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North America faces years of toxic oil rain from BP oil spill chemical dispersants

When you pour more than a million gallons of toxic chemical dispersants on top of an oil spill, it doesn’t just disappear. In this case, it moves to the atmosphere, where it will travel hundreds, if not thousands of miles from the site of the BP oil spill, in the form of toxic rain.

Gulf cleanup could continue beyond 2011

WASHINGTON, June 18 (Xinhua) -- Although it remains unknown when the oil leak in the Gulf of Mexico can be plugged, efforts to clean up the massive BP oil spilled so far could continue until 2011 and well beyond, some experts said.

Rick Steiner, a conservation consultant and former professor at the University of Alaska, said efforts to clear the waters, marshes and beaches of oil could take until next year.

Disaster capitalists: Halliburton to make money off oil spill

Does a company that both builds oil rigs and cleans up oil spills have any motivation to prevent oil rig disasters?

Raw Story, June 18th 2010

That's the question some people in business and politics are asking themselves after Halliburton's purchase of an oil clean-up company 10 days before the Deepwater Horizon explosion that killed 11 workers and launched the worst oil spill in US history.

Gulf oil full of methane, adding new concerns

NEW ORLEANS — It is an overlooked danger in the oil spill crisis: The crude gushing from the well contains vast amounts of natural gas that could pose a serious threat to the Gulf of Mexico's fragile ecosystem.

Matthew Brown and Ramit Plushnick-Masti, Associated Press, 18 June 2010

Sea creatures flee oil spill, gather near shore

Dolphins and sharks are showing up in surprisingly shallow water just off the Florida coast. Mullets, crabs, rays and small fish congregate by the thousands off an Alabama pier. Birds covered in oil are crawling deep into marshes, never to be seen again.

Jay Reeves, John Flesher and Tamara Lush, Associated Press, 18 June 2010

Marine scientists studying the effects of the BP disaster are seeing some strange — and troubling — phenomena.

BP Oil Spill - One step ahead of the end game - Thinking outside the box

YouTube kept taking down the the following video. It compares the Gulf incident with other historic oil disasters as well as their long term result on the environment.

An article below the video shows the safe areas in the US and Canada which will be least affected by poor air quality via disperants. 


Oil Spill- Where Are the Safe Areas?

June 13, 2010

Kenneth Feinberg, 9/11 Cover Up Agent, to Administer BP's $20 Billion Claim Fund

Kenneth Feinberg, cover up artist par excellence for 'events' whose true nature must be kept hidden is handed the job of administering BP's $20 billion fund for damage claims to economic victims of the Gulf oil spill.

Some background on Feinberg from Chris Bollyn...


In this article, John Kaminski dares to speak the unspeakable about the depth of the BP oil spill disaster. Many Americans are coming to his conclusions, but quickly eject these thoughts as fast as they enter.  America's symbol is no longer the eagle. It is the ostrich, who hides his head in the sand to make the reality in which he finds himself disappear. However, the sand on the Gulf of Mexico's shore is now toxic. The American ostrich has no place to hide.

Gulf Oil Solution Restores Environment in Just Six Weeks

The following video shows how the oil in the Gulf can be quickly absorbed and rendered harmless.


A dire report prepared for President Medvedev by Russia's Ministry of Natural Resources is warning today that the British Petroleum (BP) oil and gas leak in the Gulf of Mexico is about to become the worst environmental catastrophe in all of human history threatening the entire eastern half of the North American continent with "total destruction".

Cash Strapped Greece Won't Balk at Russian Oil Pipeline

ATHENS, Greece (June 13) -- As the Gulf of Mexico spill continues, the damage is becoming ever more apparent. The catastrophe has cast a direct threat on plant and animal life, fragile coastlines and communities that have long made their living from the sea.

But as oil-soaked birds, turtles and mammals wash up on America's deep South, it is not just the locals there who are scared: Bulgarians now are balking at a $1.21 billion pipeline plan to bring Russian crude oil from the Black Sea to the Aegean.

What BP Doesn't Want You To See - A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

DAY 50 of BP Gulf Oil Spill *CBS BP BS PROPAGANDA* video

Damage control BP PR BS propaganda CBS "news" piece? You decide. Watch a BP executive cry crocodile tears while real alligators' habitats are being jeopardized.

Harry Smith keeps a straight face as he interviews BP (dis)managing director, Bob Dudley.

CBS does admit that up to 40 MILLION gallons of oil spill into the gulf EACH DAY. By contrast, the previous number one U.S. oil spill disaster, the Exxon Valdez, spilled a TOTAL just under 11 million gallons of oil into the Alaskan waters.

Day 50 BP Gulf Oil Spill * CBS BP BS PROPAGANDA *

News networks say access to oil spill ’slowly being strangled off’

NEW ORLEANS - Media organizations say they are being allowed only limited access to areas impacted by the Gulf oil spill through restrictions on plane and boat traffic that are making it difficult to document the worst spill in U.S. history.

Raw Story, 29 May 2010

The Associated Press, CBS and others have reported coverage problems because of the restrictions, which officials say are needed to protect wildlife and ensure safe air traffic.

