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Deadly Chemicals in Extremist Hands? Fears Grow in Syria

A not so subtle attempt to keep the notion that Assad is manufacturing chemical weapons fresh in the minds of the gullible public.

Return of the Cold War Propaganda and Rhetoric, courtesy of The Daily Mail

The infantile Daily Mail headline literally screams "The bear in our backyard: Return of the Cold War as Royal Navy confronts Russian aircraft carrier group in the English Channel for the first time in years."

Anne Frank memorial tree planted at US Capitol

A sapling grown from the tree that Nazi victim Anne Frank wrote about while in hiding was celebrated Wednesday at the US Capitol as a "living testament" to one of the Holocaust's most cherished victims.

Syria chemical weapons: the proof that Assad regime launching chlorine attacks on children

President Bashar al-Assad is still using chemical weapons against civilians, a scientific analysis of samples from multiple gas attacks has shown.

Unverified & exposed: NYT-State Dept 'Russians in Ukraine' image proof collapses

Pictures presented by Washington and Kiev as evidence of Russia's involvement in Ukraine, and published on Monday by the New York Times, were unverified and in fact contradicted the claims they were to support.

UK exploiting routine Russian military maneuvers for political reasons – Scottish MP

The United Kingdom is trying to exploit routine military maneuvers between the Russian and the British military for political reasons linked to the crisis in Ukraine, a Scottish MP told RIA Novosti.

Ukraine fears militants could provoke invasion

Ukraine called on Russia to pull troops back from the border, saying it feared pro-Russian separatists could use their proximity to provoke a Russian invasion.

Scottish Scaremonger? Former UK PM Brown warns against independence

Former British Prime Minister Gordon Brown has warned his fellow Scots against rooting for independence, claiming the elderly risk losing their pensions if the 'yes' vote wins.

Scottish Scaremonger? Frmr UK PM Brown warns against independence

US State Dept publishes 'evidence' of Russian 'involvement' in Ukraine

Pictures, according to the US State Department, prove Russian involvement in eastern Ukraine. The 'evidence' as the State Department calls them, show people taking part in seizures of admin buildings in the region. These same individuals were involved in operations in Georgia in 2008, according to the State Department whose spokeswoman Jen Psaki came under fire over those photos during her last briefing. 

Picture Perfect? US State Dept publishes 'evidence' of Russian 'involvement' in Ukraine

Ukraine: Photos show undercover Russian troops

Do a series of photos of gun-toting men wearing green uniforms prove Russian forces are operating in eastern Ukraine?

European Parliament accused of running new media propaganda campaign

The European Parliament has been accused of a propaganda campaign, after proposing new TV, radio and online media platforms. But anti-EU campaigners say it is planning to exploit media outlets to make itself more popular.

Is Finland next? Putin wants to 'conquer other countries' in Europe, says top adviser (and CATO Institute staffer)

After annexing Crimea and with troops massed on the border of Ukraine, Vladimir Putin will not stop trying to expand Russia until he has “conquered” Belarus, the Baltic States and Finland, one of his closest former advisers has said.

Climate change threatens to bring eradicated viruses back from the dead

All it took was a single sample of frozen Siberian soil for an international collaboration of researchers to discover, and revive, a new type of "giant virus" — a virus whose unusually large size means scientists can spot it through a light microscope.

More global warming booga-booga. "Rising seas could drown Spanish cathedral"

Several major UNESCO World Heritage-listed buildings in Spain including Seville's famous cathedral could eventually be swallowed up by rising sea levels, a new study claims.

Israel ‘intercepts ship carrying dozens of rockets intended for Gaza Strip’

Israel says it has intercepted a ship carrying dozens of advanced Iranian-supplied rockets intended for guerrillas in the Gaza Strip.

If the people of Gaza were trying to obtain rockets, and that is a big if, why would they attempt to transport them by ship, knowing that the squatter state's navy would inevitably intercept them? When reading stories like this, it is worth keeping in mind Mossad's motto - "By way of deception thou shall do war".

Ukraine denounces ‘armed invasion’ as suspected Russian forces raid Crimea airports

Ukraine’s interior minister claims Russian forces have now taken control of two airports in Crimea.

In US, headlines write themselves: Cold War imagery resurrected in Sochi bashing

The campaign to boycott the Sochi Olympic Games in the Western media appears to be thriving on almost the same imagery was used three decades ago, at the peak of the Cold War, to project fears of the USSR ahead of the 1980 Moscow Olympics.

