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Holocaustian Symphony of Homage to Talmudic "Fathers in the Faith"

Literally every religious claim below is rubbish intended to create false commonality between Jesus, the Bible, the Israelites and today's talmudic 'Jews' where there is in fact complete opposition. But this is the kind of madness that one would expect from 'Catholics' who call the rabbis of Talmud and Kabbalah "fathers in the faith."

David Cole & Mark Weber on Montel Williams Show Debating Holocaust

An outstanding show with Cole and Weber shortly after Cole was attacked.  Great gallery of rogues, buckets of crocodile tears, and stellar attempts at wider truth from African-American and Ukranian-American.


Sorosistan: Junk Bonds & “Teflon Guy” Behind the Revolutions

CANVAS works closely with the International Center for Nonviolent Conflict (ICNC). Founded in 2002, the ICNC is funded entirely by Peter Ackerman who also chaired the board of Freedom House from 2005 until 2009.

Ackerman’s wealth derives from his time as special projects aide to junk bond king Michael Milken.   Having successfully escaped “the stench of Drexel,” Ackerman completed what BusinessWeek called “an improbable transformation from junk-bond promoter back to scholar.”

"Learning" About the Holocaust in 1:57 Time

A choice cut from JewishCrimeNetwork01's channel.  Great format which the teenage crowd has already been programmed to accept. 

Also included The Ultimate Kabbalah Fetish: 147 Claims of "Six Million" in the decades prior to WWII.

Learning About the Holocaust

Judge Napolitano Channels Father Coughlin and Gets Canned

Napolitano goes bull in china shop.  Great rant.  He and his outraged viewers should be ready for the final step into the light of truth.


ZionCrimeFactory on Spingola Speaks (Feb. 8, 2012)

Another outstanding presentation of facts regarding Jewish Control of our present, and therefore our past and future. 

"The memory of the Holocaust is central to the New World Order." ---Ian J. Kagedan (B'nai B'rith Canada), Toronto Star, Nov. 26, 1991, p. A17.


California Jews Shake Down Mel Gibson For Reparations

Congregation Beth Shalom in Corona, California has sent Mel Gibson a letter in hopes of guilting him into forking over some cash to bail them out of a bad investment they made on their local synagogue. Apparently, the group took out a giant loan that they can’t afford to pay back and are now facing foreclosure.

I saw Jesus today

His heart was Palestinian
Carved with sorrow
Filled with love
Flames of rage and roars of thunder
Hound his torturer to his grave

The Jew World Order Is Upon Us, Beware!

An outstanding summation of work of the Jews to achieve world domination.  Not to be missed.

White phosphorus found in mortar shells fired from Gaza

Two mortar shells fired at Eshkol Regional Council Sunday morning contained internationally prohibited substance that can cause severe burns, a police examination reveals

I am black and harder than ever! (explanation of my absence): Mafia, Zionazis (Sverigedemokraterna), Freemasons, SÄPO

Good day, as many of you know, I have been harassed for quite a while and was busy defending myself. It is a long story involving the Mafia, Zionazis (Sverigedemokraterna), Freemasons, Swedish secret police (SÄPO) etc.

UK charity with Mossad links secretly denounced anti-Zionist Jews to government

An influential UK charity denounced Jewish critics of Israel in secret reports to the government earlier this year, The Electronic Intifada has learned.

Schopenhauer Quote about Jewish Mastery of the Big Lie Located

I have always wondered why this quote never attracted more attention. The Jews almost never mention Schopenhauer, but if Hitler had been wrong, they would be the first to claim it.  The original appears on p. 394 of Parerga und Paralipomena II, volume 2, of the Diogenes edition of Schopenhauer’s original complete works in German. Internet PDF files delete all the footnotes as far as I can tell. So do all the printed books containing the same text or excerpts from it.

Riot Wrong: FOX fakes Moscow protest with Athens clashes

News bulletins around the world have been following Russia's election rallies. But one channel stands out - America's Fox News has been showing streets ablaze, violent clashes and firebombs thrown at security officers, but with one major problem - the images are not from Russia, they're from Greece!

