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Russia Today: Terrorist Israeli Government is bringing America down and Israel too

US President Barack Obama says the US's relationship with Israel is as strong as it has ever been, but is that really so? Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu came to the White House today to make nice, but was the meeting anything more than a photo op? Norman Finkelstein and Morton Klein debate the US-Israel relationship and what it means for America.


The Art of Infowar

If you want to overcome their mind lock you need to destroy their shutters before they come down on you. How can you defeat an enemy with centuries (if not millenniums) of experience in all sorts of warfare and virtually unlimited resources? The answer is obvious, even to someone who hasn't studied the Chinese classic 'The Art of War': Avoid up-hill battles and attack the enemy with overwhelming force where he is weak.

BREAKING NEWS: Israel Attacks Humanitarian Ship to Gaza in International Waters

10:57pm ET, Gaza 5:57am: One Israeli warship coming to us very fast! We are in international waters, therefore they have no right to attack us. We are still sailing ahead.

10:59pm ET, Gaza 5:59am: They are opening fire across our ship! We are still sailing ahead.

Another reason to get rid of dual citizenship

While making aliya might be the culmination of a lifelong dream, she admits that at times it can be a bittersweet experience.  “It drives me crazy, I can’t stand the people (Israelis), but these are my people,” she says with her trademark sincerity. “But I don’t like living with goyim, though I’ve never had experiences of anti-Semitism. When I started voting, all I cared [about] was how they were for Israel. I knew there were 290 million [Americans] to worry about mortgages and not as many who cared about Israel.”

Britain’s Jewish “anti-Zionist” pretenders lose another battle

Gilad Atzmon considers the failure of “anti-Zionist” pretenders embedded in the Palestine solidarity movement in the UK to prevent a recent public debate in London on the subject of “Jewishness, Zionism and Israel”, including the use by the fake anti-Zionists of tactics that included bullying and harassment of panelists.

Synagogue of Lucifer mocks and crucifies Jesus on Israeli TV

Disturbing content ahead.

This is what the Khazar and Edomite Jews think of Jesus the Christ.

Jesus said: "I know the blasphemy of them which say they are Jews, and are not, but are the Synagogue of Satan." (Revelation 2:9, King James Bible)

Mocking Jesus on Israeli TV - צליבת ישו - The Crucifixion of "Yeshu"

Report reveals Israel's electronic war on the Arabs

An Israeli report describes the electronic warfare their intelligence agencies have been carrying out against the Arab world, listing examples and the roughly 300 experts they rely on.  It also boasts of the Israeli development of Stuxnet, as well as drone technology.

Christians doing Passover

Multiculturalism invades the Seder.

Is YOUTUBE the ADL's bitch?

YouTube may be acting illegally by taking down videos for alleged copyright infringement, without first determining important factors regarding Fair Use as provided for in copyright law.

The video in question? "Holocaust, Hate Speech & Were the Germans so Stupid?"

Harassment by The YouTube Team — An open message to Sergey Brin MIRROR

Anti-Defamation League, the big bully on the block

A few years ago the ADL’s alleged anti-bias program, “No Place for Hate,” was tossed out by Watertown, Arlington, Bedford, Belmont, Easton, Lexington, Medford, Needham, Newburyport, Newton, Northampton, Peabody, Somerville, Westwood, and the Massachusetts Municipal Association. They said that due to its stance against Armenians the national ADL lacked the necessary credibility on human rights to sponsor an anti-bias program.

9-11 - A date awaited by the Rabbinate for the past 400 years?

A website maintained by Christian Zionists mentions that Rabbis in Israel have been awaiting the date of 9-11 for the past 400 years.  The date of 9-11-1999 (Rosh Hashanah) began the period of the "Judgement of Nations", which culminated in the September 11th, 2001 attack.

Controversy of Zion: The End of Lord Northcliffe

A lively chapter from Douglas Reed's classic showing the usual modus operandi at work 100 years ago.  The key personages, missing from the history books, are shown along with the packaging and flogging of the lies.  The book is a must read.

'Israel breaks demolition record'

The United Nations has warned that the demolition of the Palestinian residences by Israelis has been breaking the record for the past three months.

U.S. 'deeply concerned' about Israel settlement expansion

The prospect of increased settlement building in the West Bank prompted the U.S. State Department to issue a statement Monday saying that “the United States is deeply concerned by continuing Israeli actions with respect to settlement construction."

9/11: Israel's Grand Deception

Any independent investigation into the events leading up to, occurring during, and following 9/11 will automatically lead to being labeled with the inflammatory and degrading title of “conspiracy theorist.” However, a closer look at the evidence proves it is the ludicrous official story that is the only real conspiracy theory.

Israel lays Gaza-like siege on West Bank village

In a move akin to the four-year-long economic blockade against the occupied Gaza Strip, Israeli soldiers have closed the six entrances to the village of 17,000 inhabitants and have imposed a widespread prohibition policy against all major imports and exports from the village -- including gasoline, produce, raw industrial materials and basic supplies. Ambulances have also been prevented from entering or exiting the village.

Jewish Evangelical targeting Jewish neighborhoods

I answered my door in Pico Robertson to discover three young people...They wanted to talk to me about “Israel Restoration.”..they left me with a DVD Testimonial of their “boss,” Tom Cantor, and a Hebrew-English New Testament. Cantor is a multi-millionaire Jewish businessman who converted to and became part of the 70-million-strong evangelical Christian movement.

'MI5 believed Jewish underground wanted to assassinate Churchill'

The records reported on in the Telegraph reveal that the concerns held by British officials over Jewish nationalist suicide-assassins are not entirely dissimilar from the fears of Israeli government officials over the threat of Palestinian suicide bombers.

Israeli Foreign Minister: Goldstone Report retraction made under Zionist pressure

Lieberman said in a televised statement on Saturday night that Goldstone's recent statements implicitly disavowing the accusations in the report condemning Israel after the Cast Lead operation on Gaza was no surprise to him.  He said the Israeli ministries of justice and foreign affairs and the office of Israeli premier Benjamin Netanyahu had exerted ”great efforts”  in that regard without the public knowing.

Lawson Shreds Google's Orwellian Operations

Spurious accusations of copyright infringement can be used to suppress videos that are not liked, in certain circles, and YouTube's reporting procedure favours the accuser over the accused, who is not even given the minimum amount of information necessary to be able to challenge any claim, let alone a false one.

Copyright or Censorship?

Why Bahrain is Different

Perhaps Chabad Rabbi Levi Shemtov, who recently hosted a private dinner for Bahrain’s Jewish Ambassador to the United States, has the answer:

“There are those, unfortunately too few as yet in the region, who say there is virtue to the Jewish people and if we discover it and explore it we may find the need for conflict is not really there,” Shemtov said.

“His excellency King Hamad and his excellency Shaikh Khalid are such people.”

by Maidhc Ó Cathail


Israel ready to react with 'great force': Netanyahu

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told US Defence Secretary Robert Gates Friday that Israel is ready to act with "great force" in response to a spate of rocket fire by Gaza militants and a deadly bus bombing in Jerusalem.

A Jewish Man Investigates King County's Decision to Censor Bus Ads

King County has been forced to present evidence of the claimed threats of violence. A review of this evidence shows that the threats consisted of six emails that arrived at King County prior to the decision to pull the ads.  Five of these "threats" come from self-identified members of the Jewish community, with the sixth threat from a person running a Washington state group supporting the Israel Defense Forces.


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