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German ministries hit in 16 million email theft

Each German government ministry and 17 of its members of parliament were targeted by the huge data theft in which 16 million online identities were stolen.

Don't put new demands on Iran: Russia

A Russian diplomat has called on six major world powers to refrain from putting new demands on Iran over its nuclear energy program.

German retailers report poor Christmas

German retailers reported a shock drop in business in December, suggesting a disappointing Christmas period, official data showed on Friday.

Germany doubles funding to return Nazi art

Germany will double funding for efforts to return Nazi-looted art to their rightful owners and may invite Jewish representatives to join a mediation body, the government said on Wednesday.


German man freezes to death as temperatures hit -20C

A man froze to death at a bus stop on Saturday night as temperatures of -20C gripped Germany. Fresh snowfall and ice on Monday morning have also caused traffic problems.

German Court: Google must block Mosley orgy photos

A German court ruled on Friday that Google must block photos of a sadomasochistic orgy involving former Formula One boss Max Mosley. But the internet giant said it would appeal the ruling.

Merkel tells Ukraine to repeal protest laws

Chancellor Angela Merkel has phoned Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych to ask him to repeal draconian anti-protest laws that have fuelled clashes between protesters and police in Kiev, her office said on Thursday.

Merkel: 'No sanctions for Ukraine but protect lives'

Chancellor Angela Merkel said on Thursday that Ukraine must safeguard the lives of pro-EU demonstrators following deadly clashes with security forces, but she rejected calls for fresh sanctions against Kiev.

German authorities knew about huge data theft weeks ago

BSI knew about the theft of the digital identities of 16 million internet users in December, but kept it quiet as they claim they needed time to make "necessary preparations", it emerged on Wednesday.

Hackers access 16 million German email accounts

Millions of Germans have had their passwords and usernames for websites stolen, the country’s Federal Office for Online Security (BSI) revealed on Tuesday.

Ice blast hits Berlin, -10C forecast

Icy weather appeared to take Berlin by surprise on Monday morning leading to more than 1,000 calls to the emergency services by lunchtime. Temperatures will plummet to -10 C by the end of the week, according to forecasters.

Hamburg, Germany buys its energy grid back for €400 million

Energy giant Vattenfall said on Thursday it had "unwillingly" agreed to sell the electricity grid in Hamburg back to the city, as approved by a referendum last year.

German nuclear energy firms can sue over shutdown

Nuclear power companies came a step closer on Tuesday to suing German states for shutting down many of their power stations after the 2011 Fukushima disaster in Japan.

Germans abandon hope of US 'no-spy' treaty

Germany has all but given up hope of securing a "no-spy" treaty with the USA in the wake of the NSA scandal, according reports on Tuesday suggested.

Nazi Veteran Buried with Full Honors in Estonia

Estonia granted a burial with full military honors Friday to a decorated Nazi SS veteran who distinguished himself in combat against Soviet troops during World War II.

Google Maps Brings Back 'Adolf Hitler Square'

Online mapping service Google Maps temporarily mislabeled a square in central Berlin with its former Nazi-era name: Adolf Hitler Square. Google couldn't explain the error when contacted by reporters but said they were looking into the matter.


Ex-Nazi soldier charged over French massacre

German prosecutors have charged an 88-year-old former member of the elite Waffen SS with taking part in the massacre of hundreds of French villagers during World War Two.

Storming the Food Banks: German Charities Struggle with Growing Demand

Food banks and soup kitchens in many German cities are having trouble keeping up with growing demand. Some are now abandoning their free food models in their efforts to continue helping the needy.

Shocking Saxo Bank 2014 predictions: How real?

  • EU wealth tax heralds return to a Soviet style economy
  • The anti-EU alliance will become the largest group in EU Parliament
  • Another nasty surprise, Tech bubble ready to burst in 2014
  • Brent crude will drop to $80 per barrel
  • 2014 will see Europe powerhouse Germany in recession

Stormy year lands insurers €7-billion bill

President of the German Insurers Association (GDV) Alexander Erdland said: “The accumulation of various weather extremes within just a few months made 2013 an exceptional year.”

Berlin doggy deli sparks howls of 'decadence'

Germany's first restaurant for dogs and cats opened in Berlin over the holidays, drawing charges that the luxury eatery for furry friends is "decadent".

Germany to repatriate 700 tons of gold from US, France

Germany's Bundesbank plans to store half the national gold reserves in its own vaults by 2020. It will mean the return of 700 tons of the precious metal from the US and France

Hundreds injured in Hamburg riots

Hundreds of police officers and protesters were injured in the worst riots Hamburg has seen for years over the weekend in a mass demonstration over gentrification.

Rioters attack Hamburg police station

Demonstrators came out in force to voice their anger at the threatened eviction of the Rote Flora squat in Hamburg Friday, attacking the main police station on the Reeperbahn in a surprise attack. Protesters smashed police cars and windows, while a number of arrests were made.

Refugees and their supporters are expected to gather Saturday will gather in front of the Rote Flora squat to demand open spaces and refugee rights. About 4,000 police are expected to be deployed.

Germany: Rioters attack Hamburg police station

German MPs elect Merkel to third term as chancellor

The German parliament elected Angela Merkel to her third term as chancellor on Tuesday morning. Merkel won 462 of the 631 votes from the members of parliament.

Terrifying video reveals how London Heathrow can spread a pandemic in days

A global pandemic is one of the most serious threats to the future of the human race and now scientists have made a video showing how a deadly virus could spread from London’s busy Heathrow airport.

Roger Waters compares Israel to Nazi Germany

Former Pink Floyd front man Roger Waters compared the Israeli treatment of the Palestinians to Nazi Germany on Saturday and decried the “powerful” Jewish lobby in the US.

German cities pile up mountain of debt

The number of German cities threatened with bankruptcy has increased over recent years, with the gap between rich and poor areas growing, a study revealed on Tuesday.

German Foreign Minister: 'Gates still open for Ukraine'

German Foreign Minister Guido Westerwelle has attacked the "simply unacceptable" economic and political pressure put on the Ukraine, in a thinly veiled jab at Kiev's Soviet-era master Russia.

Germans enraged as Brussels tries to control speed on autobahns

Germany makes some of the world's fastest cars- not surprising really, when they have the world's fastest roads. Speeds on parts of the autobahn network are dictated simply by how far you can push the pedal to the metal. Meddling EU bureaucrats want to put an end to that.

No Limits: Germans enraged as Brussels tries to control speed on autobahns


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