Riot Wrong: FOX fakes Moscow protest with Athens clashes

CIA Agent Exposes How Al-Qaeda Dosen't Exist

Americans are in the crosshairs of terrorists worldwide purely due to Washington's policy in the Muslim world, not because there is an Islamic enemy whose only aim is to kill Americans for their freedoms and lifestyle, insists a former CIA officer. Historian Michael Scheuer, an author of "Through our enemies' eyes", who worked for the agency for over 20 years till 2004 and at one time was the chief of the CIA's 'Bin Laden unit', says America's greatest enemy -- radical Islam -- never existed

CIA Agent Exposes How Al-Qaeda Dosen't Exist

Climategate scientists DID collude with government officials to hide research that didn't fit their apocalyptic global warming

More than 5,000 documents have been leaked online purporting to be the correspondence of climate scientists at the University of East Anglia who were previously accused of ‘massaging’ evidence of man-made climate change.

Following on from the original 'climategate' emails of 2009, the new package appears to show systematic suppression of evidence, and even publication of reports that scientists knew to to be based on flawed approaches.

God is a Goy? Oy!

The Wise Old Man Does a Table Reading of his "God is Goy? OY"

"God is a Goy? OY"

Mike Gravel: "Netanyahu is a liar"

Lately Iran has been a key topic and Mike Gravel, a former US Senator, has been outspoken about what could happen if the US goes to war with Iran. Gravel accuses Benjamin Netanyahu, the Israeli Prime minister, of being a liar for his allegations against Iran. He sits down with RT.

Mike Gravel: "Netanyahu is a liar"

Climategate 2.0: “Scientists” at the heart of the global warming movement exposed as doubting their claims

Early today released a zip file of 5,000 additional emails similar to those released two years ago in November 2009 and coined Climategate...

Photos, videos of Al-Qaeda flags all over Libya

The latest embarassment for Obama and NATO

Gaddafi dead story stinks? Skepticism over NATO & NTC reports

Libya government officials say Colonel Gaddafi has been killed. The news comes from the city of Sirte, which has reportedly been overrun by government forces. Officials first said Gaddafi had been taken alive, with serious injuries to both his legs. The latest we're hearing from the National Transitional Council is that the Colonel has died from his wounds. One of Gaddafi's sons has also reportedly just been killed in Sirte. The NTC had said the fall of Sirte would spell the liberation of Libya, after nine months of civil war.

'Gaddafi dead' story stinks? 'Skepticism over NATO & NTC reports'

Quaddafi alive when captured

...if you believe the person in this video is Moammar al-Quaddafi, that is.


Lies, Damn Lies, and NATO Claiming Control Across Libya

Loyalists, in fact, are Libya's only authority, not NATO or TNC puppet officials.

Jews say, "We too are in the 99 percent!"

As the protests against Wall Street continue, Jews are now claiming that they too are among the “99 percent.”

NYPD Cop: We Routinely Plant Drugs on Innocents

The following article proves that most police officers belong in prison on life sentences without parole. So do most agents from the FBI, ATF, DHS, and DEA. They are notorious for fabricating false “terrorist” charges, and filling prisons with innocent victims. Why not? Police and prosecutors own stock in private prisons, and must justify their six-figure salaries.

These are the pigs that protect the plutocracy…

AJP Taylor on Nuremberg Fraud

"The verdict preceded the tribunal; and the documents were brought in to sustain a conclusion which had already been settled. Of course the documents are genuine. But they are "loaded"; and anyone who relies on them finds it almost impossible to escape from the load with which they are charged."

How and why Al-Jazeera became garbage

Thierry Meyssan of VoltaireNet chronicles Al-Jazeera’s slide from an alternative news network to lie factory, and shows that Mahmoud Jibril (the CIA asset and NATO-installed boss of Libya) was personally instrumental in Al-Jazeera’s plunge. 

Mr. Meyssan also notes that today’s Western-sponsored “Arab Spring” is a replay of the 1920s  “Arab Spring,” when England and France moved to seize the former Ottoman provinces and install puppet “parliamentary democracies” under Western control. 

Papal-Rabbinic Fraud at the Rome Synagogue

On January 17, 2009 Benedict XVI took center stage in a spectacular media fraud in the synagogue of Rome calculated to make Christians believe that the Pharisaic/Talmudic/Kabbalistic tradition is of God, yoke Catholics to that anti-God tradition, & exalt the idol of "The Holocaust."

CONTELPRO is alive and well

How FBI parasites justify their cushy, high-paying jobs.


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