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Louisiana Closing Beaches After Thick Oil Washes Ashore - video

As the gooey mess washes up on beaches, the promised BP clean up crews are nowhere in sight. No surprises there, huh?


"everything in that marsh is DEAD tonight"


But wait...Obama comes to the rescue! This just in from the BBC...

Obama names oil-spill panel heads

"President Barack Obama has named two political veterans to head an independent US commission investigating the Gulf of Mexico oil spill, amid criticism of the government's response."

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I'm certain all the residents of the Gulf Coast (persons, fish and fowl) are breathing a sigh of relief now that "two political veterans" will be dispatched to clean up the mess. Can Obama fix this? Yes he can! Yes we can!

But shouldn't his FIRST priority be to send the National Guard -or- FEMA -or- the Army Corps of Engineers down the beaches and start shoveling up the oil? Does this sound a little backward to you?




This is the nail in the coffin for marine life!

The ocean world is one big food chain. Marine creatures have symbiotic (mutually beneficial) relationships. The bottom of that chain are the filter feeders. The filter feeders (also known as suspension feeders) are animals that feed by straining suspended matter and food particles from water, typically by passing the water over a specialized filtering structure. Some animals that use this method of feeding are corals, clams, krill, sponges, some fish and sharks, and baleen whales. If a sponge becomes heavily covered with sand, it will be unable to feed and therefore die. Some might think the world could live without sponges and the likes, but this is just ONE link in the food chain. When the least of the marine life starts to die, EVERYTHING starts to die. The chain is broken.

BP's continued use of toxic dispersants to "sink" the oil from the surface is MARINE GENOCIDE! The ONLY way the oil can be REMOVED...not just "hidden out of sight"...will be to keep it on the surface. Eventually Mother Earth will break down all the oil on the Gulf of Mexico sea bed...even your grandchildren will not live long enough to witness it. This is an ENVIORNMENTAL DISASTER of the NTH DEGREE. When are people going to catch on to this?

Since sponges pass large amounts of water and tend to take in lots of particles, filter feeders are often used as environmental monitors - if something in the water goes bad, often the filter feeders are the first to show the effects.

Time will tell. And the time will be soon.


"What luck for rulers that men do not think." -- Adolph Hitler

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