French Catholic Resistance to Jesus-Mocking ‘Theatre’ Doubling Each Day

“It started with a dozen or so Catholics from Renouveau Francais. Then more came along to replace those who had been arrested. By Tuesday night there were more than 150. Last night there were more than 300. The riot police treat the French Catholics with brutality, and arrest everyone in sight including priests, but every night the number of protesters has doubled. Doubtless there will be an even larger number tonight.”

From the blog Soutien aux Militants

Bertrand Delanoë, the mayor of Paris, and Emmanuel Demarcy-Mota, the director of the theatre of the city, have just carried felt sorry for against of tens of young Christians.

Their crime? They did not want to let a representation of Christ be soiled with excrement then lacerated under the applause of a crowd. So they entered the theater, took to the stage and held a banner and endured the insults and obscenities from the crowd.

Shown to have blocked freedom of expression, each one of between them is liable, under the terms of Article 431-1 of the penal code, to one to three years of prison and  fines from 15.000 to 45.000 euros.  Additionally, they will have to pay court fees.

C’ is a scandalous repression with l’ opposition to all these Christians. Wounded in their faith, their insubordination was treated with a disproportionate and completely unjust violence.

These young people acted with humility and bravery. They find aujourd’ today nailed with the media pilori: the World, Release, Humanity, Rue89, Nouvel Observateur, Télérama and the Cross denounce them jointly and indistinctly. It n’ is jusqu’ with the government, in the person of the Minister for the culture Frederic Mitterrand, which n’ there goes from its judgment.

They have all sudden police custodies. A score d’ hours for some; forty-eight hours – the legal maximum – for d’ others. It is obvious that n’ is not without consequences on their professional situation. Several already lost their employment. Another, young father, received a warning of his employer and risks also d’ to be bachelor. Demonstrators were wounded by CRS; particularly one whose leg was crushed because a police van.

The youth of France should not bend. For that, it needs your assistance so that, tomorrow, it can still carry its convictions high and defend its values.