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Biden: Germany is 'xenophobic'

US Vice President Joe Biden suggested Germany was hostile towards immigrants in a speech on Tuesday, in which he described the US as the only "non-xenophobic" major economy in the world.

In the speech in Washington DC at the National Association of Manufacturers' annual summit, Biden said the US needed to reform immigration policy to maintain its competitive edge.

“We have to pass an anti-immigration bill. Look at Germany. Look at the rest of the world. We're the only non-xenophobic nation in the world that's a major economy,” he said.

However, the facts would seem to disagree with Biden's thoughts about Germany. It is an increasingly popular destination for immigrants, suggesting it has an open immigration policy.

Source and full story: The Local (Germany), 11 June 2014


Isn't it strange how The Bidenator doesn't make such critical speeches when he is over receiving his instructions in the capital of xenophobia, Israel?

Biden is not only foolish and ignorant: he's blind too. Or is he simply dishonest? As dishonest as any US politician can be?

The US is the xenophobic State par excellence; US does not welcome immigrants to rescue them, but to exploit them, to transform them into slaves.


R. Sooriamoorthy

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