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The Frame-Up of Edgar Steele

On June 11, 2010, Idaho lawyer Edgar J. Steele was arrested on murder-for-hire charges. According to prosecutors, Mr. Steele hired his handyman Larry Fairfax to kill his wife Cyndi and his mother-in-law. Steele is an intelligent, educated man; Fairfax is a bankrupt failed logger who turned out to be a federal drug informant. The alleged plot is so preposterous that it would be laughed out of court if all the contradictions were presented. Prosecutors will likely cherry-pick the various pieces of 'evidence', with some claims being conveniently "forgotten" as they attempt to cover up the many mistakes resulting from Steele's enemies' failure to corroborate their stories.


 In 1924, Professor Nilus was arrested by the Jewish-dominated “Cheka,” imprisoned, and then tortured. He was told by the president of the court (who was Jewish) that this treatment was meted out to him for “having done them (the Zionist Bolshevik Jews) incalculable harm in publishing the Protocols.”

Fury as Israel president claims English are 'anti-semitic'

Israel's president has accused the English of being anti-semitic and claimed that MPs pander to Muslim voters.

The Telegraph, 31 July 2010

Shimon Peres said England was "deeply pro-Arab ... and anti-Israeli", adding: "They always worked against us."

He added: "There is in England a saying that an anti-Semite is someone who hates the Jews more than is necessary."

Churchill on Zionsim

International Jews: From the days of Spartacus-Weishaupt to those of Marx, and down to Trotsky, Bela Kun, Rosa Luxembourg, and Emma Goldman, this world-wide conspiracy for the overthrow of civilisation and for the reconstitution of society on the basis of arrested development, of envious malevolence, and impossible equality, has been steadily growing. It played, as a modern writer, Mrs.

Jewish Guilt Trips: Hypocrisy, Lies, & Exploitation

Thus the intense effort among Jewish intellectuals to continue the ideology of the moral superiority of Judaism and its role as an undeserving historical victim while at the same time continuing the onslaught on the moral legitimacy of the West.


Interview With Kevin MacDonald PhD

By Brother Nathanael Kapner, Copyright 2009-2010

DR KEVIN MACDONALD, AUTHOR AND HISTORIAN, is a Professor of Psychology at the California State University.

Zionism & the Internet

As was done with the movie and publishing industries previously, Jewish interests have a near monopoly on critical pieces of the internet system.  The following is a collection of resources on the subject from and is provided as a counterpoint to Death Cult Jones and his peddlers' bloviating about "the military-industrial complex" and "big corporations".  I think there was a similar posting here on Facebook, Google etc but couldn't turn it up. 


Oliver Stone Rails Against Jews

Director Oliver Stone declared in an interview that America’s focus on the Holocaust is due to “Jewish domination of the media,” and said Jews are “the most powerful lobby in Washington.”

Jim Meyers, NewsMax, 26 July 2010

The “Natural Born Killers” director also defended Hitler, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, and Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez in his interview with Britain’s Sunday Times.

Goldwin Smith's "The Vexing Jewish Question"

Oxford Professor Goldwin Smith's classic investigation of "impertinent" Jewish fables from the 19th century.  Very useful. 

A very bogus quote attributed to Smith continues to appear which I continue to assume means that der goyim and their teachers are not supposed to know about him.  The dickypedia says, he is the author of the quote "Above all nations is humanity" and that "he viewed Jews as "parasites" and "enemies of civilization," and spread his hatred of Jews in dozens of books, articles, and letters".

Ernst Zundel Interview with Israeli Journalist

Outstanding interview and performance by Mr. Zundel. It seems the links don't work and one must go to youtube.  Find the rest of the sections there.It appears that some parts are not posted.  If anyone knows where to buy/get a complete copy, please post.  Also, I had trouble with the book titles mentioned.  Here's the ones I caught:

The Founding Myths of Israel

Israelis and the Holocaust

An Eye for an Eye

An Israeli Journalist interviews ERNST ZUNDEL-TEASER part1

Arab guilty of rape after consensual sex with Jew

Israeli man of Arab origin sentenced to 18 months in prison after telling a woman that he was also Jewish

An Israeli man of Arab origin has been convicted of rape after having consensual sex with a woman who had believed him to be a fellow Jew.

Anti-Zionist laughs in Monty Python’s LIFE OF BRIAN remain censored

Think you know the saga of the deleted scenes from Monty Python’s LIFE OF BRIAN? Not if you trust Wikipedia.

Castro: Swastika has become Israel's banner

Former Cuban president slams Israeli raid on Gaza-bound flotilla, says Israel 'would not hesitate to send 1.5 million Palestinians to crematoriums'

Ynet News

Rabbi That Filmed Helen Thomas Gets 25,000 Hate Emails

It's not just members of the media standing up to support disgraced journalist Helen Thomas after her unscheduled retirement caused by anti-Semitic remarks she made on camera last week.

