Israeli Arsonist Sets Patagonia National Park Ablaze

Patagonia Belongs to the Jews, said an Israeli Living in Chile. Read more

An Israeli soldier set fire to the “Torres del Paine” national park in the southern region of Patagonia in Chile on past 28 December 2011, allegedly while “burning toilet paper”. Meanwhile (3 January 2012), the fire has consumed between 12.000 and “at least 20.000” hectares of forest according to reports from Chilean media . Current status (Twitter, in Spanish) .

The Torres del Paine National Park has been set ablaze and the poor Chileans have lost a major source of national pride and income. The international community and the major “friends of nature” remained silence, watching the fire devour the most beautiful paradise of nature on the earth. The WWF only issued an opinion stating that “this time we can’t inculpate the tourist as in previous fires”. Is this so because the culprit is an israeli? The “Torres del Paine” park covers about 2400 square kilometers with ecosystems, integrating terrestrial and marine landscapes such as glaciers, rivers and lakes, and many kinds of birds of prey and species of mammals. The park attracts about one hundred thousand visitors yearly.

The Israeli military censors immediately banned the correspondents working for international newspapers, TV and media from reporting about the truth and true extent of what Israeli military officer, Rotem Singer (???? ?????) of the IDF, a resident of Ness Ziona (??? ????), did. He burnt down between “over 11,000 hectares” (initial reports) and “over 20.000 hectares” (reported today 3 January) of the best-known Chilean Environmental Sanctuary, the National Park Torres del Pain in Patagonia. Singer returned to the hostel where he and his unit were staying in the nearby city of Puerto Natales to eat and have fun while the flames were swallowing the plants birds and animals in the National Park. Singer was arrested last Saturday on “suspicion of involvement in causing a fire” and then released on bail of US$ 300 a few hours after the arrest and is now under “limited freedom”, on condition that he signs at the police once a week. That he and his unit returned to the city to party for 2 days after setting the fire was apparently seen as exculpatory by the prosecutor.


“Ness Ziona” is the name given by Russian Haganah terrorists to the (razed) Palestinian village of Hanin (also Wadi Hunayn) which was inhabited by the Mhanna clan. The Russian jewish terrorists destroyed it completely and built on its ruins of the settlement of “Ness Ziona”. The Palestinian Arab owners and inhabitants were murdered or expelled (ethnically cleansed).

All reports in Chilean and Israeli media about this crime are very soft in stance, and the issue is apparently not reported anywhere else. The Israeli military censors require media to publish ONLY one falsified version of the story, both locally in Israel and in the international media, about the crime of the Israeli combat officer Rotem Singer. They ONLY version published in media on which they have influence (most), if at all, is that the criminal soldier Singer is a scapegoat of the Chilean government and that he is a young tourist, innocent like a baby sucking on a pacifier. The Israeli zionist media even complained against the “anti-semitic” Chileans who referred to poor crybaby Singer and the other israeli “tourists” with harmful words such as “judios de mierda” (“shitty jews”, very derogatory in spanish) or “judios hediondos” (“stinking jews” referring to their hygiene habits) and similar curses after Singer got out detention!

The reason why the Israeli military censors the news about Singers’s work as a soldier at the Israeli army is related to the last scandal caused by an Israeli soldier, namely the spy agent officer Ilan Chaim Grappelli / Grapel (???? ????), who was arrested in Egypt for inciting Egyptians to illegal acts, namely storming the headquarters of the security and to steal documents kept there. Grapel was later identified through reports published by the Hebrew newspapers stating that he was an officer in the Israeli army and that he had taken part in the Lebanon war of 2006. The arrest of Grapel in Egypt and the expose of his military work cost Israel very high price. It led to the exchange of 25 Egyptian prisoners, most of them drug dealers and petty criminals who were captured by Israel at the Sinai border, who were released from the Israeli jails in exchange for Grapel, and a high loss in the court of international public opinion.

Israel sent Yehezkel Singer (?????? ?????), Rotem’s father and consul GanOr (???? ?????) to Puerto Natales to “handle the case of the Israeli soldier”, what means to cover his crime, silence reporting, defuse any possible court procedures possibly to try and bribe politicians, authorities, etc., like in a case in the Republic of Georgia where they tried to bribe the Deputy Finance Minister to persuade him to abandon the appeal of a case brought by the Georgian state in an arbitration decision of the World Bank which had been in favor of somebody else.

