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ISAIAH 3 - The Sins of Israel

24 And it shall come to pass, that instead of sweet smell, there shall be stink; and instead of a girdle, a rent; and instead of well set hair, baldness; and instead of a stomacher, a girding of sackcloth; and burning instead of beauty.

Accomplishments of the "CHOSEN"

To dazia, just curious, and the rest of their ilk:

In this video, what we see are drug users, drug pushers, liquor stores, strippers, prostitutes, slumming in the streets, madness and mayhem of every inner city of the USA and Canada.

But how did these people get there? How did the cities get this way? Who is behind the drugs, liquor, and strip clubs?

Who is pulling the strings? Who is behind the curtain pulling the levers? Could it be those "brilliant" minds, those Khazar men and women?

What's Going On???

January 13, 2008

When Capital Punishment Is Just

When a grown man, who knew it was wrong, repeatedly rapes and abuses a 3-year-old boy over a long period of time.

Gimme More! That's What I Want!

Jurisprudence: The law, lawyers, and the court.

Why J.K. Rowling should lose her copyright lawsuit against the Harry Potter Lexicon.

By Tim Wu

Posted Thursday, Jan. 10, 2008, at 7:59 AM ET

Interview With a Vampire

The ongoing saga of using the holocaust to puff one’s “jewish” self into “cherished chosen” status, regardless of what any crime a jew commits, their reputation is to be untouched, untainted, unblemished.

By all means, let us play the game of the innocent child that doesn’t know right from wrong, that didn’t mean it, that didn’t know any better.

[polanski] - "at the time I didn’t think it was wrong. I don’t think anyone was hurt"

A brilliant career was shattered???

Men Behind The Curtain

I don't know if these videos have been put on WUFYS before, so I may be repeating. If these have been shown already, I'll yank this post. Doesn't take long to watch these videos. All are short in duration, with the first one the longest at 9 minutes.

Merry Christmas versus 'Happy Holidays'

My boss was telling all of us employees [after the Thanksgiving holiday] that we must greet the customers with "seasons greetings' and/or 'happy holidays' instead of

Myspace Comments - Merry Christmas

Oh really?

If customers take offense, if they give me a blank stare or dirty look because I say...

A Canadian Girl Named Aqsa

Welcome to sweet 16, Aqsa....wherever you may be....


I am so tired of this. Already I am hearing slandering remarks about my faith where I work.

On the front page of every paper in Canada is the story of a father who killed his 16 year old daughter because she wouldn't wear her hijab. Big news on TV. Of course.

A woman of slavic ethnicity who is Muslim, told news reporters that we should all not jump to conclusions, that we should not taint Islam because of what happened. This lady told the press the facts are not all in.

America - Her Children Are Lost and Dying

Anyone who is interested - Just press play and then scroll down.....

A Simple Ditty About House Utilities

Something I read in the city newspaper - a paper I rarely read - but my mother brought this letter in the editorial [from a very fed-up and clever lady] to my attention.

So here's a cute chuckle:


The Murder of Muslim Toddlers! What ISRAEL is ALL ABOUT!!!


Sometimes We Need a Good Laugh....and Then a Good Song

Thanks cedars....that's quite a clever name you got there...

And OH! Looky at these fantastic sources from the comedy shop!:

Winnograd commission - Thomas Friedman...[laughter]

The washington post.....[giggle giggle]

And good ole Gabriel al Amin straight from war-torn Beirut! [slapping my knee - lol]

My dear boy/girl...or whatever root vegetable you claim to be...

You forgot to put SATIRE at the bottom of your post.

What is most profound is the word "KIDNAP" throughout the article.


The "B" in her name stands for "BITCH!"

If you want to see A LOUSY ACTING JOB watch this piece of feline filth.

This is what you get when you sell your people, fellow neighbors in faith, and country out - spreadin' it w-i-d-e for the zionist terror-MEDIA-pimp and JUST SO LONG AS YOU WORK IT, BABY, you can buy those fantastic gladrags and handbags ....

Be sure to have a pail close by for the upchuck.

OR have some Tylenol-3 tablets, drink them down with lots of Seven Up, to block out the pain of such vile deceptions and lies.

There is NO Satan. There is NO Hell. There Is Only The MOSSAD

Indian Raw + Israeli Mossad Vs. Pakistan And Islam.

It is a long article, but very well done with facts, it is important that we read it and try to understand what lies ahead in the context of current crisis in Kashmir.

SABRA / SHATILA - An Incest Of Justice

part two

In the Middle East….

Sabra / Shatila

So Many

Sabra / Shatila
by Massacres
of The Past

“israel” Keeps Reminding Us
of It’s Peculiar Self-Determination
– It’s Right To Exist

…and Tomorrow?

The “OTHER” 9/11 The World Has Forgotten - SABRA and SHATILA

part one

The Massacre

o - israeli bloggers and the North American media will say with absolute scorn “700 victims”, repeating by rote Zionist sources legion in their lying. The truth is more like OVER 3,000 murdered. I am not even including the many thousands in Lebanon killed starting June 1982 by israeli terrorists in their war planes.


"Many have called Jeff Rense an “agent.” I am now forced to agree with this assessment.

What Our Tax Dollars Pay For (Brace Yourself)


"We - Israeli Soldiers - were put there to punish the Palestinians", says Ilan Vilenda, an Israeli soldier who served in Rafah during the first Intifada.

Ilan is the only soldier of 21 who agreed to have his name published, after he was interviewed by psychologist Nofer Ishai-Karen.

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad - CLASS All The Way - A New Lesson For Students

Well he just spoke - GREAT MAN!

For sixty years!: Palestine suffers because of a 'holocaust' Zundel and Irving were thrown in jail for researching.

For sixty years!: Palestinian homes broken on their heads, Palestine's children murdered, tortured, and imprisoned....

Shake 'n' Bake - What White Phosphorus Does to Your Skin


Ashes, Ashes, We All Fall Down - When Willie Pete Comes To Town

Israel denies it is attacking civilians, just as the United States denied using white phosphorus on Fallujah and bombing the city into rubble or torturing prisoners at Guantanamo. These criminals and their lackeys in the corporate media lie like they breath. – Gary Sudborough

WHO ARE THEY? Assassins In Lebanon

"In both cases it is my opinion that they were initial deceptions by perpetrators who, although they pretend to represent the United Nations and to be modern harbingers of democracy, while, however, in truth, they only want to be would-be enslavers of our globe or are working towards this goal."


Ghanem was a Christian Maronite and a member of Lebanon's Phalange Party, which is known to take an anti-Syrian stance.

So you can’t blame the usa/israel, right? Doesn’t make sense, right?

The Show Must Go On

Death be not proud,
though some have called thee
Mighty and dreadful, for, thou art not so,
For those whom think thou dost overthrow,
Die not, poor death, nor yet can thou kill me...........


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