From Chaos Comes Opportunity

This post chronicles the background to, and the unfolding of, the ‘Arab Spring’ with the aggregated titles of articles written by various authors with what many would characterize as non-standard viewpoints. There are also several videos in which the participants discuss their motives and strategies. Click titles for full articles.

Finding the Right Colors for a Color Revolution

By Maidhc Ó Cathail | The Passionate Attachment

It takes professionals to plan a color revolution, as this Washington Post report on Lebanon’s Cedar Revolution reveals:

In months of strategizing, the media team settled on red and white as the opposition colors for the spring elections…


New America Foundation facilitating Iran’s Green Movement

Video discussion with Former Undersecretary of State for Public Diplomacy and Public Affairs James K. Glassman…


Alliance for Youth Movements: The State Dept.’s New Vehicle for Regime Change

21st Century Statecraft: State Dept. and Google vs. Iran and other “evil” regimes


NED’s impeccable timing

As part of her normal duties of developing and overseeing the program, [Amira Maaty] just happened to arrive in Cairo on the 25th, and was there throughout this entire historic period,” said a grinning Carl Gershman, recounting the opportune arrival in Egypt of National Endowment for Democracy’s Program Officer for Middle East and North Africa…


The Junk Bond “Teflon Guy” Behind Egypt’s Nonviolent Revolution

By Maidhc Ó Cathail | February 18, 2011

Having successfully escaped “the stench of Drexel,” Ackerman completed what BusinessWeek called “an improbable transformation from junk-bond promoter back to scholar.” Prior to his financial exploits, he had written his doctoral thesis under the guidance of Gene Sharp, the Harvard academic whose theories of nonviolent struggle had inspired the velvet revolutionaries.


The PNACers who pushed for “democratic change” in Egypt

By Maidhc Ó Cathail | The Passionate attachment | March 1, 2011


Investment bankers salivate over North Africa

Written by Atheo | Aletho News | March 8, 2011

Investment banking is usually thought of as a field that values stability. Yet the greatest rewards are often attained through destabilization


Syrian Opposition is a conglomeration of Western-backed “human rights activists”

By Tony Cartalucci – BLN March 25, 2011

The Syrian revolution uses a strikingly familiar logo. The Otpor fist was originally used in Serbia in 2000, and handed off to the various movements trained by the US funded CANVAS organization, including the Tunisian & Egyptian youth movements- now the Syrian Youth Revolution…


Elliot Abrams’ Plan For Syria

“If Tunisia can move toward democracy, Algerians and Egyptians and even Libyans will wonder why they cannot. This kind of thing may catch on.” – Elliott Abrams, January 7, 2011

By Tony Cartalucci | Activist Post | March 29, 2011

Degenerate globalist co-conspirator Elliot Abrams, has been consistently supporting the recent conflagration throughout the Arab world and is pushing for ever-expanding US meddling in the region. In his recent piece, featured in the Washington Post titled “Ridding Syria of a Despot,” he fleshes out what is a fairly predictable plan of action already taking shape against the Bush-era “Axis of Evil” member…


Who Shot the Nine Soldiers in Banyas? Not Syrian Security Forces

By Joshua Landis | Syria Comment | April 13th, 2011

A number of news reports by AFP, the Guardian, and other news agencies and outlets are suggesting that Syrian security forces were responsible for shooting nine Syrian soldiers, who were killed in Banyas on Sunday. Some versions insist that they were shot for refusing orders to shoot at demonstrators.

Considerable evidence suggests this is not true and that western journalists are passing on bad information…


‘US planned Arab world revolutions’

Press TV – April 17, 2011

Press TV interviewed Author Mark Glenn of the Crescent and Cross Solidarity Movement regarding the Arab uprisings and the United States and Israel’s objectives on foreign policy in the Middle East region.

With Egypt’s pseudo-revolution and the ousting of elderly Arab leaders, Author Mark Glenn explains that US-Israeli operations, rather than the people, have caused these revolutions…


Broadcasting Israel-friendly “democratic values” to the Middle East (with American taxpayers’ money)

By Maidhc Ó Cathail | The Passionate Attachment | April 23, 2011

Norman J. Pattiz, American radio mogul and chairman of the U.S. government’s Broadcasting Board of Governors (BBG) Middle East Committee, founded Radio Sawa, which successfully “used music as a tool to attract a younger audience” — it’s listened to by over 42% of youth in a number of Arab countries, including Egypt…


In service of Israel’s interests Neocons promote regime change in Syria

Tony Cartlucci | Activist Post | April 23, 2011

It is no secret that Syria has been marked for regime change for at least two decades. In a 2007 speech given by General Wesley Clark regarding what he called a US “policy coup,” he relayed a 1991 conversation between himself and then Under Secretary of Defense Paul Wolfowitz. Wolfowitz indicated that America had 5-10 years to clean up old Soviet “client regimes,” namely Syria, Iran, and Iraq, before the next super power rose up to challenge western hegemony.

Following the September 11, 2001 attacks, Clark was again passed plans drawn to implement regime change throughout the Middle East, specifically to attack and destroy the governments of 7 countries; Iraq, Syria, Sudan, Somalia, Iran, Lebanon and Libya. In 2002, then US Under Secretary of State John Bolton, would add Syria to the growing “Axis of Evil.”

In a recent CNN article, acting State Department spokesman Mark Toner stated, “We’re not working to undermine that [Syrian] government. What we are trying to do in Syria, through our civil society support, is to build the kind of democratic institutions, frankly, that we’re trying to do in countries around the globe. What’s different, I think, in this situation is that the Syrian government perceives this kind of assistance as a threat to its control over the Syrian people.” …

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