To compare attitudes, in 2005 a Czech tourist caused a fire in the same park. Despite having no part in this (because they don’t send their soldiers around the world on infiltration tours), the Czech Republic “due to feelings of accountability” is helping to recover the damage. Czech government paid Chile nearly $200,000. The israeli attitude is different. Despite having overwhelming part in the responsibility for this disaster, their first reaction of Israel is to orchestrate a campaign of silence, disinformation and sending over the father if the culprit to go together with their consul to “manage” the issue. Knowing the israelis, this most probably means bribing everybody right and left in order to make things go away. Result? According to Israeli media, “Good news for Rotem Singer: Police will investigate if there were other factors involved in provoking the blaze”.

The Foreign Ministry of Israel published on Tuesday Dec. 3 2012, an official statement that addressed the Torres del Paine National Park fire, rejecting Chilean calls for Israel to remunerate Chile for the damages. The ministry said that Israel will plant seedlings in the Chilean nature reserve hit by wildfires but will not send Chile compensation.

The Truth about Singer and the Israeli Units

The truth is that Rotem Singer is soldier with the Israeli army who is identified in the israeli media as “member of a combat unit”, and his brother Ido Singer (???? ?????) is identified as an officer of the IDF. Rotem Singer is said to be either 27 or 23 years old, in any case beyond the age of military service. On the news site of an extremist jewish yeshiva Singers grandfather Gilad Harel (???? ????) tells Yediot Aharonot Hebrew edition that “(Rotem) is a responsible person who served in a combat unit in the army”. His friends at the IDF units and neighbors Dor Cohen and Ernie Cohen from Ness Ziona (??? ????), where he lives, also say that he is a soldier. Singer was sent to Chile in a unit together with four other soldiers, among them short blond female and his friend Mandi Gisser (???? ????) who described “Singer” as being from the same combat unit in the army. That Singer is described as “member of a combat unit” and “soldier” means that he was most probably involved in war crimes and other atrocities against civilians in Lebanon and/or in the West Bank – it means that Chilean authorities are potentially dealing with a war criminal, not with an innocent child.

The unit manned by Singer, Gisser and 3 others was one among uncounted such military units which have been sent from Israel (mainly) to South America, New Zealand, Australia and other destinations since at least the end of the 1970s. These units are sent out under the cover of being “tourists”, supposedly so that these people “have a better understanding of the world”. All their expenses are paid by the army. While the media is portraying Singer as “innocent” and his travel mates as “tourists”, the fact is that all these units travel as small reconnaissance and training units of between 5 to 9 people. There is always an obvious leader who is a few years older than the rest of the team, and who obviously gives orders which are followed, who also administers the money of the unit, and at least one woman, so that the boys don’t get laid by non-jewish girls what would be dangerous because they could “reveal secrets”. In each unit are one or two who speak the native language (Spanish), these are people who have had some intelligence training.

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In Chile, these israeli military units have a long history of troubles and conflict with the population of the places they visit. While their activities are being closely tracked and the national intelligence services and the government is fully informed about their activities – they were described to us as “reconnaissance and insertion units” by somebody in a position to know, they are politically protected, they enjoy virtual immunity and the Chilean commercial media is silent on their activities which have nothing to do with tourism and on the rash of abuses and crimes which these units engage in.

As far as the Chileans in Patagonia are concerned, the burning of the national park is but the latest in an interminable series of abuses and crimes perpetrated by these “tourists”, hence the very appropriate and descriptive “judios de mierda”. Many hotels and businesses do not attend the israelis, a business policy adopted in self-defense, as there is no legal recourse against the israelis – they are evacuated from the country when they get into legal troubles according to accounts. We were asked several times for passport at hostels, and the owners would later tell us that they were sorry but that they do not accept these troublesome “friends of what belongs to others” (“amigos de lo ajeno”).

