The “Dancing Israelis” FBI Report – Debunked


Thanks to andie531 for obtaining and making available the FBI documents on the “Dancing Israelis”: KURZBERG, SIVAN ET AL. As will be shown, this FBI ‘investigation’ is very similar to the NIST ‘investigations‘ into the World Trade Center (WTC) buildings collapses, in that the conclusion is politically motivated rather than evidence-based. Section 5 even reveals how the FBI’s NS-2C Unit of its “National Security Division” based at FBI Headquarters, Washington, D.C., ordered FBI Newark to stop their investigation of the Israelis.

The documents were partly declassified in 2005. However, there are many parts that are still blanked out and classified until 2030 or 2035. Apart from names of individuals, the unreleased material includes longer passages such as the section following the question: “1. Did the Israeli nationals have foreknowledge of the events at WTC and were they filming the events prior to and in anticipation of the explosion?” The fact that it’s blanked out indicates that the answer is clearly not an emphatic “no”.

Nonetheless, the material that has already been released is sufficient to prove that the Israelis did indeed have foreknowledge of the attacks on the WTC. That is of course consistent with Israel’s capability and history of staging false-flag terror, the two hours’ advance warning of the WTC attack transmitted via the Herzliya / New York-based Israeli instant messaging service Odigo, the failure of Benjamin Netanyahu’s friend Larry Silverstein and his children to turn up for work that day at the World Trade Center, Netanyahu’s advance warning of, and Efraim Halevy’s intimate knowledge of, the London 7/7 attacks, the $250,000 “loan” received by Bernard Kerik from Israeli billionaire Eitan Wertheimer together with $236,000 in rent paid by Steven C. Witkoff after Kerik visited Israel from August 26-29, 2001 to meet with Wertheimer and then claimed on September 16, 2001 that a “hijacker’s passport” had been “discovered”, along with multiple corroborating evidence much too numerous to mention in an introduction. Not surprisingly, experts from such professions as structural engineers, architects, physicists,? mechanical engineers, metallurgical engineering graduates, PhD scientists, fire protection engineers, fire-fighters, electrical design engineers, explosives technicians, etc, may be seen speaking out on the ae911truth channel on YouTube, explaining why they know the government’s half-baked conspiracy theory about suicidal Arabs with box cutters crashing two planes and managing to bring down three high-rises is believable only by the uneducated and the uninformed.

Excerpts from the FBI official report are included here for easy reference. Commentary on the transcripts within the transcripts section is enclosed within square brackets, in order that it may be readily distinguished from the actual FBI text. Page numbers are generally included only at the start of another excerpt.

The FBI documents are formatted with a fixed spacing, so it is generally an easy job to determine the number of characters within the classified boxes. The beginning of each paragraph is indented by ten spaces, and there is a double-spacing between sentences. Where a paragraph starts with “(S/OC/NF)”, for example, that is followed by two spaces before the start of the first sentence. The position of the last character on a line is not predictable, but sometimes the section is repeated elsewhere with the word in question appearing part-way along a line. Moreover, the FBI do not obliterate the exact same words each time a passage is repeated, so an examination of all repetitions reveals more information, such as how Paul Kurzberg worked for the “Jewish Agency”.

The index at the bottom of this page (not included here in abbreviated version; bookmarks go to the transcripts section) covers the “Dancing Israelis” material within the FBI report Sections 1 to 6. Click on any particular entry to jump to the bookmark within the transcripts, and use the back button on your browser to go back to the index.

The documents, Section 1 to Section 6, can be downloaded from:

Transcripts from the official report

Too long to post here; refer to source.

Analysis and further commentary on the transcripts

The Israelis reveal their guilt by their own words on multiple occasions. They were caught in several lies, such as Yaron Shmuel’s assertion that they were “on the West Side Highway” in New York City at the time of the “incident” (see page 4 of the police report). The FBI’s review of EZ-Pass records showed that the Urban Moving Systems van used by the Israelis to travel from Brooklyn, NY (location of their residences) to Weehawken, NJ on the morning of September 11, 2001 passed through the Brooklyn, NY entrance to the Brooklyn-Battery Tunnel at 7:48 a.m.. That was approximately 58 minutes before the alleged Flight 11 slammed into the North Tower.

