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Low-paid workers and their families savaged most by Government cuts says report

Working families and the low paid are being savaged by £15.9billion Government cuts, a new report claims.

UK to cut £180m-a-year hardship fund for low-income families

As part of the UK’s latest Welfare Reform Act, low-income families hit with unexpected financial difficulties will lose the government’s £180m-a-year hardship fund.

Putin Wraps Up 2013 With a British Award

British newspaper The Times has named President Vladimir Putin its "International Person of the Year" for 2013, topping off a year that saw the Russian president's every move inspire intense scrutiny and divided opinions at home and abroad.

Drug companies accused of holding back complete information on clinical trials

MPs voice concern after report into decision to stockpile Tamiflu finds discussions about effectiveness hampered by practice.

French Planted London Explosives in 1984 to Test Security

A French security agent planted explosives in his country’s London embassy in an effort to embarrass his British counterparts, according to U.K. government files from 1984 released today.

UK household finances at breaking point

Rising bills and high housing costs are pushing many household budgets "to breaking point", with one in 11 people worried they will not be able to afford their rent or mortgage this month, according to research from Shelter.

UK flood protection jobs to be axed as part of government austerity

The Environment Agency has confirmed that jobs in flood protection in England will be cut as part of a major restructuring of the organisation.

British taxpayers fork out millions each year on diplomats' lavish perks

British taxpayers are forking out millions of pounds each year so that diplomats can continue to live the high life, despite the squeeze on public spending.

British workers left unprotected says Labour as immigration row deepens

The government has failed to introduce measures to protect the rights of low-skilled British workers whose jobs may be threatened by new migrants from eastern Europe, a Labour shadow minister has claimed.

Former UK Member of Parliament Clare Short at risk of arrest in Israel

Former International Development Secretary Clare Short could be arrested the next time she lands in Tel Aviv after the Palestinian organisation she is a director of was declared an "illicit organisation" by Israel's Defence Minister on Tuesday.

1000s of UK families with carers hit by bedroom tax

Tens of thousands of British families with carers have been hit by the government’s controversial "bedroom tax," an official admits.

UKIP to win European Parliament elections

A Tory MP in the Britain says the UK Independence Party (UKIP) will win the European Parliament elections, pushing the Conservatives to an “embarrassing” third place.

UK's Atos Healthcare dragoons disabled back to work

An interview with veteran Labour MP, Dennis Skinner examining how private contractor Atos treats the disabled. It seems the company is trying to fill a quota, as it pushes the most vulnerable in society back into work.

Going Underground: "Atos not fit for purpose" - Dennis Skinner on benefits testing (Exclusive) (E26)

US, UK media are slaves of security apparatus' - Greenwald

Journalist Glenn Greenwald condemned the mainstream media during an address at a German computer conference on Friday and accused his colleagues of failing to challenge erroneous remarks routinely made by government officials around the globe.

'US, UK media are slaves of security apparatus' - Greenwald

Penny for Rich: New tax rate saves UK millionaires £100m

The British government is bending over backwards to slash taxes and raise living standards for its people. The result - rich individuals and big businesses are stuffing their pockets with more cash, while the public pays the price. But despite criticism from MPs, the tax authorities aren't willing to change the status quo. 

Penny for Rich: New tax rate saves UK millionaires 100mn pounds

UK's second major storm in days leaves thousands of homes without power

Thousands of homes are without power and many more threatened by flooding after the second major storm to hit the country in days, which saw wind gusts of more than 100mph and heavy rain falling on to already saturated ground.

McAfee sponsored cyber security exhibit in UK museum sidelines Snowden leaks

A new UK museum on surveillance and cyber security has refused to include Snowden’s revelations in its installation, sponsored by famous anti-virus magnate, McAfee. The decision was blasted by MPs who said Snowden should be considered part of history.

Barclays fined $3.75 million for failing to retain records

The Financial Industry Regulatory Authority on Thursday said it fined Barclays Capital Inc. almost $4 million for what it called "systemic failures" in records retention.

UN Human Rights Chief: Surveillance Backlash Akin to Anti-Aparthied Movement

The international outcry in response to leaks provided by NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden is similar to the backlash against the apartheid regime in South Africa, UN human rights chief Navanethem "Navi" Pillay said during a radio interview Thursday.

‘Climate of ethnic profiling’: UN criticizes UK immigration bill

Planned immigration laws could lead to a climate of “ethnic profiling” in the UK, warns the UN. The new legislation could fine landlords for renting properties to illegal immigrants in a move that could result in their “marginalization from society”.

'No room at the inn': Britain condemned for turning its back on Syria's refugees

The Government has been accused of adopting a “no room at the inn” policy after rejecting a United Nations appeal to allow refugees fleeing the crisis in Syria to live in Britain.

Iron Maiden uses piracy numbers to plan 'massive sellout' concert tours

A famous heavy metal band from the United Kingdom is using online metrics to identify fans that download its music. But the group isn’t taking the data to file a lawsuit against those fans. Instead, it’s using the information to perform concerts for them.

UK may legalize fracking under homes without prior warning

Hydraulic fracturing may soon take place under thousands of homes across the United Kingdom without their owners’ knowledge. Based on a proposed law change the burden of notifying homeowners will be lifted from energy companies.

West negotiates with terrorists as Syria atrocities reach new level

Horrifying reports from a Syrian town suggest that entire families have been massacred by rebel fighters and also that civilians have been kidnapped and used as human shields.

Al-Qaeda linked jihadists forced their way to Adra, which is just outside Damascus, launching a massive assault on residents which reportedly killed more than eighty people - including children.

Michel Chossudovsky, director of the Center for Research on Globalization gives his thoughts on the ongoing crisis in Syria.

'West negotiates with terrorists as Syria atrocities reach new level'

Member of the House of Lords defends 'clocking in' to claim expenses

A peer previously jailed for expenses fraud has defended regularly "clocking in" to claim a £300 daily attendance allowance despite spending less than 40 minutes inside the House of Lords.

London Bankers Expect 44% Bonus Increase, Survey Finds

Managing directors at banks in London are expecting a 44 percent rise in bonuses for 2013 even as European authorities seek to scale back compensation, according to a recruiter’s survey.

England and Afghanistan could play match at Wembley to mark end of war

A match between the England and Afghanistan football teams to mark the end of the 12-year war could be held at Wembley after a major new programme to boost the game was launched by David Cameron and the former England player Michael Owen.

Terrifying video reveals how London Heathrow can spread a pandemic in days

A global pandemic is one of the most serious threats to the future of the human race and now scientists have made a video showing how a deadly virus could spread from London’s busy Heathrow airport.

French minister calls on Britain to change its immigration policy

An outspoken French Minister has called on Britain to loosen its immigration policy to ease the pressure on guards at Calais, caused by immigrants waiting to enter the UK.


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