That Singer and all the other israelis who pose as “hikers” have extensive military and intelligence training renders dubious at best the risible story that “lighting toilet paper” accidentally caused that giant fire. The “Torres del Paine” park is described as very windy, what makes mere “burning toilet paper” unbelievable. It is dubious that toilet paper would be enough to set afire the bush when toilet paper does not sustain flames by itself even under calm wind conditions. Worse even, there is no plausible reason to “burn toilet paper” while underway in a national park.

As we saw in other places when I was in Chile in 2004, people simply do their necessities behind a bush and don’t care, or they go to toilets (which exist at Chilean National parks but are not very clean to say it politely), or they dig a whole in the ground with a field shovel (which many hikers carry) which is later covered. Somebody with extensive military training would know that, and anybody who enters a national park in Chile is confronted with signs or given leaflets explaining security measures, and park personnel will insist that one uses a gas or petroleum stove, or uses only the wood provided at designated camping places, as we experienced at two different parks. The statement by Singer and his buddies that he was “burning toilet paper” is all but a confession to the crime of arson.

After Israel lost their 2006 war of aggression against Lebanon, the IDF instituted a far more aggressive training regime on the soldiers so that “the next time” they would be ready to operate in any terrain. The visits of these “hiker” units in Chile and other countries should also be seen in this context – Israel believes that the reason for their BIG loss in Lebanon in 2006 was lack of adequate training of its soldiers to fight battles between the bushes. It became keen to send its troops to train in the forests and jungles and mountains of different countries under the cover of “tourism”. The israeli government vastly increased their budget for training and sends their people to train in jungle warfare and warfare in other exotic terrains where the IDF believes their soldiers will have to fight the Hezbollah in southern Lebanon, and generally to prepare for “difficult times”.

While the de-facto invasion of Chile and other countries by these units precedes 2006, it is also true that the governments of Chile as well as other countries know about these constant violations of their sovereignty, but chose to keep silence because of either bribery or because they have been subverted by elements who hold zionist interests higher than those of their country, as sadly is the case of most governments today.

Many countries have signed secret or unpublished treaties with Israel on the implementation of these military training tours on their territory. It is known for example that the Chilean military has cooperation agreements with the IDF, but it is not clear about what exactly and in whose interest this cooperation is. The official line is that the IDF finances “travel costs” for up to one year to people after they finish military service so they can “see the world”, and one could expect that the IDF “asks” these people to do intelligence work in return. I personally know of one case of a soldier who was serving in the “civil administration” who went for training outside of israel and later returned to her unit.

I know the israelis well and have some doubts about the outcome of this all “training” anyway. I doubt that they could win in any war or skirmish which involves infantry even moderately. The problem of the IDF is not their lack of training, their problem is that they, from the highest general to the last recruit, are cowards accustomed to having their way with defenseless people, who burst in tears when encountering even moderate opposition. They are good at murdering children, beating up women or elderly people, stabbing donkeys and burning olive orchards, but a real military combat situation is not something they could deal with.

Last year it became known that Israel had established fake villages in the forests of Mount Carmel in Haifa in order to train its criminal soldiers to attack the villages in southern Lebanon. During training, the soldiers burnt the forest of Carmel and several soldiers died in a bus which burnt during the evacuation of the army from the site of the fire. The military censorship imposed a ban on news about the event and declared the area a military zone during the evacuation of IDF troops and their equipment, they also concealed the real reason of the Carmel fire and tried to stick the charges on some young Arab citizens who had not even been in the area, but at the end the israelis fell silent. This was because they knew that the forest burnt because of the irresponsibility of the soldiers who were training at the fake villages in the forest for their next war of agression against Lebanon.

The Israeli Culture of Contempt towards non-jews

Perhaps the most damning circumstance against Singer and his buddies is the pervasive culture (or rather, uncultured) of contempt towards anybody and anything that is not jewish or belongs to a jew which exists among israelis. In their eyes, non-jews are fair game and what does not belong to a jew is to be had by the first one who cares to takes it, and such things can be destroyed at leisure.