In another lie (Section 5 page 45), Sivan Kurzberg claimed they were “caught in heavy traffic” and did not arrive at the parking lot of the apartment complex until 10:00 a.m. or later, which is at least an hour after they were actually there. In this version, the three Israelis seen celebrating at the parking lot went up onto the roof of Urban Moving Systems after browsing internet news sites. Oded Ellner also lied with a claim that they stopped to get gas after the first plane crash on their way to the parking lot, which again renders the Israeli timeline even more impossible. The FBI found they had bought gas at about 2:14 p.m. and there is evidence that Ellner may have stopped at the gas station prior to the first impact.

[Blank=eleven characters=Oded Ellner] advised interviewing agents that after having arrived at his workplace, Urban Moving Systems, located at 3 West 18th Street, Weehawken, NJ, around 8:00 am on September 11, 2001, he received a telephone call informing him that the first explosion had occurred. (Note: The first explosion actually occurred at 8:45 that morning.) [Blank=six characters=Ellner] and his roommates (NFI) got into a company van and departed the workplace for a Gulf gasoline service station. Then, [blank, seven characters, e.g. Ellner,] in the company of his friends, traveled to another location in order to take photographs of the WTC.

[Blank=fourteen characters-Sivan Kurzberg] also stated that he arrived at work (Urban Moving Systems) around 8:00 am. Later, after [blank, six characters, most likely Ellner who claimed to have received a phone call, or could be Shmuel] told [blank=eight characters=Kurzberg] about the explosion at WTC, [blank=eight characters=Kurzberg] looked on the internet and went to the roof of the building to observe the WTC and take photographs. Then, [blank=eight characters=Kurzberg] and friends (NFI) left the office and were caught in heavy traffic. Sometime between 10:00 am and Noon, and while attempting to return to their office, [blank=eight characters=Kurzberg] and his friends (NFI) stopped at a parking lot (adjacent to an apartment building) to take more photographs.

Of particular interest is the decision of Sivan Kurzberg, Oded Ellner and Yaron Shmuel to travel to the parking lot in the apartment complex, prior to the second plane impact, even if we make no assumptions as to whether or not it was before the first crash. Ellner inadvertently reveals too much in his admission to the FBI that “only one side of one tower is visible from the roof of Urban Moving”, whereas the parking lot provided a view of “the entire length of both towers”. Here is another version of events provided by Ellner, as shown on pages 85 to 86 of the Section 5 of the FBI report:

Shortly after the first explosion, [blank=six characters=Ellner, given that he is the subject of this interrogation and other accounts have Ellner receiving the tip-off call] received a telephone call on his cell phone [blank] from a friend of his, identified only as [blank=six characters] (LNU). [Blank=six characters] told [blank=six characters=Ellner] of the explosion at the World Trade Center. [Blank=six characters=Ellner] and [blank=six characters=Shmuel] accessed the internet through two of the office computers and began reading about the events on and, [that would be] an Israeli newspaper.

