The Golden Dawn in Italy

Oh dear. Greece has the Golden Dawn Party (an actual political party in the government) and now Italy has the similar “5-Star Movement” (likewise a political party in the government).

Both oppose austerity. Both are populist. Both want to dump the euro. Both favor environmental consciousness, direct democracy, free access to the Internet, and anti-corruption. Both are rapidly growing in strength.

Both are denounced by the 1% and by idiots in general as “Nazis, extremists, fascists, etc etc etc.”

Oh…the “5-Star Movement” are also denounced as “mafiosi.” :-)

Italy’s “5-Star Movement” polled first in Sicilian regional elections that were marked by low turnout and the threat of gridlock, as no political coalition won an outright parliamentary majority.

In a vote that could serve as a barometer for the national elections due by April 2013, Beppe Grillo’s 5 Star Movement got 14.8 percent, according to data from over 80 percent of polling stations posted on the region’s website today. That makes it the biggest political force in Sicily, and the second biggest force in Italy. The Democratic Party, or PD, received 13.4 percent of the vote and former premier Silvio Berlusconi’s People of Liberty got 12.2 percent.

The vote took place 28 Oct 2012 in Italy’s poorest region, where the jobless rate is almost twice the national average. The early election was called after the resignation of regional President Raffaele Lombardo, who was indicted for alleged links with the Sicilian mafia.

The next Italian general election will be to determine the 630 members of the Chamber of Deputies and the 315 elective members of the Senate, the two houses of the Italian parliament. Unless a snap election is called, the election will be held in April 2013.

As punishment for the “5-Star Movement’s” electoral gains, Fitch Ratings downgraded Sicily’s long- and short-term ratings with a negative outlook. 

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