Mind poisons: Antidepressants and School Shootings, Suicide, Addiction

Sent with thanks from V’man

To sound like a broken record – of course none of these reports will say:

“These psychotic drugs are being pushed and peddled by the Jewish Criminal Network JCN to break down society, destroy individuals, and families and as part of their JWO Jew World Order agenda to destroy the planet and every one of our souls. And people ought to read the Protocols of the Lerned Elders of Zion for further description of these elitists demonic Jews.”

Interesting how these caring doctors openly talk about continuing to dish out this evil crap, even though they know the effects they have. Classic cognitive dissonance. Well’ perhaps a little bit of poison is ok. They have their lifestyle to maintain after all.

Ultimately we become what we absorb on every level