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Gaddafi dead story stinks? Skepticism over NATO & NTC reports

Libya government officials say Colonel Gaddafi has been killed. The news comes from the city of Sirte, which has reportedly been overrun by government forces. Officials first said Gaddafi had been taken alive, with serious injuries to both his legs. The latest we're hearing from the National Transitional Council is that the Colonel has died from his wounds. One of Gaddafi's sons has also reportedly just been killed in Sirte. The NTC had said the fall of Sirte would spell the liberation of Libya, after nine months of civil war.

'Gaddafi dead' story stinks? 'Skepticism over NATO & NTC reports'

Quaddafi alive when captured

...if you believe the person in this video is Moammar al-Quaddafi, that is.


Lies, Damn Lies, and NATO Claiming Control Across Libya

Loyalists, in fact, are Libya's only authority, not NATO or TNC puppet officials.

Jews say, "We too are in the 99 percent!"

As the protests against Wall Street continue, Jews are now claiming that they too are among the “99 percent.”

NYPD Cop: We Routinely Plant Drugs on Innocents

The following article proves that most police officers belong in prison on life sentences without parole. So do most agents from the FBI, ATF, DHS, and DEA. They are notorious for fabricating false “terrorist” charges, and filling prisons with innocent victims. Why not? Police and prosecutors own stock in private prisons, and must justify their six-figure salaries.

These are the pigs that protect the plutocracy…

AJP Taylor on Nuremberg Fraud

"The verdict preceded the tribunal; and the documents were brought in to sustain a conclusion which had already been settled. Of course the documents are genuine. But they are "loaded"; and anyone who relies on them finds it almost impossible to escape from the load with which they are charged."

How and why Al-Jazeera became garbage

Thierry Meyssan of VoltaireNet chronicles Al-Jazeera’s slide from an alternative news network to lie factory, and shows that Mahmoud Jibril (the CIA asset and NATO-installed boss of Libya) was personally instrumental in Al-Jazeera’s plunge. 

Mr. Meyssan also notes that today’s Western-sponsored “Arab Spring” is a replay of the 1920s  “Arab Spring,” when England and France moved to seize the former Ottoman provinces and install puppet “parliamentary democracies” under Western control. 

Papal-Rabbinic Fraud at the Rome Synagogue

On January 17, 2009 Benedict XVI took center stage in a spectacular media fraud in the synagogue of Rome calculated to make Christians believe that the Pharisaic/Talmudic/Kabbalistic tradition is of God, yoke Catholics to that anti-God tradition, & exalt the idol of "The Holocaust."

CONTELPRO is alive and well

How FBI parasites justify their cushy, high-paying jobs.

The "Arab League" Does It Again

The Arab League has 22 members and four observers, but is controlled by the six Gulf States. 

Libya: Prostitution of Western journalism

For example, the image of the "corpse" of Gaddafi was based on a snapshot of the murdered Secretary of bin Laden, and the "remains" of Aisha materialized on the basis of the photographs of Benazir Bhutto deceased in the terrorist attack.

The BBC are caught out in yet another blatant and pathetic lie

The BBC, having magically predicted the collapse of World Trade Center 7 back in 2001, has now shown that its magic knows no bounds.  It has achieved the impossible and moved Tripoli from Libya to India. 

They haven't secured anything they're just shooting - Mahdi Nazemroaya

Holed up in a Mosque - after days of Bombing - with other foreigners - for their safety - his life is in danger

They haven't secured anything they're just shooting - Mahdi Nazemroaya

No celebrations in the future for NATO

They claim the capital is surrounded, cut off. The claims are total fabrication. They claim the government is about to collapse, again, total fabrication.

Syria Update 9 Aug 2011

People who question government and corporate lies are branded nutcases, conspiracy theorists, or terrorists. Whether it’s about 9/11, Bin Laden, Iraq, Afghanistan, War on Terror, Iran, Libya, BP oil spill, the “holocaust” – whatever -- the official narrative is always a lie. Repeated often enough, from all angles, left, right and center, the lies gel in the mass mind, becoming absolute “facts” that are printed as incontrovertible “history.” Syria is a case in point.  

Libya Update

29 July 2011-- Here at WUFYS I have characterized the Libya “rebels” as split into two groups. One group, the “Transitional National Council,” is composed of corrupt pro-banker ex-bureaucrats from Tripoli who see themselves as Europeans, and defected to NATO when the bombing began. They now sit in Benghazi, waiting for NATO to install them as the new puppet government when Tripoli falls and Qaddafi is dead..