Pedophilia: For one out of three Italians, sex with minors is acceptable

An Ipsos survey by Save the Children for Safer Internet Day shows that 28% of people over 40 have minors they do not know personally among their internet contacts. More than one third look to the internet to find a relationship. One in ten believe that the initiative for such relationships comes from the minors.

'Fabricated!' NBC Sochi 'hack hysteria' exposed

‘The story was fabricated.’ Cyber security experts are calling out an NBC Sochi-hacker hit-job as a fabrication that, at best, made liberal use of assistance given to them by experts.

Ukraine opposition seeks help from West

Ukrainian opposition leaders are due to meet the United States' top diplomat, John Kerry, a day after the US condemned the apparent torture of a protest leader who claims unidentified abductors "crucified" him. Dmytro Bulatov, 35, who re-emerged on Friday after being missing for a week, said unidentified kidnappers beat him, sliced off part of his ear and nailed him to a door during his time in captivity. The reported beatings and intimidation have stoked speculation that special security teams were roaming Ukraine and hunting down opposition activists.

Ukraine opposition seeks help from West

Is Qatar responsible for manufacturing the "evidence" of Syrian Government war-crimes?

A report released exclusively this week to CNN and The Guardian has been touted as evidence possibly proving widespread torture, starvation and the cause of thousands of prisoner deaths by the Syrian regime.

However, the allegations are drawn from documentation acquired by a legal firm hired by the Qatari government, who is known to be a regional rival to Syria, mostly due to sectarian divides.

Al Gore: 'extreme weather has made people wake up to climate change'

Extreme weather events including typhoon Haiyan and superstorm Sandy are proving a "gamechanger" for public awareness of the threat posed by climate change, Al Gore said on Friday.

MIT study finds Syrian regime not behind rocket attacks

The U.S. conclusion that a chemical attack near Damascus in August was carried out by the government has been challenged by a team of highly respected experts. Washington immediately blamed President Assad, but a new report from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology found the rocket couldn't have been fired from government-controlled areas.

Chemical Claims: MIT study finds Syrian regime not behind rocket attacks

Ex-CIA analyst: NYT Benghazi article ‘an effort to revive discredited theory’ of anti-Islam video

A former CIA analyst poured cold water over the New York Times’ new report suggesting al-Qaida was not involved in the September 11, 2012 attack against American targets in Benghazi, Libya — calling the article “an effort to revive this discredited theory that the anti-Islam video was behind it.”

New Website on Real History

It’s been a long time since I was on this blog and I’ve spent at least part of that time working on a new website. I’d become increasingly aware that everything we are taught as history is propaganda. I started researching various subjects. There is a lot of information on the Net, much of which is reliable, but there is also buried knowledge in the libraries. I was also lucky enough to get books and documents sent to me from interested parties.

England and Afghanistan could play match at Wembley to mark end of war

A match between the England and Afghanistan football teams to mark the end of the 12-year war could be held at Wembley after a major new programme to boost the game was launched by David Cameron and the former England player Michael Owen.

Exposed: The myth of the global warming 'pause'

Scientists can now explain the “pause” in global warming that sceptics have used to bolster their arguments. Sceptics had claimed we have nothing to fear from climate change because it has stopped being a problem.

Red Ice Radio - Thomas Sheridan - The "Brand" New Purple Pill

Thomas Sheridan is an artist, writer and musician from Ireland. He is the author of Puzzling People: The Labyrinth of the Psychopath and The Anvil of the Psyche. He discusses Russell Brand's interview on British Brain Control (BBC) where he advocated a socialist egalitarian system based on the massive redistribution of wealth to solve today's political problems. He then goes on to discuss how this will most definitely not solve problems or free the people.

Red Ice Radio - Thomas Sheridan - Hour 1 & 2 - The "Brand" New Purple Pill

White Widow Samantha Lewthwaite pens poem dedicated to Osama bin Laden

This is the poem written by the world's most wanted female terror suspect, Samantha Lewthwaite, in which she mourns the loss and praises the work of al-Qaida founder Osama bin Laden.

West's toxic lie on Syria exposed

They say an expert liar needs to have a good memory to succeed in maintaining deceptions. This is because sooner or later the liar is liable to trip himself up with his own previous lies.


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