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On August 14, at 9 PM, Israel's Channel Ten television screened a documentary film which exposes the ugliest secret of Israel's Labor party founders: the deliberate mass radiation poisoning of nearly all Sephardi youths of a generation.


While historians agree that it was the Panic of 1907 that demonstrated the "need" for a central bank, they overlook the fact that J.P. Morgan intentionally started it by spreading rumors that the Knickerbocker Bank and the Trust Company of America were insolvent. Believing the rumors, the public began a run on the banks - and the rumors came true.

The Federal Reserve and the Vampires

After previous attempts to push the Federal Reserve Act through Congress, a group of bankers funded and staffed Woodrow Wilson's campaign for President.

He had committed to sign this act. In 1913, a Senator, Nelson Aldrich, maternal grandfather to the Rockefellers, pushed the Federal Reserve Act through Congress just before Christmas when much of Congress was on vacation. When elected, Wilson passed the FED.

"Please Allow Me To Introduce Myself" - A Vulture Sweeps Over America


"It is known to a very few how great is the indebtedness of the United States to Mr. Warburg. For it may be said without fear of contradiction that in its fundamental features the Federal Reserve Act is the work of Mr. Warburg more than any other man in the country. The existence of a Federal Reserve Board creates, in everything but in name, a real central bank.

Smells like ZIONIST SUPPORTER spirit at WUFYS -

Our Zionist supporter MP: “So since you've taken me to task..tell me a bit about yourself. Are you from Pakistan Ms. Sirry?”
It is always helpful to know about an antagonists culture as well as their religion. That way I know which kind of bigotry you are practicing.”


“I CHALLENGE THE WHOLE WORLD,” says Hassan Nasrallah

Hezbollah today does have the respect of the Arab and Islamic world and this respect enables it to play a central role in the Arab/Israeli conflict (which it already does) and it also enables it to play a central role in the other larger projects of internal sedition and incitement in countries between Muslims or between Arabs… all ethnicities and denominations. Hezbollah today is qualified to play a central role in this conflict.

Dahlan and Abbas: SATAN AGENTS OF..... israel

The Military chiefs loyal to president Abbas are a cancer that must be removed.


"The israeli collaborators do whatever they want and nobody can control them. They don't get the Palestinian people's interests to prevail, since they must be assured that their israeli and US bosses are satisfied with them."

May 21, 2007

Sympathy For The Devil?

Call on Rolling Stones: "Boycott Israel!"

Worldwide Activism, Palestinian grassroots Anti-Apartheid Wall Campaign, May 24th, 2007

The Palestinian Campaign for the Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel (PACBI) has issued a call to the Rolling Stones in response to media reports on their plans to perform for the Israeli music circus in autumn.

The concert is one of the biggest events scheduled for Israel this year and is to compensate producer Shuki Weiss for the losses he made because of the Israeli aggression against Lebanon last summer.

Will She Go 'Round In Circles?

She’s got a faith, she aint got no insight
She’s gonna talk down to her friends
She’s got a faith, she aint got no insight
Splitting hairs to the bitter end

Will she go ‘round in circles?
Or will she fly high as a bird up in the sky?
Yeah, she’ll go ‘round in circles
In her “book” there’s no such thing as a sky…

Shia or Sunni. Does It Really Matter?

Here’s the thing, and there is really no getting around it. We can argue about all the differences of all the denominations of all Faiths of this world forever. But most Muslims and some Christians and Jews and others will agree that Zionism is a deadly scourge on this planet. And that is all that really matters. Zionism plays a huge part in our lives.....and yet mysteriously, we never read about it in Newspapers, magazines, books, or hear about on the radio, lecture halls or in schools.

The POWER of Zionist PAYPAL

La Voz de Aztlan must be quite a threat to the Zionists for them to go to such extents to destroy us. We are deeply sympathetic of Mr. Mel Gibson for the immense tribulations he went through due to his film "The Passion of the Christ". The same Zionists that went after Gibson and his father are the same ones that are going after La Voz de Aztlan. Shame on PayPal for bowing down to these sinister characters.

Beware of Zionist controlled PayPal

She Doesn't Mind That The Israelis Defecated On Her Linens

mp:”I got over the fact that Israelis shat in my linens and washing machine. I noticed that all the things they did to my domicile were done out of fear not in an offensive. They were basically scared out of their wits.” -


And Here's To You Mrs. Robinson

§ Most Hadiths that Muslims follow are not verified in the Quran.

§ In fact, the 5 pillars of Islam are not even in the Quran and that is what modern Muslims says is what defines a Muslim yes – but the 5 pillars are not in the Quran.

§ The shahada isn't in the Quran anywhere,

§ The Quran says to pray 3 times a day, not 5.
§ The Quran says give charity what you can afford, there is no mention anywhere of 5%.


And here's to you, Mrs. Robinson,

Actually, what I meant was –

"Norman Finkelstein Going in the Right Direction" - Raul Hilburg

"......and I must confess that I found the whole affair with the Swiss banks disturbing. The Jewish-American community is very prosperous and there is no reason for them to ask the Swiss for money. That seems obscene to me."


George Galloway DESTROYS Richard Perle

March 18, 2006 - His words still ring true today . . .

Norm Finkelstein - His Truth and Bravery Exceeds and Surpasses the idiocy of MOOT points and nitpicking.

To Christopher Marlowe:

You urge caution? For what?

Hilberg has been noted in many site documentations that the # of deaths were about 2 million. As the years passed into the 80s he increased it to 5 million. There is no reason as to why he did this. Do you have a reason as to why? I have a hunch.

So now we have some inaccuracies about Raul Hilburg.

Norman Finkelstein - a decent and honest mensch in a world of zionist vultures

Norman Finkelstein – Lebanese TV Interview - June 21, 2006

The “Holocaust” is the Jewish term for burning the sacrificial offering to ashes. Never has there been an issue subject to as many contradictions, lies, and exaggerations regarding the number of victims, as the issue of the Jewish Holocaust.

They Did Not Die in Vain

…………..when your son or daughter
comes home in a flag draped box.
How bitter is the taste to your soul
when you know you have
outlived your child.

So you wave the flag and say
that any of those who protest this war
over there in the desert somewhere……..

in the mideast

Wipe Off The Map! Push Into The Sea! Words Ahmadinejad Never Said.

So what does it mean when Ahmadinejad and Akef refer to the “myth of the Holocaust”, as they both certainly did:


I never knew how rampant the brainwashing tactics of Norman Lear and his gang of Zionist writers of Hollywood-Culver City, these manipulations were so easily unleashed onto the world.

Quasimodo makes a GOOD ARGUMENT!

This is in response to the "Not in our Name" post. I was goint to post this there but it was quite long so I decided to make it my blog..............................

Quasimodo does make a point in his frustration of this "Jew" and "Zionist" issue..........

Here is an interesting take from a blogger from another site that Quasimodo may agree with. I know I do. It all makes good sense to me:

There’s no doubt that John Kaminski is pushing the envelope in his articles.


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