The rabbi that caught her disgusting comments on videotape and put them on the Internet has received 25,000 hate-email messages - and counting.

"Anti-AIPAC, not Anti-Semitic: Breaking the Israel Lobby's Control - A Patriot's Guide.''

Democratic gubernatorial candidate Dannel Malloy is facing a slander suit by a fellow Democrat for saying that she made anti-Semitic comments.

The lawsuit was filed by former Congressional candidate Lisa "Lee'' Whitnum, a Greenwich resident who said she made statements that were truthful, not anti-Semitic.

Open Letter to Adam Holland

When I first commented on Adam Holland's blog post about Alan Hart's interview with Kevin Barrett, I didn't expect him to publish it (he moderates comments for approval). He did and a brief discussion ensued, but it didn't take long before Adam the Zionist decided to start rejecting my perfectly reasonable submissions. So about five minutes after I sent him my last comment, I sent another to inform him that if he declined again to publish them, I'd publish them myself as 'An Open Letter to Adam Holland' on my own blog and at, where he'd be free to respond without fear of censorship. This then is that post, titled as promised, even though I won't always be addressing Holland directly. I might've titled it 'Ok Holland, Let's Take This Outside' (outside your blog where we can have a civilised, open discussion) but I'd be going back on my word.

ADL's Abe Foxman all giddy over Helen Thomas resignation

The Anti-Defamation League declared victory today after Helen Thomas retired as a columnist for Hearst Newspapers and ended a five-decade career as a White House correspondent. According to ADL National Director Abe Foxman, the group had lodged several complaints about Thomas over the years, and it took too long for her opinions on Israel to be smoked out.

ADL's Abe Foxman all giddy over Helen Thomas resignation

The Anti-Defamation League declared victory today after Helen Thomas retired as a columnist for Hearst Newspapers and ended a five-decade career as a White House correspondent. According to ADL National Director Abe Foxman, the group had lodged several complaints about Thomas over the years, and it took too long for her opinions on Israel to be smoked out.

Shah of Iran candidly comments on Israel Lobby in a vintage "60 Minutes" interview

In the interest of historical retrospective related to Israel's iron-fist control of America, CIA-sponsored/West-supported dictator Shah of Iran told the truth, which sent the interviewing journalist Mike Wallace scurrying to hide behind Zio-Elite's skirt. Decades later after that interview, Wallace won an Emmy award for his "fabricatedly edited" interview with Iran President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad a few years ago.

Shah of Iran & Mike Wallace on the Jewish Lobby - 35 Yrs ago

IDF Admits It Doctored the Audio Tapes

(Free Gaza Movement, Cyprus, June 6, 2010) The IDF admitted today in a press release that it doctored audio footage from its exchanges with the Gaza flotilla in order to paint the flotilla passengers as anti-Semites.

Netanyahu 'proud of soldiers', worldwide response 'hypocritical international assault'

Netanyahu defends raid on Gaza-bound flotilla in special speech, says if siege on Strip had been broken, hundreds more ships would arrive. 'There is an Iranian port in Gaza, which threatens Europe, other countries'

Anti-Semitism "ingrained", media should present "facts"

A FINAL peace treaty between Israel and the Palestinians would not eliminate the rising levels of western anti-Semitism, according to pre-eminent Holocaust scholar Professor Yehuda Bauer.

“Analyses show reasonably clearly that what is being attacked is Israel as a Jewish state, not just as another state, and that the current conflict serves as a trigger that releases people from a politically correct attitude of opposing anti-Semitism,” the academic said in Sydney last week.

A Goldstone with a swastika tattoo

Swastikas under sharp suit

Justin Goldstone's red swastika tattoo crept above his collar as he sat in the dock. Sentencing him in the High Court at Auckland yesterday, Justice Forrest Miller queried media reports that he was a prospect for a gang.

Toronto hate crimes report includes ‘Nazi,’ ‘shikse’ as victims

TORONTO - A "Nazi" and a "non-Jewish Shikse," a pejorative for a gentile woman, are among the victims listed on the latest hate crimes report issued by Toronto Police.

JTA - 5-25-2010

The report, which lists hate and bias crimes for 2009, shows an increase in "hate/bias occurrences" over the previous year from 153 to 174.

Zionists verbally attack Anti-Zionist Jews at "Salute to Israel" parade in New York

Pursuant to Geo. Washington's 1796 farewell address that forewarned of pernicious foreign influence, what the hell is "Support Israel or Else" parade doing in America?

Now you know Zionists' true color.



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