Contact CNN, demand airtime for Gravel!

If you haven’t seen former senator Mike Gravel in action – do it NOW.

And when you’re finished . . .

Contact CNN
And demand that they give MIKE GRAVEL equal airtime in the JUNE 7th debate!!!

(click on image to go to CNN)

According to CNN:

“Because Mike Gravel has not demonstrated measurable public support for his campaign to date, he has not received an invitation. But we have not excluded him (or anyone) from the debate. If he meets our criteria between now and the debate, he will certainly get an invitation.”

Time to get cracking to make sure he’s invited!

Send them an email (above) AND Sign the Petition NOW!

The debates will be televised statewide on WMUR and nationally on CNN. Extensive coverage will appear in the pages of the Union Leader,, CNN,, WMUR and, the media companies announced.

The debates were originally scheduled for the first week in April, but the three media partners decided to move them to the first week of June to help accommodate the candidates’ schedules.

Remind them that they “borrow” the airwaves on “our time” and that we CAN and WILL take away that privilege if they push us far enough!

This may be our last chance to assert ourselves, America.

We finally found a man who has the courage to speak for US and the knowledge and experience to make things happen.

Don’t let them drown him out in silence.

Don’t let the MEDIA – the same people who lied US into war – decide from the outset WHO we can and cannot choose from when we elect OUR President!

Rasha B. Foda (aka qrswave)