McHolocaust, Inc. to open new franchises in the USA & Belgium

McHolocaust, Inc. continues to enjoy spectacular growth and profits, despite the worsening depression. The industry has already established 69 holo-hoax memorials in the USA and abroad, and plans to open a new franchise in Columbus, Ohio. This will be the first holo-hoax franchise on the grounds of a state capital in the USA.

On 14 Aug 2012 the franchise was approved 13-1 by a special panel of the Capitol Square Review and Advisory Board. The lone dissenter, Ricard Finian, is a champion of the new franchise, but preferred an alternate location at the southeastern corner at Third and State streets. 

The new holo-hoax memorial will be in an open area of the statehouse grounds, across State Street from the Ohio Theatre, and above the underground parking garage. Garage roof supports will have to be strengthened.

Next up will be the solicitation of proposals from artists, to be overseen by the 19-member Ohio Statehouse holo-hoax Memorial Artist Selection Committee. Proposals will be judged on how well they comemorate an event that never happened, in a place 10,000 miles away from Columbus Ohio.

The process for approving Statehouse memorials usually takes several years, but Republican Governor John Kasich fast-tracked the franchise by using legal chicanery, having the proposal inserted into a state budget revision.

Ground breaking for the new franchise is expected to be next spring, with completion slated for 2014.

There will also be a new holo-hoax franchise in Antwerp Belgium.

Mayor Patrick Janssens says, “”It is unacceptable that unlike other European cities, the municipality of Antwerp has never erected a single monument in memory of the history of the Holocaust.”  

Speaking to about 100 people at a ceremony, Janssens announced the plans to build a new franchise and engrave into it the names of ten thousand Antwerp Jews allegedly gassed in the holo-hoax.

Antwerp will also unveil a memorial plaque at City Hall with the text acknowledging the alleged complicity of Antwerp’s municipal authorities in the holo-hoax.

Today, 19 Aug 2012, several hundred people from Poland, Israel and Germany began a “March of Life” to uphold holo-hoax lies and Jewish supremacy.

The march began at Auschwitz, and includes fifty people who claim to be descendants of Nazi SS officers.

Participants will visit Auschwitz, Treblinka, Belzec, Majdanek, Chelmno, Sobibor, Warsaw and Kielce. The main ceremony will be on August 23 in Warsaw. Special guest will be Lia Shemtov, a deputy speaker of the Israeli Knesset.

Similar holo-hoax marches have taken place in more than 80 cities in 12 countries.

In other news, Nassau County has signed a 20-year lease extension with the Holo-Hoax Memorial in Glen Cove, New York (loctaed on Long Island, 10 miles from New York City).

The county has owned the property, commonly known as the Welwyn Preserve, since 1975, and leases the land and the building to the Center for only $1 per year.

The hoax museum, which opened in 1993, extols Jewish supremacy.  Since 2007, nearly 180,000 people have participated in the center’s indoctrination programs, including 130,000 impressionable students.