A few minutes later, [blank=twenty-eight characters, e.g. Ellner, Sivan, Paul Kurzberg] and [blank=six characters, e.g. Shmuel] all went outside to look at the World Trade Center as it is visible from Urban Moving Systems. [Paul Kurzberg claims to have gone up on Urban Moving’s roof at this point, and Ellner has retracted the part about stopping for gas on their way from Urban Moving to the Doric apartment block.] [Blank=twelve characters=Yaron Shmuel] and [blank=fourteen characters=Sivan Kurzberg] suggested that they take a picture of the event for history. [Blank, twenty-two characters=Ellner, Sivan Kurzberg] and [blank=six characters=Shmuel] climbed into the company van and drove to a parking lot fronting the Hudson River, which gave them a view of the entire length of both towers. [Blank=six characters=Ellner] is not sure if [blank=twelve characters, possibly Omer Marmari, who evidently wasn’t there] was in the van with them. [Blank=six characters=Ellner] is unsure of the exact location of this lot [probably true, given that the site was chosen by Sivan Kurzberg] but advised that it only took five minutes to get there. [Blank, blank=fourteen characters, e.g. Ellner, Shmuel] and [blank=fourteen characters, e.g. Sivan Kurzberg] all climbed onto the roof of the van to get a better view of what was going on. [Blank=six characters=Ellner] admitted that they all took still photographs of the World Trade Center with [blank’s=sixteen characters, e.g. Sivan Kurzberg’s] 35 MM camera, but denied that he took any video or saw anyone with a video camera. No one mounted the camera on a tripod or any other mounting device. [Blank=six characters=Ellner] has no explanation of reports that they were observed videotaping the event.

After spending a few minutes at the lot, they drove back to Urban Moving Systems, where they went up on the roof of the building and took more still photographs but no videotape. [Blank, five characters if FBI’s standard double-spacing between sentences, e.g. Sivan] stated that only one side of one tower is visible from the roof of Urban Moving. At this point, [blank=six characters=Ellner] apologized for appearing happy in the photographs. [Blank=six characters=Ellner, who said on Israeli TV “we are coming from a country that experiences terror daily”] stated that Israel has been dealing with incidents like this for years. He believes that the United States will take steps to stop terrorism in the world.

After coming down from the roof, [blank=six characters=Ellner] went back inside Urban Moving and again got on the internet, accessing and

After Urban Moving closed for the day, [several blanked names, up to twenty-four characters, e.g. Ellner, Shmuel, Marmari,] [blank=five characters, e.g. Sivan] and [blank=thirteen characters, e.g. Paul Kurzberg] tried to find a way to get back to New York City. On the way, they stopped at White Glove Movers. [This stop was probably when Marmari claimed he was awoken, in which someone put skis and a red bag in the back of the van. The video camera may have been handed over to sayanim at this point, although it was probably unloaded earlier.] [Blank=six characters=Ellner] does not know the exact location of White Glove but advised that it was about a ten minute drive from Urban Moving Systems. [Blank=six characters=Ellner] waited outside while [blank=twelve characters=Yaron Shmuel, since Omer Marmari was trying to sleep in the back] went inside and spoke with [blank] (LNU). [Blank=six characters=Ellner] indicated that many of [blank=twenty-four characters, e.g. Urban Moving’s employees] work at White Glove. It was after leaving White Glove and looking for a crossing into New York, that they were stopped by the Police and arrested.

It was at this point that [blank=six characters=Ellner] admitted that he had additional information. [Blank=six characters=Ellner] stated that on the way to the parking lot, [blank=twelve characters; thus, confirmed as Yaron Shmuel and eliminating the alternative possibility of Shmuel talking about Oded Ellner; Omer Marmari is already ruled out in that twelve-character slot since he did not go to the parking lot] remarked “I am glad I brought my camera today.”

As may be seen on the map, the Urban Moving Systems office at 3 W. 18th Street was north and slightly west of the WTC.

The WTC to Weehawken



FEMA map WTC site

Source: FEMA 403 Chapter 1

The north side of the North Tower, which was hit by the alleged Flight 11 at approximately 8:46:30 a.m. on 9/11, faces somewhat east of north. Given that Urban Moving Systems was north and slightly west of the WTC site, the South Tower would have been obscured by the North Tower, but the north and west faces of the North Tower would have been visible from the roof of UMS. The following photo is probably taken from slightly east of north of the North Tower; its north and west faces are visible, and the South Tower is in the background to the left.


North view of WTC2 impact

Thus, a vantage point such as the roof of Urban Moving Systems, if we imagine the perspective from a little to the west, would have been ideal for viewing the north and west faces of the North Tower and suitable for “documenting” the plane crash into the north face of the North Tower. However, it would have been a lousy choice for anyone intending to “document” the approach and impact of an aircraft into the south face of the South Tower.

