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Its "anti-semite" oop north

Yorkshire among worst regions as anti-Semitic attacks increase

Yorkshire Post, 5 February 2010

A record number of anti-Semitic attacks is "deeply troubling," Prime Minister Gordon Brown warned today as Yorkshire was named as one of the worst regions for incidents targeting Jewish communities.

More than 924 reports of bigoted violence and abuse nationwide were received last year by the Jewish Community Security Trust (CST) which monitors anti-Semitism in Britain.

The catalogue of incidents across the country included one in West Yorkshire where strips of bacon were arranged in the shape of a star of David and stuck to the fence of a family's home, along with derogatory graffiti.

Leeds was among one of the areas reporting the highest number of incidents – 35 of the region's total of 43 in figures which the charity said were the worst since records began in 1984.

Researchers said the surge was fuelled by the ground invasion of Gaza by Israeli forces in January 2009.

Almost a quarter of incidents included some form of reference to the controversial conflict. The fighting was marked by protests around the world.

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Very clever! A bacon khazar star.

I wonder if I can work that into a recipe presentation?

You don't have to be a jew, and you don't have to love bacon (but it helps). you just have to support jews like me who love bacon and bacon products. applewood smoked, canadian, good ol' farmer john, all bacon lovers welcome.

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