Man who stabbed NYC cabbie claims he’s Jewish

So how come this isn’t being reported?

Of course, the Wall Street Journal, an extremely zionist banker’s banker’s news agency, dutifully reports that he’s not Jewish, without even questioning how they know that he’s not or why he would make such a bizarre unsolicited claim in the first place.

The following is from a story they ran yesterday titled “Hate Suspect’s Notebook Eyed“:

Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly said the assailant had an empty bottle of Scotch and four notebooks in his bag recovered by police at the scene of the slashing near East 42nd Street. A preliminary review of one notebook showed that Mr. Enright wrote about time he spent as a videographer in Afghanistan where he spent several weeks embedded with Marines, Mr. Kelly said.

Investigators will study the journals “in depth” once a search warrant is obtained, he said. Police found Mr. Enright sprawled out and intoxicated near the taxi in which he allegedly slashed Mr. Sharif on his face, neck and arm, Mr. Kelly said, and the suspect made several statements to police after his arrest.

“You’re violating my constitutional rights,” Mr. Enright screamed, according to Mr. Kelly. He told detectives he was Jewish, Mr. Kelly said, even though Mr. Enright is not Jewish.

A law-enforcement official with knowledge of the case said Mr. Enright, who hails from Brewster, N.Y., repeatedly told arresting officers: “I’m a patriot.”

I’ll bet he is – the question is to which country does this bloodthirsty lunatic pledge his allegiance?

Rasha B. Foda (aka qrswave)