So our “innocent” Israelis, engaged in “honest toil” as “movers” on a “working holiday” in a foreign country, learn that an aircraft has crashed into the World Trade Center. As Christopher Ketcham pointed out, during the 17 minutes prior to the second impact, innocent bystanders would have believed the incident was merely a terrible accident.

Here are a few questions:

  • Why would anyone need or find it desirable to travel to another observation point that provided “a view of the entire length of both towers” prior to the second impact, given that the Urban Moving Systems roof provided a suitable vantage point for observing and “documenting” a plane crash into the north face of the North Tower at around the 95th floor, plane crashes did not have a history of bringing down 110-story buildings, and innocent bystanders were unaware that a second plane was scheduled to approach from the south and crash into floors 78 to 84 of the south face of the other tower minutes later? After all, some of New York’s tall buildings are visible even at street level at W. 18th Street, Weehawken (click here for Google Street View), and more are visible at street level just down the road at Willow Avenue where Urban Moving rented storage space.
  • Why would anyone who was already located at a suitable vantage point for “documenting” a plane crash choose instead to persuade their colleagues to take time off work, collect their cameras, back packs and notebooks, rush out to their company van, drive through rush-hour traffic to another observation point that is normally a four or five-minute drive from the office, drive into the apartment complex, around to the rear parking lot, park at an angle to the fence so that the front of the van faces in a south-southeast direction towards the WTC, get out of the van with their cameras, climb onto the roof (all of this wasting valuable “documenting” time), in order to obtain a “view of the entire length of both towers”? Why was it so important to get an unobstructed view of the South Tower, before it was hit by a plane?
  • Why would movers, supposedly on a “working holiday”, take such an interest in “documenting” a straightforward plane crash that they would choose to leave their workplace, given that the mainstream media would be quite capable of recording the event, and given that the movers’ boss Dominik Suter had a reputation for being tight with money and thus would have been unlikely to let them have time off work for their new hobby? Omer Marmari, although not one of those seen at Doric Towers, even claimed he’d been so concerned that he might have been late for work that day that he barely had time to glance at television monitors showing the smoking WTC.
  • How would amateur journalists know, prior to the second plane impact, that what was originally a simple plane crash would go on to become a “new Pearl Harbor” and pivotal event at the turn of the century, such that it would be worth taking time off work to go away and “take a picture of the event for history”?
  • If three people are informed by telephone of a news event, two of them have at most to grab binoculars and look out the window, and the third must get on the internet and browse U.S. and Israeli news sites, persuade several colleagues that the event is worthy of taking time off work to go away and “document” it for historical purposes, collect cameras, back packs and notebooks, rush out to a van, drive through rush-hour traffic to an observation point chosen on the spur of the moment that is normally a four or five-minute drive from the office, drive into the apartment complex, around to the rear parking lot, park at an angle to the fence so that the front of the van faces in a south-southeast direction towards the WTC, get out of the van with the cameras, and climb onto the roof, which of them would likely take longest to complete the task?
  • How could the Israeli news site and the U.S. site have news posted about the first plane crash so that several Israelis could browse the internet and read about it on Urban’s computers for a “few minutes”, then three of the Israelis decide it would be a good move to grab their cameras, jump into their employer’s van and take time off work in order to “document” the event, go on a four or five-minute journey through rush-hour traffic, make a left turn and drive along to a parking lot at the back of an apartment complex, jump out and climb onto the top of the van and turn on their cameras, all before the local AM WINS news radio station was able to broadcast its breaking news report from a WINS account executive who was on scene and actually telephoned the WINS newsroom as the first plane crashed?
  • Why would movers who had judged a single plane crash to be such an important historical event that it was worth “documenting” by taking time off work, driving through rush-hour traffic to a vantage point that provided “a view of the entire length of both towers”, climbing atop the van, etc, decide within a few minutes – and probably after a second plane impact, that it was not worth staying for and they should return to the workplace (in one of Ellner’s version of events) or move on to Liberty State Park? How did they know there wouldn’t be a third plane crash within the next few minutes, which they would miss if choosing to move on?
  • Why should movers cum amateur journalists perceive a plane crash to be an event worth celebrating, smiling, giving each other high fives, hugging each other, joking in cries of joy and mockery, posing to be photographed with the burning building in the background whilst flicking a lighter like they were at a rock concert, etc?
  • Why did Oded Ellner, after apologizing for appearing happy in the photographs, go on to attempt to explain it with remarks about how Israel had been “dealing with incidents like this for years” and how he believed the United States would “take steps to stop terrorism in the world”, when all publicly available evidence at the time of the three Israelis appearing happy pointed to a single accidental plane crash?
  • Why would movers who were not complicit in terrorism, who were merely “documenting” a plane crash whilst on a “working holiday” in a foreign land, and who could at most be in trouble for illegal working and immigration violations, need to lie about their movements between the hours of 08:00 a.m. and 09:00 a.m. on September 11, 2001?
  • Why would Yaron Shmuel need to lie with a claim that they were on the “West Side Highway” at the time of the “incident”?
  • Why would Oded Ellner need to lie with a story about stopping at a Gulf gas station after learning of the first impact whilst at Urban Moving Systems’ office at 3 West 18th Street, Weehawken, but before being seen on top of a van parked at the Doric apartment block rear parking lot, 100 Manhattan Avenue, Union City, before the local WINS 1010 news radio station had even broken the news of the first plane crash?
  • Why would Sivan Kurzberg, whose job in Israel had involved hunting Arabs for the Zionist regime, need to lie with a story about looking on the internet and climbing up on the Urban Moving Systems roof after learning of the first plane impact and then getting “caught in heavy traffic”, prior to being seen on top of a van parked at Doric before the local WINS 1010 news radio station had even broken the news of the first plane crash?