In the so-called “Israeli defense army”, israeli soldiers are trained and encouraged to treat others with great hostility and to have contempt for all human beings. The general sentiment of contempt towards others in the israeli society is reinforced. They simply do not recognize the right of human beings to life, they do not sanctify of the lives of others.  They believe that human beings were born to be their slaves and that everything beautiful and valuable in life belongs to them and is a right of Israel only. Because of this posture they desecrate other countries and people casually, in the same way as they behave and do in Palestine. Worse than hatred, they simply do not care because the concept itself of caring for others and their possessions and values is foreign to them.

This uncultured, inculcated in them by their civil and religious authorities from early age, ultimately causes them fail to recognize or understand the principles of “jus cogens”, a set of minimal norms upon which international law is based. These norms are called “jus cogens” because it is assumed that everybody implicitly knows them as a consequence of their human condition, and that to deviate from these minimal norms would be for the transgressor to forfeit their human condition and to deny the condition of humans of the victims. I will leave it to the reader to qualify such a society.

The Israeli soldiers who swarm the towns of Chile, Africa, China, who sell contraband in Japan, who works illegally in the USA, who destroy hotels in Cyprus … have without exception been involved in the commission of crimes against humanity, genocide, ethnic cleansing and assorted horrors as part of their military service in the occupied Palestinian territories, and most of them will go back and continue their criminal career in Palestine as members of the military reserve or the occupation. That is why the israeli soldiers who tour Chile and other countries without military uniform for a while are not able to behave like normal human beings, why they treat others with the same contempt and behave exactly like they behave in Palestine, that is why these people are ready to kill and to perpetrate any crime that pleases them. That is why these people must be regarded as very dangerous.

On the one hand, their system of values is completely different from what is accepted in all other societies, and on the other hand they become accustomed to perpetrating crimes with impunity in Palestine against non-jews. They do not adapt to civilian life in Israel itself, and outside, they think that same rules of cherishing crime against non-jews which they have set up in Palestine are acceptable and that they can do anything to the non-jews around them, just as to us Palestinians. The israeli soldiers are a problem even in Israel. A very high percentage of the IDF soldiers are affected by severe psychological problems. After they finish their military service they can not behave in a normal way in civilian society. They continue being violent and committing crimes. Thousands of IDF soldiers receive psychological rehabilitation in Israel after they finish their military service. Many of them perpetrate crimes against their own families, their wives and children.

Once in Palestine I was driving on my way to Al-Ittihad newspaper in Haifa when I witnessed one of these brutes lose control. One Israeli driver was apparently cut or passed by another one while driving slowly. The offended driver followed the other one and blocked his car, he then proceeded to pull the guy out of his car, beat him brutally and break his head. I later found out that the offender had served with the IDF in the occupied Palestinian territories where the military laws forbid Palestinian drivers to pass the military vehicles, and where anyone who violates this law of the Israeli army, even the colonists, is liable to being shot or in the best of cases can expect a major beating, the destruction of his car and being accused of being a terrorist.

The Israeli army has spoiled and corrupted the Israeli society. There is scant doubt that the IDF soldier Singer set fire to the national park in Chile as a consequence of mental illness and a problematic set of values which allowed him to burn Patagonia with the same nonchalance with which Israeli soldiers burn fields, orchards, whole mountains with olive tree plantations, agricultural lands, houses and buildings of Palestinian farmers. There is no doubt that Singer was in his mind in Palestine when he set Patagonia ablaze, that he never imagined that such an act could have consequences for him.

The questions to ask are: Will Israel own up to the crimes of their soldiers, especially this one, or will they run away from this like scoundrels, as usual? Will the Chilean authorities work in the best interest of their country when resolving this problem, or will they work for zionist interests? Will the words of politicians about this case be of any consequence?

Some of Rotem Singer’s posts on Twitter:

Dec. 13 2011: Arrived in Buenos Aires, the city is amazing and huge!

The hostel is great but the french roomates are not so great.

The suburbs are poor and they look like Shchunat Hatikva, the center is beautiful, looks like Dizengoff.

Dec. 16 2011: I miss the taste of milk in Israel.

In Argentina it’s not so tasty.

In Argentina crossing roads is a much more difficult task than in Israel, the Zchut Kdima is first for the drivers.

The prices of Beer here are ”baritzpa”. 6 pesos for 1 liter.