Gulf of Mexico oil disaster – “it’s not a leak, it’s a volcano of oil”

Gulf of Mexico oil “spill” (actually a geyser shooting up nearly a million gallon/day) is destined to be one of the greatest man-caused environmental catastrophes in the history of mankind.

It isn’t just BP, it’s the criminal enterprises of Goldman Sachs and U.S. Department of Interior that chose to exploit by shorting against the oil disaster (the former) and permissive ‘rubber-stamp‘ attitude with exemptions and waivers regarding off-shore oil drilling safety & procedure regulation (the latter).

The effect of this disaster will be felt in terms of negative economic and ecological impact.

Wildlife and tourist & fishing industry lose big time. Seafood price may be marked up soon.

Corporate recklessness and irresponsibility in quest to exploit “black gold” disregarding regulatory safeguard — condoned by a corrupt government, no less — continues to damage and destroy the Earth with catastrophe after ecological catastrophe in mining, chemical, air exhaust, etc while withholding the revolutionary technologies in reliable, affordable, and least damaging renewable energy and no-fuel transportation, only because exorbitant profiteering is all that matter.

“Greed is good,” indeed.

Nepos Libertas