And then there is the physical impossibility of all of the various versions of events provided by the Israelis, so that any attempt to find them innocent ironically requires that all of their statements regarding their movements between 8:00 and 9:00 a.m. on 9/11/01 are assumed to be lies, and the real version of events was something like this:

Oded Ellner, Yaron Shmuel and Sivan Kurzberg are driving along Manhattan Avenue, Union City in the Urban Moving Systems van, having left their workplace minutes previously for a delivery / collection, when one of them receives a telephone call informing them of a plane crash into the World Trade Center from a friend who saw it happen. [This would require evidence of an incoming cell phone call at about 8:47 to 8:48, evidence which doesn’t exist. It would also require that they hadn’t given so many alternative accounts of events.] One of them notices the Doric apartment block coming up on their left, and remarks that it would be a good place to see the event. They drive into the apartment block, around to the rear parking lot, park facing the WTC, get out and climb on top of the van with their cameras, which by a lucky coincidence they just happen to have with them, just before a couple of witnesses look out of their windows and see the Israelis kneeling atop the van.

The evidence on Section 3 page 67 shows that the lady who telephoned the main eyewitness to inform her of the disaster was actually prompted to look out of the window by the sound of the impact or explosion as the first plane slammed into the North Tower at approximately 8:46:30 a.m. Thus, assuming it took her two minutes to scan the area before observing the smoking WTC, she then “immediately” went to telephone her friend. Assuming that took a minute, and it took her friend another minute to grab her binoculars, look out the window, and see the van parked with the celebrating Israelis kneeling on its roof, this occurred at approximately 8:50 to 8:51.

This estimate of a four-minute delay for the eyewitness is likely to be on the high side. The eyewitness testified that she was listening to WINS 1010, the local AM news radio station, before receiving her telephone call and going to look out of her window, and she did not hear any news about the WTC. James Faherty broke the news on WINS, and this is how he describes it:

James Faherty, Anchor, WINS-AM, New York

I was seated behind the studio microphone, listening to a prerecorded report on some lawsuit du jour, when a 1010 WINS assignment editor’s voice, in extremely urgent tones, came over my earpiece: “A plane has crashed into the World Trade Center! Breaking news now! Go to Joan Fleischer, live on the phone!” I interrupted the taped segment that was airing, and announced the bulletin. Fleischer, a 1010 WINS account executive, lived just blocks away from the World Trade Center, and was standing on the roof of her building, cell phone in hand.


