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Revisionist Jailed in France

"The truth holds certain rights over us....I carry it on precisely for my children, as well as for other peoples' children, for the Palestinians, for Europe, and, more generally, for a world rid of this New World Order.  Whatever the hardships, I will never give in. The cops, judges and prisons will make no difference. The seed has been sown; it will germinate and, some day, it will grow."

Israeli settlers expand campaign to manipulate entries on Wikipedia

Wikipedia has been targeted by Israeli governmental and non-governmental partisans since its inception, who have attempted to manipulate its contents to promote a Zionist agenda. This week, Israeli settlers launched a course for right-wing Israelis interested in helping to manipulate the contents of entries on the online encyclopedia.

Jailed Lawyer Sylvia Stoltz Details the Death of Judicial System

Excellent short presentation by Sylvia Stoltz before she was imprisioned.  How our "Western" judicial systems now mirror the rank fraud of the Soviet system.   Powerful and great item for liberal sheep.

Sylvia Stolz Speaks Shortly Before her Trial

Woodrow Wilson - Pawn Of The Jews

On June 23, 1913, Wilson initiated a special session of the 63rd Congress to vote on the “Federal Reserve Act,” a piece of legislation bought and paid for by Zionist intrigues. It was on December 19, 1913 that Wilson pushed the bill through the Senate while most members were home for Christmas.

Operating as agents for “Lord” Nathaniel Rothschild, the monetary resources of America were now in the hands of three Jews: Jacob Schiff of Kuhn, Loeb Bank; Paul Warburg, appointed by Wilson as the Fed’s first chairman; and George Blumenthal, a high official of JP Morgan. Henceforth, the “Treasury” of the United States would forever be in the hands of the Jews.

Public Enemy Number One: the "American" Press

It’s 2010 and a few members of congress have noted that over a period of 9 years. $2.4 trillion dollars has been stolen with a dozen enquiries, dozens of reports, audits, all saying the same thing. The “war on terror” was more “pickpocketing” and not so much “Osama bin Waldo.” It’s 2010 and reports are trickling in that, just maybe, terrorist mastermind Osama has been dead for years and years. More reports tell us, finally, that he never ran a terror organization at all. For years, all those threats from a dead man.

Is an International Financial Conspiracy Driving World Events?

"We are grateful to the Washington Post, the New York Times, Time magazine, and other great publications whose directors have attended respected their promises of discretion for almost forty years. It would have been impossible for us to develop our plan for the world if we had been subject to the bright lights of publicity during these years. The supranational sovereignty of an intellectual elite and world bankers is surely preferable to the national auto-determination practiced in the past centuries." - David Rockefeller

Holocaust Frauds Literary & Documentary

"Many horrific books have been written in the past sixty years by people who claim to be eyewitnesses. Most of these claims have been proven to be from absurd to ridiculous.  Most of these horrific books have been proven to be frauds, even by Jewish academics who have published their reports in the London Jewish Chronicle and the Australian Jewish News. In some cases the reports have been really scathing, but they came too late to undo the damage done to the German people by the initial burst of publicity through which the frauds are launched in the mass media."

Anti-Incumbency Fever and Alex Jones Math

Basically what Alex said today and has been saying is that a great wave of anti-incumbent sentiment has been sweeping the nation as this primary election season has progressed, and that -- with only a handful of exceptions -- the incumbent bums have been being tossed out.

Unfortunately, neither the conventional wisdom or the pronouncement of Alex Jones is true.

The actual facts are essentially the opposite of "every incumbent except for ... a few ... losing in the Republican and Democratic primaries."  Come on, Alex.  You represent yourself as the weilder of The Sword of Truthiness™ but what you are telling us on this often-mentioned issue is some distance from the truth.

Drug-crazed Rand Paul kidnapped woman in reefer frenzy

Back when Rand Paul called himself "Randy," while he was attending Baylor, he apparently joined a "secret society" called the NoZe Brotherhood, according to Jason Zengerle, reporting for GQ. This group was made up of Baylor's more liberal students, and they committed pranks and published a satirical newspaper, as college students will do.

They also, according to a fellow NoZe Brother, "aspired to blasphemy," which sounds pretty good to me but may not go over all that well in Kentucky, the state Paul would like to represent in the U.S. Senate.

Talmud Burning Time: Remember the Victims of 9/11

Christian Zio-Puppet Dr. Terry Jones has agreed to torch the Talmud as a side order to his main dish, the Q'ran.  Sounded less than enthusiastic and undoubtedly he'll be given revised instructions and a good caning.  The Devil's playbook will not be desecrated in any fashion although it's clearly an idea whose time is at hand.

Christopher Story is dead, no more disinfo! :)

Christopher Edward Harle Story FRSA (1938 – 14 July 2010[1]) was a British writer, publisher and government adviser specialising in intelligence and economic affairs, who is best known for his collaboration with KGB defector Anatoliy Golitsyn on the 1995 book The Perestroika Deception.

