Evidence of Gas Bursting from the Chambers of Doom

More outstanding work from the tireless and inimitable Winston Smith.  Also, don’t miss the Evil Nazi Bicycle Races in the Gas Chambers!

Sunday, 24 July 2011

How many of the six million ended up in the US?

After WW2, 90% of immigration visas for the United States, for people from Central and Eastern Europe, were issued to folks from countries recently under Nazi rule, but now controlled by the Soviets. I wonder who they were.

The Reader’s Digest – January 1957

1.8 – 2.2 million Jews escaped the Nazis into Russia

Cover of the June 9, 1945 edition of Collier’s

In this edition of Collier’s magazine (available for $59 plus p+p) Freiling Foster wrote of the the Jews in Russia: “2,200,000 have migrated to the Soviet Union since 1939 to escape from the Nazis,” source


The mass emigration of Jews into Russia is corroborated by this 1943 newspaper article, which merely reported on what leading Jewish groups were claiming.

The Sunday Morning Star – Aug 29, 1943

Germany’s Jews went to Latin America prior to WW2

The surely authoritative World Jewish Congress published in 1948 a book about themselves entitled Unity in Dispersion: A History of the World Jewish Congress.  It states:”The majority of German Jews succeeded in leaving Germany before the war broke out and a substantial number of them settled in Latin American countries.”