Murdoch Exposed & Flogged

Gordon Duff lays out who Murdoch really is, the agenda, and methods.  Short and thorough.  Highly recommended.

PressTV - 'Murdoch behind 9 11, Iraq, Afghan wars and financial meltdown'.flv

Norway massacre - Murdoch's morons strike again

Never ones to be bothered with inconveniences such as the truth, Zionist media magnate Rupert Murdoch's The Sun, part of News Corp(se), decides that Al Qaeda is to blame for the massacre in Norway.

Alex Jones is a turd in the "truth" punch bowl

If you study cult leaders, AJ has everything down pat. He's a genius. The fake sobbing. Emotional pleas. Expressing anger. Spouting on about having the answer. Claiming that there's a force coming after you. Alex Jones is Jim Jones with tits. He doesn't have a monopoly on the truth and anything he says is already out there or embellished.


“After you Brother!” Qadaffi Stays and Obama Leaves?

Gaddafi has survived assaults of various types from US Presidents' Ford, Carter, Reagan, George Bush 1, Clinton, George Bush 2, and Obama. Vegas book makers are giving odds he’ll be the leader of Libya’s Fatah Revolution after the voters retire Obama, whose broken promises included telling them that the US would be involved in Libya for days, not months.

Israel claims Flotilla carries chemical weapons

Israel says an international aid flotilla is carrying chemical weapons which could be used on soldiers attempting to stop it reaching Gaza. The Israeli Defence Force has been ordered to prevent the 10 ships from making it to the Palestinian territories. 

Israel claims Flotilla carries chemical weapons

Did Netanyahu's office distribute a fake video against Gaza flotilla?

Following the YouTube video’s release, U.S. blogger Max Blumenthal found that the recording, which was distributed by Israeli government employee Neil Lazarus on his Facebook page, was a hoax, and that the man who appears in it was actually an Israeli entrepreneur and public relations expert named Omer Gershon.

Amnesty questions claim that Gaddafi ordered rape as weapon of war

Human rights organisations have cast doubt on claims of mass rape and other abuses perpetrated by forces loyal to Colonel Muammar Gaddafi, which have been widely used to justify Nato's war in Libya.

Nato leaders, opposition groups and the media have produced a stream of stories since the start of the insurrection on 15 February, claiming the Gaddafi regime has ordered mass rapes, used foreign mercenaries and employed helicopters against civilian protesters.

Cynthia McKinney: 'Libya war driven by O.I.L.: Oil, Israel & Logistics'

As NATO attacks continue in Libya, ex US Congresswoman and former presidential candidate Cynthia McKinney went to the country on a non-governmental fact-finding mission to see what exactly is going on in the war-torn country. ­Cynthia McKinney believes the bombardments of Libyan cities and other measures taken by NATO, causing civilian casualties, represent the idea of "collective punishment".

'Libya war driven by O.I.L.: Oil, Israel & Logistics' - McKinney to RT

Michael Hoffman: Judaism is a secret Satanic cult

“Judaism Discovered,” Michael Hoffman’s monumental new work on Judaism is subtitled, “A Study of the Anti-Biblical Religion of Racism, Self-Worship, Superstition and Deceit.” But, what does Hoffman really think of Judaism?

In Judaism is Hinduism Avodah Zarah (idolatry or polytheism in Hebrew)?

The question of one God versus many gods confounds every westerner who approaches Hinduism. On the apparent level, Hinduism has many gods who are depicted by murtis, statues or idols. Idolatry, of course, is not only condemned in the Biblical second commandment, it even contradicts the much less doctrinaire seven Noahide commandments that are said to be obligatory for all descendants of Noah, which is to say everyone.

US MILITARY KIDNAP VICTIM: Who's Afraid of Aafia Siddiqui?

In March 2003, Dr. Aafia and her three children, Ahmad (boy), six years old and an American citizen, Maryum (girl), four years old and also an American citizen, and Suleman (boy), six months old, kidnapped by unknown authorities in Karachi, Pakistan. On March 31, 2003 it was reported by the Pakistani media that Dr. Aafia had been arrested and turned over to representatives of the United States. In early April, this was confirmed on NBC Nightly News, among other media outlets. There was communication to the mother of Dr. Aafia from purported “agencies” that the family members should be quiet if they want to see Aafia returned alive. By the year 2008, many believed that after five years of being disappeared Dr. Aafia and her three children were most likely dead.


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