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Hackers steal details of 18 million email accounts

German authorities on Tuesday confirmed they were investigating the country's biggest ever data theft – which saw hackers steal details of around 18 million email accounts.

Germany environment minister: Make fracking illegal

Germany’s environment minister has called for the controversial gas extraction technique known as “fracking” to be made illegal. Her comments came ahead of an emergency energy summit.

Basic problem solving too hard for German kids

A fifth of Germany's schoolchildren have problems with simple decision-making tasks, such as selecting the cheapest item from a page in a catalogue, results from the global PISA test showed on Tuesday.

NSA carried out 300 reports on Merkel

The US National Security Agency's vast eavesdropping programmes amassed more than 300 reports on German Chancellor Angela Merkel, Der Spiegel has reported, citing information leaked by former US intelligence contractor Edward Snowden.

German energy minister: No alternative to Russian gas

Germany has no other sensible source of gas and oil other than Russia, the country's energy minister said on Thursday. His statement came hours after Chancellor Angela Merkel said she foresaw an energy overhaul.

Merkel hopes Russia sanctions are enough

Chancellor Angela Merkel said on Thursday that she hoped the threat of further sanctions would be enough to keep Russia in check in the Ukraine crisis. But she added Europe was prepared to act if necessary

Siemens to invest long-term in Russia

German industrial giant Siemens will be pouring long-term investment into Russia despite outcry over Crimea, the company reportedly told President Vladimir Putin on Wednesday.

German Court: Politicians have too much power over TV

Germany’s top court ruled on Tuesday morning that politicians have too much influence over the country's state broadcaster.

Group of 8 Leaders Agree to Exclude Putin

President Obama and the leaders of the biggest Western economies agreed on Monday to exclude President Vladimir V. Putin from the Group of 8, suspending his government’s 15-year participation in the diplomatic forum and further isolating his country.

Germany accuses Russia of Europe break up bid

Germany on Saturday accused Russia of trying to splinter Europe as a Cold War-style struggle over the future of ex Soviet Ukraine ratched up following the Kremlin's defiant annexation of Crimea.

Jewish family fails in Welfenschatz claim

A German mediation panel on Nazi-era art claims on Thursday ruled against the heirs of Jewish collectors in a dispute over the 1935 sale of a trove of medieval church artifacts.

Germany arrests former Auschwitz medic, 93

German police have arrested a former Nazi medic who served at the Auschwitz death camp on multiple charges of aiding and abetting murder, prosecutors said Tuesday.

'West created Frankenstein monster in Ukraine'

Ukraine's Right Sector members stormed and torched government buildings - and attacked unarmed police squads. They also consistently rejected the concessions offered by the Yanukovich administration, when it was trying in vain to calm the unrest. And now, they have become arguably one of the most influential groups in Ukraine. British MP George Galloway says the West needs to recognize the dangers it poses

'West created Frankenstein monster in Ukraine'

France to hand back artworks stolen by Nazis

France will on Tuesday return three paintings seized by the Nazis to their rightful owners, just the tip of an iceberg in a country where nearly 2,000 such artworks remain unclaimed.

'Bundestag should be searched for bugs' - cyber security experts

The German parliament should be thoroughly searched for security leaks and bugs, government cyber security experts will recommend on Thursday.

Putin tells Merkel, Cameron that Crimea Referendum is legal

Russian President Vladimir Putin said in phone conversations with the German and British leaders on Sunday that Crimea’s decision to secede from Ukraine and join Russia was within the framework of the international law.

Third of Germans expect Ukraine-Russia war

A third of Germans expect there to be an armed conflict between Ukraine and Russia over Crimea, according to a poll on Thursday. It comes on a day of frenzied diplomacy by Germany to defuse the crisis.

Merkel allies turn anti-EU in boozy rants

Ash Wednesday's traditional beer-drenched, political slagging match descended into an EU-bashing fest for some, with Bavarian state president Horst Seehofer launching a scathing attack on Brussels.

Police to press charges against 'Heil Hitler' MEP

Charges will be pressed against a vice president of the European Parliament who allegedly called two customs officials Nazis and shouted “Heil Hitler” at Frankfurt Airport.

Germany has 'greatest inequality in Eurozone'

The distribution of wealth in Germany is the most unequal in the Eurozone, a report released on Thursday revealed. Large differences remain between men and women and east and west.


Doctors criticized for 'cannabis can kill' study

German researchers who claimed in a study that cannabis can be deadly have faced criticism for exaggerating the dangers of marijuana.


Merkel: Israeli settlement a 'grave concern'

Chancellor Angela Merkel expressed "grave concern" over Israel's continued settlement building on occupied Palestinian territory Tuesday, as she and her cabinet visited Jerusalem to meet their counterparts.

Merkel arrives in Israel for Palestine talks

Chancellor Angela Merkel arrived in Israel on Monday with her cabinet to promote international ties and encourage Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to advance a two-state solution with the Palestinians.

No guarantee NSA will stop spying on Germany or Merkel

Barack Obama's recent ban on monitoring Angela Merkel's communications had forced the NSA to turn to other sources of European data. Reports say the agency has switched to spying on hundreds of German officials - including the interior minister.

'No guarantee NSA will stop spying on Germany or Merkel'

Tymoshenko to head to Germany for treatment

Freed Ukrainian opposition leader Yulia Tymoshenko will go for medical treatment in Germany next month as the ex-Soviet state struggles to resolve its worst crisis since independence.

Schröder to Merkel: know when to leave

Ex-Chancellor Gerhard Schröder had words of advice on Friday for predecessor Angela Merkel on when to step down from power.

Germany to assist Israelis in states where they have no embassy

In other news, Israelis are flocking to Berlin and abandoning life in Israel.

Scientists: Antarctic ice melt 'top threat'

A study by German scientists released Thursday suggests ice melting in the Antarctic is a top threat to global sea level rise and that the trend could continue for decades or even centuries to come.

Ukraine: Paris and Berlin blast 'unacceptable' acts

French President François Hollande has urged the EU to impose sanctions against Ukraine's leaders over the deadly crackdown on protesters in Kiev. Hollande and German Chancellor Angela Merkel both condemned the "unacceptable" acts.

France and Germany to send brigade to Mali

France and Germany will send parts of a joint military brigade to Mali in its first military deployment to Africa, following a meeting between the two countries defence chiefs.


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