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fireworks at the u.n.

UN official: Israeli delegation spreading ‘malicious lies’

remember ben-ami kadish?

Kadish appeared in court before Judge Douglas F. Eaton in Manhattan on Apr 22 2008. He was released on the same day after putting up a $300,000 bail bond.

we don't need no stinkin' united nations

Israel expels UN rights envoy who compared Israelis to Nazis

'Red Ken' needs that state pension!

Ken Livingstone, who was mayor of London at the time of the de Menezes shooting in July 2005, praised the senior officer in charge of the police surveillance operation that led to de Menezes being

Leese (again), here on South Africa

It is said that when Lord Randolph Churchill made his extensive tour through South Africa in 1891 he was acting as agent to obtain information for the Rothschilds, who, of course, knew of the diamo

Would Arnold Leese have lied? I don't think so

The Rothschilds were always hostile to the Tsars of Russia, who were the only European monarchs to protect their people from the Jews by refusing to give them the status of Russians in Russia. They must, therefore, like Jacob Schiff of Kuhn Loeb & Co., have been interested in the success of Kerensky’s revolution ; but it is impossible that the Rothschilds could have desired the success of the Bolshevik revolution which came next, because of the losses they would, and did, sustain in the Russian Oil-fields which were ultimately confiscated by the Soviet Government.

Joshua Frank, 9/11 Fabricator?

Breaking the Stranglehold on Middle East News Coverage? An interview with Press TV correspondent Afshin Rattansi

these people are turning into a joke

Madoff Arrest Sends Shockwaves Through Jewish Philanthropy

medoff is chair of yeshiva u. business school

EXCLUSIVE! YU Sanitizes Website – NYT Falls For YU Deception

Eduard Hodos : The Jewish Syndrome (excerpts)

The Jewish Syndrome

One delight is left to me:
Fingers in the mouth and a merry whistle.
Notorious fame has spread

Rafsanjani : no pissing contest with US.

"We have no intention of getting into a pissing contest with the US.

The Fall of the House of Rubashkin

As the nation's largest kosher empire implodes, Brooklyn's ultra-Orthodox Jews begin to break ranks

anonymous US document accuses Gul

Secret document confirms Hameed Gul wanted by US

more from hamid gul

Mumbai attacks : Ex-ISI chief Gul terms Post report ‘nonsense’

hamid gul, the next big villain?

High-level meetings between US intelligence and Pakistan’s ISI have already been held at different levels to devise plans to cripple the support s

"the most criminalised orders of the global Right"

[...] the assumption that LeT's involvement necessarily implicates the ISI or the Pakistan Army, or proves the complicity of the civilian government headed by President Asif Ali Zardari, is questio

wayne madsen's latest claims

Nov 29

WMR previously reported that the violent and bloody attack on Mumbai represents a pay-back from exiled Indian Muslim Mumbai gangland warlord Dawood Ibrahim, who fears that the CIA was conspiring with the Pakistani government to extradite him from Pakistan to India. Such an event would effectively cede control of Mumbai's lucrative organized crime territory to Hindu extremist criminal syndicates allied with the Hindu terrorist Shiv Sena group.

Poor Bev Giesbrecht

Reporting From Tribal Areas Highly Risky
By Zofeen Ebrahim, KARACHI, Nov 28 (IPS)

How Zionist Pirates Hijacked The Vatican

Israeli company will secure Vatican
JTA, Nov 24 2008

jewish 'philanthropy' at work

Israel Advocacy – Final Subcommittee Report (extracts)

An American Jew in Racist Marxist Israel

The 1985 work of ‘Jack Bernstein’, The Life of an American Jew in Racist Marxist Israel, is a fabrication.

Thinking about Rumor Mill News

Since Nobodaddy pointed out the enormous list of articles Christopher Bollyn posted there, and then mentioned that he was now banned from there (?) I just thought, there is a simpler explanation, w

where is Craig Murray?

Has anyone any idea what has happened to Craig Murray?

Bev 'Jihad Unspun' Giesbrecht 'kidnapped' in Pakistan

Abducted B.C. journalist was working for Al Jazeera

look out, mama, the boogyman's comin'

Al Qaeda says order given for US attack “far bigger than 9/11”

DEBKAfile Updates DEBK

Wave of attacks on rabbis hits Europe

Three Jewish religious leaders assaulted in three different cities over past two weeks:

2001 G8 Genoa Summit Police Convicted

Italian police officers convicted of violence at 2001 G8 Genoa Summit


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