of Independence. Taxation was a minor issue.

After the war, the private bank was abolished, but the Rothschilds had a Jewish agent who was the right hand man of George Washington, namely Alexander Hamilton. Under guidance from the Rothschilds in Europe, Hamilton set up another private central bank in the USA, which again reduced everyone to poverty. The bank was later defeated, but Hamilton came back with another private bank, and another.

Thomas Jefferson said of private central banks…

“They are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies. Already they have raised up a money aristocracy that has set the government at defiance. The issuing power of money should be taken from the private banks and restored to the people, to whom it rightly belongs. If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of currency, first by inflation, then by deflation, the banks -- and corporations that will grow up around them -- will deprive the people of all property until their children wake up homeless.”

This is exactly what happened. We all move closer to homelessness every day.

You don’t need a lot of money to start a bank. Hamilton started America’s first private central bank by putting $400k worth of gold in a vault in Philadelphia. The gold belonged to France, and was lent to France by the Rothschilds. The bank lent out far more than $400k, and used loan repayments to buy real assets. It got rich, while everyone else got poor.

No, you don’t need a lot of money. When Hamilton was a private lawyer, he started his own private bank, which still exists today (the Bank of New York). You only need to convince the government to let you take care of everything. You say, “I will stabilize the economy.” Once yet get control, you can crash the economy any time you like, thus getting wealthier by buying everything for pennies.

Bankers pay nothing out of their own pockets. All their money comes out of thin air. Their collection branch, the IRS, helps to control the economy by raising or lowering taxes.

What if you and I lived on an island with eight other people; ten of us overall, each living in a hut with seashells as our currency? And what if we gave one hut the exclusive power to gather all the seashells, circulate them, withhold them, and determine their worth? That hut would control us all.

Today we are all on that island. We are all enslaved.

We must not allow private central banks to control our currency. In fact, we must not allow banks to charge interest at all.

The “gold standard” is irrelevant as long as private central banks are in control. All currency is fiat currency anyway, even gold. The value of gold is determined by banks and by human agreement.

If interested, you can see a lengthy post I wrote about this here…

Such a far reaching and totalitarian system and law was brought it in such a underhand and simple way. And no question about it.



"Military Industrial Complex"? This guy sounds like Alex neversaytheJewsdidit Jones. Ron Paul....ALL the way!!

I find that I must apologize for my previous comment " Oh, come on" ,as it was made in haste and without good judgement. I am sorry if I have offended any one and will certainly strive to use more care in the future on my personal reflections before I begin to type.I hereby edit my previous comment to read " Alex neversaytheZionistsdidit Jones." Thank you for your kind understanding. Peace in Truth.

No one can mention the Jews in public.
Even Ron Paul must tread lightly, although he says a lot of good things.

Like Gravel, he talks a lot about he military-industrial complex. ( )

I suggest that either Paul or Gravel would be a step in the right direction.

If we show favoritism toward one or the other, we help our enemies. We strengthen the psychopaths.

Either one would be great.

Usually I can tell what someone means depending on how they use the word 'Jew'. If they say " well the Jews should eat more pork" I would take that as meaning Jews as a race. However if they were to say " the Jews crucified Christ" then, to me, that's not only erroneous, but bigoted. ( perhaps unintentionaly ) In my comment it could have been taken either way, and that left me somewhat 'unsettled'. I agree that either candidate mentioned in this correspondence transaction would be a far greater choice than what we have now, but I hope you'll consider my opening ( heavy bold ) statement. Peace

Why did the Romans nail YeHoshua to a post then? Was it not the Pharisees' doing?

Ron Paul is the only candidate who has managed to speak the phrase "Audit the FED" and survive. The national debt would largely disappear if the FED were dissolved. Central Banks are the problem.

Gravel doesn't talk about that. Paul does.

I have no intentions of voting within the ONE PARTY system this cycle. I will vote for anything except a Democrat/Republican Party candidate. Jonathan Turley wisely noted, "Anyone who thinks there are two parties in Washington DC is a fool."  I tend to side with that statement. I'll never again vote inside the box. 

Just me I guess.

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