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England and Afghanistan could play match at Wembley to mark end of war

A match between the England and Afghanistan football teams to mark the end of the 12-year war could be held at Wembley after a major new programme to boost the game was launched by David Cameron and the former England player Michael Owen.

Terrifying video reveals how London Heathrow can spread a pandemic in days

A global pandemic is one of the most serious threats to the future of the human race and now scientists have made a video showing how a deadly virus could spread from London’s busy Heathrow airport.

French minister calls on Britain to change its immigration policy

An outspoken French Minister has called on Britain to loosen its immigration policy to ease the pressure on guards at Calais, caused by immigrants waiting to enter the UK.

UK patients poisoned and maimed by NHS blunders

Shocking figures have disclosed that terrible blunders committed by the National Health Service (NHS) have left scores of patients maimed, injured or poisoned in Britain this year.

RBS to pay €72.5m in US sanctions probe

Royal Bank of Scotland Group Plc will pay $100m (€72.5m) to resolve U.S. probes into the bank's dealings with Sudan, Iran, and other sanctioned countries, U.S. authorities said on Wednesday.

'I'm experiencing austerity as well', says Princess Michael of Kent

Princess Michael of Kent has explained how she and her husband have been hit by austerity; meaning they can no longer dine out as it's "too extravagant".

Home repossessions 'are set to soar again' - thousands could lose properties when period of rock-bottom interest rates ends

The ‘benign period’ during which the number of families being repossessed or falling behind with their mortgage has remained exceptionally low ‘may be coming to an end’, the Council of Mortgage Lenders said yesterday.

The UK's poorest pay the price for austerity: Workers face biggest fall in living standards since Victorian era

The biggest drop in living standards since the Victorian age is seeing low and middle earners suffering an unprecedented squeeze on their incomes as austerity measures continue to bite, with women and part-time workers disproportionately affected, research reveals today.

UK government gave money to child sex ring in 70s

Government allegedly gave tens of thousands of pounds to Paedophile Information Exchange, which openly campaigned to legalise child sex.

Britain set to aid France in Central African Republic

Britain could join France in sending troops to beleaguered country as UN warns of spiral into genocide

More surge tides forecast after thousands evacuated along UK's east coast

Thousands of people were evacuated from their homes overnight as the highest tidal surge in 60 years moved along the east coast of England.

Across the country more than 100,000 properties were hit by power cuts as winds of up to 140mph battered powerlines.

Elderly Britons take brunt of National Health Service budget cuts

Official data show that senior British citizens are being denied certain much-needed surgeries as the National Health Service (NHS) struggles to meet its £20 billion savings target by 2015.

UK Chancellor says austerity is working - but repair 'far from over'

In a confident performance, the chancellor mounted a robust defence of his record in office, saying "the stability and low mortgage rates, lower deficit and falling borrowing have been hard won by this country, but let us be clear: they cuold easily be lost."

UK Chancellor George Osborne is making people work until they drop

George Osborne was today accused of 'living in a fantasy land' after it was revealed Britons currently in their 20s could be forced to work until their 70s.

Mother reveals horrific moment her baby was snatched from her womb by social workers

She is the Italian mother at the centre of an international row after Britain’s secretive family courts decided without her consent that she should have a caesarean under anaesthetic, and that after her baby was cut from her womb it should be put into care and earmarked for adoption.

RBS IT 'glitch' leaves bank facing £1bn bill

Royal Bank of Scotland is likely to have to spend more than £1bn upgrading its computer systems after the lender was forced to apologise for an IT failure that saw millions of customers unable to access their money on one of the busiest shopping days of the year.

Food poverty in UK has reached level of 'public health emergency', warn experts

Hunger in Britain has reached the level of a “public health emergency” and the Government may be covering up the extent to which austerity and welfare cuts are adding to the problem, leading experts have said.

Company boss turned up to work in £178,000 Ferrari a day after 45 staff were made redundant

A company chief has been criticised after he turned up to work in a new £178,000 Ferrari the day after the firm had announced 45 redundancies.

Chaos as millions of furious NatWest and RBS customers find their bank accounts frozen by 'Cyber Monday' computer meltdown

Frustrated customers of one of Britain’s biggest banks were left unable to make payments after a computer glitch affected accounts ‘en masse’ last night.

Woman has unborn baby girl forcibly removed by caesarean after social workers obtain court order

Social services forcibly removed a pregnant woman's unborn baby by caesarean section and put it up for adoption after obtaining a high court order on the grounds the mother had suffered a mental breakdown.

Republicans in Northern Ireland look to Taliban for weapons

Taliban-inspired technology is boosting the capacity of dissident republicans to wage war against the security services, with the discovery of advanced weaponry never seen before in Northern Ireland.

Israel Denounces Iran Nuclear Deal, Others Praise Pact

Israel has denounced the world powers' nuclear agreement with Iran, calling it a "bad deal."

P5+1 and Iran agree landmark nuclear deal at Geneva talks

The P5+1 world powers and Iran have struck a historic deal on Tehran’s nuclear program at talks in Geneva on Sunday. Ministers overcame the last remaining hurdles to reach agreement, despite strong pressure from Israel and lobby groups.

Ben Griffin - We Will NOT Fight For Queen and Country

As part of the Oxford Union debate, Benjamin Griffin, a former British SAS soldier, argues that the notion of "fighting for Queen and Country" is just a piece of propaganda dreamt up by the false religion of Patriotism.

He says those who will never actually fight hold this notion dearly. Having been in the SAS he tells of his experiences of what pain and suffering war inflicts on the innocent and how any military group will not fight for Queen and Country but will fight when they are told because they are trained for warfare.

Ben Griffin | We Will NOT Fight For Queen and Country

£24m G4S fraud claims won’t stop government from outsourcing lucrative new public sector work to company

Allegations of fraud against G4S and Serco will not stop the Government from outsourcing lucrative new public sector work to the companies, the minister in charge of contracts says today.

How easy is it to launch a biological attack? Really easy, says Ministry of Defence expert

It remains "really easy" for terrorists to launch a biological attack by spreading disease among the population, according to the Ministry of Defence's Director of Infection Prevention and Control.

UK's personal debt level hits £1.4tn

Personal debt in Britain has reached £1.4tn – almost the same amount as Britain's national economic output – according to a report that warns debt is wreaking havoc on people's mental health and wellbeing.

Supermarket Spies: Tesco to scan customers' faces for better marketing

One of the world's largest retailers, British supermarket chain Tesco, is planning to install facial recognition technology to improve its advertising strategy. Privacy campaigners are concerned about the program which identifies customers to target them with customized ads based on their age and gender.

Supermarket Spies: Tesco to scan customers' faces for better marketing

UK school makes 'changing her accent' an official target for teacher after schools inspector comments

A teacher has been instructed by her school to lose her northern accent and sound ‘more southern’.

The woman, who works at a secondary school in West Berkshire, was told to focus on ‘sounding less Cumbrian’ as one of her official performance targets by her bosses.

Calls to quit EU are unpatriotic according to UK deputy PM

Eurosceptics who want Britain to leave the EU have been branded ‘unpatriotic’ by Nick Clegg.

The Deputy Prime Minister tore into the Conservatives and the UK Independence Party who want to sever ties with the European Union, claiming it would leave many people ‘poorer’ and the country as a whole ‘weaker’.


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