Story was most recently writing a book on the Wanta crisis. (See Leo Wanta).

Is Alex Jones An Escaped Lab Experiment Gone Horribly Wrong?

From a comment left on Les Visible's Smoking Mirrors blog about the man with the bullhorn being a LYING, SACK OF SHIT.


AJ:"Hello & good evening you're on the Alex Jones show!!"

Dog Poet:"hi Alex, this is dog poet calling and I'd..."

Goldwin Smith's "The Vexing Jewish Question"

Oxford Professor Goldwin Smith's classic investigation of "impertinent" Jewish fables from the 19th century.  Very useful. 

A very bogus quote attributed to Smith continues to appear which I continue to assume means that der goyim and their teachers are not supposed to know about him.  The dickypedia says, he is the author of the quote "Above all nations is humanity" and that "he viewed Jews as "parasites" and "enemies of civilization," and spread his hatred of Jews in dozens of books, articles, and letters".

Ernst Zundel Interview with Israeli Journalist

Outstanding interview and performance by Mr. Zundel. It seems the links don't work and one must go to youtube.  Find the rest of the sections there.It appears that some parts are not posted.  If anyone knows where to buy/get a complete copy, please post.  Also, I had trouble with the book titles mentioned.  Here's the ones I caught:

The Founding Myths of Israel

Israelis and the Holocaust

An Eye for an Eye

An Israeli Journalist interviews ERNST ZUNDEL-TEASER part1

The Zionist Gang that Bankrupted General Motors

General Motors did not fall due to natural forces.  Like the twin towers on 9-11, GM was taken down.  Like 9-11, GM was sabotaged from the inside.  The corporate raiders who took down GM are part of the same network of Jewish Zionists who brought down the World Trade Center.

How much is the truth about the huge financial and terror crimes changing our world worth to you?  Interesting comments from readers follow the article.

Ain’t No Money in Being Productive

There ain’t no money in being productive.  The only money to be made is in feasting upon the carcass of this once great nation.

JP Morgan & Co purchased all major media for propaganda in 1917

Congressman Oscar Callaway lost his Congressional election for opposing US entry into WW 1. Before he left office, he demanded investigation into JP Morgan & Co for purchasing control over America’s leading 25 newspapers in order to propagandize US public opinion in favor of his corporate and banking interests, including profits from US participation in the war. Mr. Callaway alleged he had the evidence to prove Morgan associates were working as editors to select and edit articles, with the press receiving monthly payments for their allegiance to Morgan.

Ezra Pound & The Natural Economic Order

The French Connection had this fine piece. Lots to learn from Ezra, so they put him in a mental hospital.  I'll add links to some of the texts mentioned as I locate them.  TFC has also posted Sivio Gesell's work The Natural Economic Order which Pound apparently considered important.

Free State or Slavery?: Hitler's 1922 Speech

Brother Nathaniel Kapner provides this fine investigation of the historical record in his Hitler's Most Trenchant Speech.  Just a few excerpts as the formatting is tricky.  Do look up the original for Brother N.'s full links and fine graphics.  Again, the Hitler Boogeyman and Holocaust are linchpins in the brainwashing that has led us to the preicipice of disaster:

The art of looking Prime Ministerial - The 2010 UK General Election

Media Lens, April 28th 2010

On April 15, news media broadcast the first of three live, 90-minute “prime ministerial debates” between Gordon Brown, David Cameron and Nick Clegg, the leaders, respectively, of the Labour, Conservative and Liberal Democrat parties. By the end of the second debate on April 22, the word ‘Iraq’ had been mentioned a total of five times over the course of the three hours of discussion.

'I was never fully American. I was Jewish.'

A Jewish American expat living in Israel is on a mission in the U.S. to garner support for illegal settlement construction in Occupied Palestine from the dangerously deluded Judeo-Christian Right.


Fox News Deliberately Lies About Iranian Nuclear Program

"Reporting" on Iran should seem familiar

Fox screen shot

(updated below - Update II)

Jewish-run Ponzi scheme claims daily gains of up to 3%

The website promises guaranteed daily gains for investors ranging from 0.5% up to 3%. Those who invest $20+ are promised 0.5% per day, and those who invest $100,000+ are promised 2.1% per day.





Alex Jones–The Stalin of the “Truth Movement”

Joseph Stalin was one of the most patient, dangerous, ruthless and unscrupulous politicians in all of human history.  He can be said to be personally responsible for tens of millions of deaths of both native Russians and the natives of the Soviet satellite nations.  His policies were very simple to understand.  He did not discriminate between young and old, loyal friend or enemy, stranger or friend, male or female.  Every one of Stalin’s political maneuvers came down to one thing: annihilate his real, imagined, or potential enemies.   From the moment Stalin took power un


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