Oil inspectors let companies fill in own audits, while one admitted getting high on meth, report says

The agency in charge of overseeing the United States' oil reserves was plagued with gross mismanagement that in at least one case allowed the companies being inspected to fill in their own audit reports, an Inspector General's report will reportedly reveal this week.

John Byrne, Raw Story, 25 May 2010

Louisiana Fishermen Helping in Spill Cleanup Report Getting Sick

Some Louisiana fishermen affected by the massive oil spill in the Gulf — including some hired by BP to help in the cleanup — are reporting cases of debilitating headaches, burning eyes and nausea, and some industry and public officials are pointing the finger at chemical dispersants as the cause.

Fox News, 25 May 2010

BP had 3 indications of trouble in hour before blast

BP had three indications of trouble aboard the doomed drill rig Deepwater Horizon in the hour before the April 20 explosion that sank the offshore platform, congressional investigators reported Tuesday.

BP Oil Spill: Frustrated Plaquemines Parish President Nungesser Lashes Out

After BP oil has been found in the marshes of the parish, a frustrated Louisiana Parish President, Billy Nungesser, is interviewed after a press conference at Venice Louisiana on May 23. Nungesser, in responding to questions from said the U.S. Coast Guard Commandant, Thad Allen, could step up take better control of the oil spill operation which has resulted in oil-affected lands.

BP Oil Spill:  Frustrated Plaquemines Parish President Nungesser Lashes  Out

BP-owned Alaska oil pipeline shut after spill

(Reuters) 25 May 2010 - The Trans-Alaska Pipeline, partly owned by BP, shut down on Tuesday after spilling several thousand barrels of crude oil into backup containers, drastically cutting supply down the main artery between refineries and Alaska's oilfields.

The accident comes at a difficult time for BP -- the largest single owner of the pipeline operator, holding 47 percent -- as it struggles to plug a gushing Gulf of Mexico oil well.

11 Days Before BP "ACCIDENT" Halliburton Bought Oil Well Disaster Control Company *UPDATED*

Amazing that the common denominator in this disaster seems to be former Halliburton CEO Dick Cheney. Blogger Connects Dots and Finds Arrow Pointing to ex-VP

Just Like 9/11? Oil Spill Responders Are Getting Sick ... But Are Being Told They Don't Need Any Safety Gear

The U.S. government suppressed health information after 9/11. For example, as Newsday noted in 2003:


Amazing what kind of rats you find when you start turning the lights on.


Purposely Killing the Gulf?

The private, foreign International Monetary/Banking Cartel controls its puppets in Washington as it controls its oil company executives. And everything the Cartel does is anti-life, there are absolutely no exceptions; and their pretended Gulf oil clean-up is a glaring case in point.

By J. Speer-Williams, 5-17-10

Gulf Oil Disaster: Low Tech Solution?

Not sure what to make of this but I love it!

CWRoberts Presentation 2.wmv

Iran offers to help contain US oil spill

The National Iranian Drilling Company (NIDC) has offered to assist the US in efforts to prevent an ecological disaster caused by the spreading oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.

Press TV, 3 May 2010

Following an explosion on a BP-operated oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico last month, at least 210,000 gallons (5,000 barrels) of crude oil are thought to be spilling into the water every day.


Two to three months estimate on stopping this 'spill'. The Gulf will be DEAD. Florida will be DEAD. Most of the east coast will be DEAD. We have it under control folks. We're going to use heavy machinery, microbes, and dispersants (which are as deadly to marine and wildlife as the oil, by the way.


Dyncorp Goes to Africa

With the establishment of the United States Africa Command (AFRICOM) in 2007, the U.S. government decided to make security a key foreign policy objective for a continent that has long been plagued by civil war and other conflicts.

Blair's fight to keep his oil cash secret

Former PM's deals are revealed as his earnings since 2007 reach £20million

Daily Mail, 19 March 2010

Tony Blair waged an extraordinary two-year battle to keep secret a lucrative deal with a multinational oil giant which has extensive interests in Iraq.

The former Prime Minister tried to keep the public in the dark over his dealings with South Korean oil firm UI Energy Corporation.

AFRICOM’s First War: U.S. Directs Large-Scale Offensive In Somalia

Stop Nato, March 13, 2010

Over 43 people have been killed in the Somali capital of Mogadishu in two days of fighting between Shabab (al-Shabaab) insurgent forces, who on March 10 advanced to within one mile of the nation’s presidential palace, and troops of the U.S.-backed Transitional Federal Government. The fighting has just begun.

Armand Hammer Infects the Gore Clan: ZioVirus in Nutshell

Folks, this is a fine case study in how the Virus moves from and grows.  The hosts in this case being the Senator Gore family of Tennessee, the US Congress, Sing-Sing, and Soviet Russia off and on.  The usual antics and outrageous lying, but I especially loved the bullet-in-the-head ego tripping and abortion hobby info.  Enjoy!

Arm and Hammer

a brief excerpt:


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