This is corroborated by another report:

From her rooftop on North Moore Street, Fleischer was very close to the Towers. She noticed a plane flying much lower than she had ever seen in the NYC skies, and knew what was going to happen. Instead of calling the police or fire department, she called the WINS newsroom and spoke to Mason.

“As I said, ‘There’s going to be a plane crash,’ the plane tilted to the left and slammed into the building,” says Fleischer, who now works for WINS’ sister station, WCBS 880. “As I said, ‘crash,’ it hit.”

Mason did the logical thing: He called Fleischer back from a line that could be patched into the studio on the air. In Fleischer, WINS had someone from the station, albeit not a reporter, with a bird’s eye view of the carnage as it was unfolding. Had it been just a regular caller, the station would not have gone with such a live report.


Audio of the WINS live report is available from the above link. The clip is nearly eight minutes in duration, and there is no mention of the second impact by the end of the clip. Since the second impact occurred at approximately 9:03, that would set an absolute latest time of 8:55 for WINS to have broken the news of the first impact. However, how long does it take a news radio station to go live on important breaking news when they have a trusted witness at the scene and have to call her back from another line and inform the anchorman? Probably about as long as it takes for someone to hear a plane crash, look out the window, scan the area, see the smoking WTC, call a friend and tell her the WTC is on fire and to look out of the window. Or about as long as it takes for a painter in an apartment block to see or hear a plane crash, and to walk to his colleague in an adjacent apartment and tell him to look out of a window, “less than 5 minutes” after the first impact. From Section 5, page 25:

[Blank] and his [blank] are [blank] for Doric Towers. On the morning of 9/11/01 [blank] was painting in Apartment [blank] Less than 5 minutes after the 1st plane hit the North tower of the World Trade Center [blank] comes to Apartment [blank] and informs [blank] of the disaster. [Blank] stands up from painting the baseboard, looks out of the window, and notices 3 young men taking video and still photographs from atop the roof of the parking garage adjoining Doric Towers. He also see [sic] a white utility van next to the men and a brown van further behind. There were no other people in the parking lot at that time. He believes this occurred between 9:00am and 9:10am. [Blank] exits apartment [blank] and goes to his apartment at [blank] which takes approximately 5 minutes. He looks out of the window and sees both towers on fire. After 6 to 7 minutes he goes to another window in his apartment and sees that the men and both the white and brown van gone.

So, in the scenario of the Israelis just happening to drive past the apartment block just after the first impact, it’s just feasible that they might have received a telephone call, driven into the apartment block, around to the rear parking lot, got out with their cameras, and climbed atop the van, in time for the witnesses to observe them. That still wouldn’t explain why the Israelis regarded a plane crash to be such an amusing, joyous event. It’s also highly credible that an apartment block resident would, after learning the WTC was on fire, “immediately” telephone her friend and neighbor whom she knew would be able to get a good view from her apartment. It’s not so likely that an Israeli, after quickly learning of a plane crash, say, because he just happened to be at the scene at the time, would be motivated to “immediately” call an Israeli friend who worked as a “mover”, when the mover could by definition be almost anywhere and quite probably at a location that did not provide a view of the WTC. And local residents would be expected to take a greater interest in a plane crashing into a local building just across the river, compared to someone who was on a “working holiday” in a foreign land and had no ties to the area. However, it didn’t happen like that. The Israelis claim to have been at their 3 West 18th Street, Weehawken workplace when receiving the news of the first plane crash. Almost certainly, they were already atop the van at the Doric apartment block’s rear parking lot with their cameras, in time to videotape the initial impact, but they perceived various alibis of being anywhere but Doric at the time of the “incident” as less incriminating.

