German 101: Master Krampe Paddles Young Felton

This highly informative exchange is part of a series of communications at ZCF’s.  Greg Felton has done some fine work, but Master Krampe is forced to employ the paddle for the student’s benefit.  Young Felton exits school room very sore.

Greg Felton: This is just stupid. Reimagining Hitler as a “good guy” takes historical revision into dishonesty.

Hans Krampe: After more than three quarters of a century of vicious and totally one-sided slander of Adolf Hitler, not to mention the brutal persecution of people who make an honest effort at revising the history of the victors and the suppression of their findings, only a brainwashed idiot would claim dishonesty on the part of revisionists.

GF: No, I’m just not a gullible idiot.

HK: But a useful one.

GF: Amazing how none of Hitler’s psychoses or the Nazi party’s violent past got a mention.

HK: What psychoses, Freud? The “Nazi party” wasn’t just a party, it was a movement and its take over of the power to govern was a REVOLUTION, Einstein. And, amazingly, a relatively bloodless one. A relatively non-violent revolution like that had never happened in all the history of the world.

GF: You froth like a raving bigot! Just because Hitler hated Jews does not make him rational. I can refute a great deal of the article, especially because it is ONE-SIDED and deliberately ignores contrary evidence.

HK: “One-sided” articles, practically the constant anti-German tsunami, maintained for nearly a hundred years, is what you offer us as “objective” facts, like a good old ignorant parrot, implying that all the pros and cons of two opposing sides have been properly considered. What’s your “contrary evidence” in support of that claim?

Hitler didn’t hate the Jews at all. His bodyguard and chauffeur — and first SS man — was Emil Maurice, a Jew. His most trusted Field-Marshal was General von Manstein, a Jew, as was his Air Marshal, Milch. The line is quite long, over 150 000 Jewish individuals.

It was ignorant Jews, like you, who hated AH, not the other way around.

GF: It is a standard tactic of the true believer to regurgitate unsubstantiated claims and talk down to his critics.

HK: You’ve got that right, and you’re here the living proof of it.

GF: Jews weren’t the only ones who wrote history, so YOUR ad hominem use of “Jew” pretty much discredits you as a rational commenter on Hitler or WW2.

HK: No, they weren’t the only ones. But they were the fabricators and the corruptors of useful goyim idiots to drown the public with their “history” in their media and their “educational” brainwashing programs, such as their bogus “de-Nazification” in Germany and their Holocaust indoctrination dogma imposed on little impressionable pre-school children today. Ever heard of Kaufman and Morgenthau before? Are they the good guys in your mind??

GF: ALL? Gee, how do you know? Did any Nazis lie? Did ANY Jews tell the truth about anything?

HK: How one knows? Since it is practically a given that the history of the victors is hogwash, one finds credible sources and one researches them; such as forensic, documentary (in governmental archives) and physical evidence, based on science, common sense and the laws of physics. One does not just uncritically regurgitate unsubstantiated and mostly ludicrous allegations, like you do, and then claim supreme knowledge.

Did Adolf Hitler lie? Neither in his book “Mein Kampf” nor to the German people, at least not in matters of importance and certainly not like your crop of “Truthers”.

Did Jews lie? They do this all the time: 90% truth mixed with 10% bullshit, or worse. It’s the MO of the accomplished liar. The whole world has already clued in on that.

GF: The unsophisticated, polemical site you sent paints a rosy picture of Hitler as being nothing more than a champion of Germans and a good guy fighting the “New World Oder,” a term that didn’t exist then! Here is an excerpt from one of my recent pieces. Unless you endorse fascism, you have to accept my argument:

HK: Perhaps the truth would be more palatable to you in a sophisticated and glitzy format? Does the format somehow change the truth?

Hitler was indeed the champion of the German people. That’s why the German people loved him. To say otherwise is willful denial at best. There can be no doubt about that. A comparison between Hitler and Stalin is impossible, on that ground alone. Stalin was an unspeakable ego-tripping menace and the Russian people were terrified of him.

That’ll be the day, when anybody in his right mind will accept your twist of things.

Adolf Hitler was the good guy, no doubt about that, and the documentary record of diplomatic exchanges confirms it. Mahatma Ghandi said of Hitler: “I’m not worhty to carry his water.” What do you think he might have said of Churchill? Or Stalin??

GF: In five short articles, Hitler’s Enabling Act usurped the German Republic’s legitimate democratic government to create the Nazi dictatorship.

HK: Legitimate, my ass. It was a form of government imposed under duress by the Versailles treaty in which the Jews were the instrumental ringleaders, intent on annihilating Germany and all Germans, a continuation of war by other means. You’ve got to be deaf, dumb and blind not to have noticed. Talk about dishonesty!!

GF: Thanks to Germany’s feeble-minded president Paul von

Hindenburg, all financial and political power was now under the absolute control of Hitler’s cabinet; that is, Hitler himself. The Reichstag (the German House of Commons) was rendered impotent, although the façade of democratic continuity was preserved. The Act reads, in part:

HK: Is that your idea of accuracy? Hindenburg may have been frail of health due to his age, but feeble minded he was only in Jewish propaganda, for specious reasons, obviously. The Weimar Reichstag didn’t need to be rendered impotent by anybody. It simply was all by itself, period. Hitler just took it out of its misery.

