Is the influence of Talmudic law on US courts a cause for concern?

Most readers of this blog and our website are not interested in purchasing a copy of the latest issue of this writer’s Revisionist History newsletter no. 53, “Supreme Court Justice Elena Kagan’s Talmudic Imperative.”

This issue of Revisionist History concerns an analysis of what will be the Talmudic legal method of the new Supreme Court Justice Elena Kagan.

In light of the enormous national concern on the part of the Republican Right wing regarding the alleged threat of the imposition of Islamic Sharia Law on America, why is there such apathy about the ongoing imposition of Talmudic law on American jurisprudence?

Kagan, for reasons documented in Revisionist History newsletter no. 53, will step up the intensity of Talmudic influence on the nation’s highest court in terms of judicial activism and deference to recent precedent, rather than fixed principles as reflected in conservative jurisprudence, i.e. strict constructionism of the Constitution. Intrinsic to the Talmudic law is a situation ethics inimical to any return to the original intent of Constitutional law.

Is your lack of interest in studying the imposition of Talmudic law on the Federal courts due to the fact that you already know all about the existence of Talmudic situation ethics and you can intelligently document it in order to alert others as to how it is shaping and manipulating Federal law?

Or, unlike the energized American Right wing which is marching against Islam’s Sharia law, have you simply given up when it comes to Judaism’s Talmudic law and feel that the issue itself is not important, or the details of how it comes about are not of interest? In that case, how do you propose that we curb it?

Or do you imagine that sooner or later I will reveal the Talmudic legal philosophy Kagan will use, here in this blog, free of charge? Out of respect for the paying subscribers of my hard copy newsletter who make my writing possible, and without whom both Revisionist History newsletter and this blog would be defunct, I can assure you that the latter assumption is groundless.

I am always interested in determining why it is that the enemies of Truth, such as the Zionist Republicans who aid and abet the growth of Talmudic power over our court system — prevail — in this case, with their policy of misdirecting American vigilance over unconstitutional and alien influence on the judiciary toward Islamic law and away from rabbinic law.

It seems that, if the apathy toward studying Revisionist History newsletter no. 53 is any accurate indicator, then it would perhaps be our own fault that kosher conservatives are controlling the populist grassroots revolt, since they energetically engage against what they claim is the imminent threat from Sharia Law, while on our side we are too dull or exhausted to thoroughly understand and then engage against the implementation of Talmudic law now underway.

Source:  On the Contrary