Assuming Ellner’s friend is inexplicably remarkably quick in telephoning him with the news; it took a minute for one Israeli to read about the first plane crash on as another Israeli read about it on the Israeli news site; a minute for the three of them to make the collective decision that a plane crash was worth “documenting” for “history” and to gather up their cameras and run out to the van; four minutes for the journey in the rush hour as they select their vantage point on the fly (and Sivan Kurzberg said they were “caught in heavy traffic”, so Google Maps’ minimum time of four minutes is probably optimistic given the time of around 08:50 a.m.); and a minute to drive into the apartment complex and around to the rear parking lot, park facing the WTC, get out and climb on top the van with their cameras; then the news would have to have been posted at the CNN and Israeli news websites seven minutes before the 1010 WINS local news radio station announced it on air. So both websites have it up as early as 8:48, even seconds before CNN TV footage cuts into an advert with breaking news, and WINS is as late as 8:55, the latest possible time given that the second impact hadn’t occurred at almost eight minutes into the WINS live commentary on the first impact. It’s a preposterous scenario. WINS even had one of their account executives on scene who was already speaking on her cell phone to the WINS newsroom as the first plane crashed. Moreover, even in the least improbable of the many conflicting versions of events claimed by the Israelis, they spend a “few minutes”, not one minute, reading about the event on the internet before going outside. Thus, even the least improbable Israeli version of events requires a suspension of the laws of causality and General Relativity. But that is at least consistent with the government conspiracy theory’s requirement for a suspension of the laws of thermodynamics, thermochemistry, probability, etc.


Ellner firstly attemped an alibi in which he stopped to get gas en route from Urban Moving Systems to Doric. That had to be abandoned, since it allowed even less likelihood of arriving and getting on top the van early enough to be observed by the eyewitnesses. Similarly, Sivan Kurzberg’s claim about going up on Urban’s roof and then getting “caught in heavy traffic” might have sounded good at the time, but did not allow for the fact that they’d been sighted too early to make such alibis feasible. And the same for Shmuel’s story about being on the “West Side Highway” in New York City. In the early stages of their arrest and subsequent questioning, they would not have known when and where they had been seen by someone who regarded their behavior as sufficiently “puzzling” to report it, so would not have known which alibis could work.

So if Ellner got his telephone call at around 8:05 to 8:10 or they quickly browsed the internet – e.g. logged on to Odigo – for confirmation, stopped at the Gulf gas station on the way, and were perhaps caught in heavy traffic at one point, prompting Kurzberg’s statement, that would still leave plenty of time to be set up to capture the first impact at 08:46 to 08:47. And it would be consistent with the witness who saw a white van with no windows park in a space at the Doric rear parking lot at around 8:15, assuming that estimate was a little early.

All the individuals, Israelis and non-Israelis alike, tend to be 10 or 15 minutes out with their recollections of absolute time, but the known facts point to Ellner receiving his information well in advance of the first impact at around 08:46:30. However, there is no need for speculation. It is obvious that one or more of the Israelis had foreknowledge of the first plane crash into WTC1 (hence their four-to-five-minute journey and setting up with their cameras on the roof of the van at the Doric parking lot, all before the local news radio station had broken the news), the second plane crash into WTC2 (hence the requirement for a vantage point such as the Doric parking lot, which provided “a view of the entire length of both towers”, their knowledge that the event would be worth “documenting” for “history”, and their joy and celebrations prior to the second impact), and the fact that there would not be a third crash within fifteen minutes or so of the second (hence their decision to leave the parking lot “a few minutes” after they claimed to have arrived, probably just after taking video of the second plane approach and impact).

Once the Israelis were safely home in Israel, they were able to work on their alibis, albeit much too late. At 3:56 in this video, Paul Kurzberg claims they heard about the (first) plane crash on the news and at first thought it was an accident. He says, “We went up to the roof of Urban Moving and we saw the building burning”. Yaron Shmuel, attempting to justify their decision to travel to the apartment complex, says, “There is a better view from a building in Jersey which is up a hill, a straight line to the World Trade Center. We decided to go up there, it’s like, two, three minutes from the office”.

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