The “democratic” parliament of the Weimar Republic, which formed 23 successive governments, from 1919 to 1932 — the longest one lasting all of 7 months — attracted by its very nature a self-serving herd of opportunists, who took advantage of the irresistible chance to feed at the trough; with a membership of 37 parties and their 3000 deputies, representing 22 regional states and 3 free cities. The cabinet alone consisted of 112 ministers, all happy to be away from the misery in the streets, haggling and palavering endlessly and ineffectively about a multitude of incompatible, contradictory, petty and self-serving interests. Germany, in this multifarious configuration within the parliamentary democracy of the Weimar Republic, proved to be ungovernable.

You labor under a misconception. Hitler was not in absolute control on his appointment to chancellor, merely the leader of the majority (38%) in the Reichstag. While the Reich government was very busy at the time dealing with the Jewish declaration of total war on Germany on March 24, 1933, Acts that had proven to be an impediment to efficient governance were deleted, and rightfully so.

After he had LEGITIMATELY outlawed the subversive and bolshevik controlled KPD and eliminated divisions in government on party and regional lines, AH requested the people’s permission through a referendum for total control over four years, to deal with the disastrous conditions “achieved” by your “legitimate” democratic Weimar government after 14 years of incompetent and chaotic mob rule.

There was a voter turnout of over 99% and a vote of confidence of over 98%, internationally supervised, I might add. How more democratic can you get?! By the way, there were five more referenda conducted by AH, all internationally supervised and all with the same level of participation and outcome. How many referenda, on anything, have you seen in your lifetime in your “democratic” country, pray tell?

GF: The aforementioned repealed articles concerned the legislative and oversight authority of the Reichstag and the Reichsrat (Senate). You see the disconnect between democratic appearance and fascist reality.

HK: There was no disconnect whatsoever in AH’s government, especially not from the people of Germany. On the contrary, just view the photographic and cimatographic evidence of the time. The German people were elated to have Adolf Hitler as their leader. His popularity arose from his implementation of what the people wanted with all their hearts . . . and much more. There can be no doubt about that. The Jews, especially those among the future allies, were fuming, of course, and went on, with irrational malice, to slander their perceived “corpus delicti”, Adolf Hitler, and haven’t stopped to this day. Talk about mass psychosis.

As usual, among the champions of the Jewish version of the victors, you have to stand historical facts on their heads. It was the Weimar republic who maintained pretensions of demoracy, and the results obviously show that it was her who was disconnected from the lot of the people.

GF: With the passage of The Enabling Act, Hitler proceeded to attack all political opposition by suspending civil liberties and the right of peaceable assembly, and revoking private property rights, among other things.

HK: Here, again, you parrot the familiar version you uncritically accept as the truth. The Weimar governments, all 23 of them, had used Article 48, legislating by decree. The only difference between Article 48 and the Enabling Act was that the Reichspresident relinquished his right to veto. Considering the abysmal situation in Germany when AH took over, the as yet untried alternative the NS [National Socialists] offered was the only viable answer. It proved to be spectacularly successful, unsurpassed to this day; though almost matched by the late Muammar Ghaddafi’s policies in Lybia. He was massacred for the same reasons and in the same manner as the Germans in 1945 and beyond, which goes to show what happens when “democracies”, even with oversight authorities intact, go berserk.

“All attacks on political opposition” and “suspensions of civil liberties” in your argument boiled simply down to stopping the subversive “liberties and political opposition” of communists under the leadership of Karl Liebknecht and and Rosa Luxembourg, Moscow financed, led and indoctrinated.They were anrything but “peaceful”; after all, they had been brutally attacking National Socialists from the get-go for decades — which soon necessitated the creation of the SA to fight back — with the SA suffering hundreds of casualties.

As to the suspension of “private property rights”, it applied to “properties acquired” by foreign predators through criminal means and used for speculative purposes, as well as all the valuable assets that had been grabbed during the wild currency speculations of the 1920s by foreign interests, resulting in hyper-inflation, amply assisted by the Deutsche Reichsbank under the control of largely Jewish governorship and panicky Weimar incompetence. The German people’s love for Hitler was to no small extend rooted in that very act, namely of restoring their proper ownership back to them and securing it by legislation for future generations.

The Weimar Twenties were a period of unmitigated criminal plunder and you, Felton, seem to believe that’s the way it should be, worldwide.

GF: Whereas Hitler was surgical and open in his fascist destruction of German Democracy.

HK: Democracy seems to be your most sacred cow, to be untouchable. I could understand that, if it were an effective form of government of the people. But with the mass media being what they are (a lying, mis- and dis-informing manipulative system of brainwashing and dumbing down of the masses) and the creation of money in the hands of criminal, largely Jewish hoodlums, democracy turns out to be the easily subverted and abused opportunity for mafioso rule it is today. Unless the public has access to real uncensored information, democracy is merely a fancy word for window dressing in the interests of despotic maggots and traitors; witness the conditions of the ostensibly democratic nations of the former allies today.

In NS Germany people had access to all the information they wanted to know. Foreign ownership of the media was outlawed — and people like you, Felton, were shown the door, with severance pay and pensions intact. They had had their chance to be informative scribes and they blew it, with the German people suffering horrendously as a consequence.

You, Felton, are just another one of those run-of-the-mill hate mongering Jids, busy obfuscating and distorting. ZCF is right on the money with that article and you demonstrate the usual Jewish response when you’re confronted with irrefutable facts, like . . .

GF: oh, fuck off!

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