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The Problem With Obama: A “New Beginning" or ... Same Stuff, Different Color?

By Adrian Salbuchin in Argentina

The more things “change”, the more they stay the same

On 20th January, a major part of America’s citizenry celebrated the arrival of Barack Obama as the new president of the United States, with his promise for “Change” and his proposal for “hope instead of fear”. The breaking of racial barriers in the land of the Ku Klux Klan, where until the 50’s and 60’s mixed marriages between blacks and whites were illegal and would land you in jail in Southern states like Alabama, Mississipi, Georgia, Louisiana, South Carolina and Arkansas (and yet hipocracy and ignorance made millions of Americans feel “outraged” at the 1935 Nazi Nuremberg Racial Laws!), mark a turning point in US history symbolized by the reborn spirit of Martin Luther King, Abraham Lincoln and the Kennedy’s.

America’s present joy with its new president is shared by the overwhelming majority of global public opinion, not so much because of the optimism Obama’s arrival inspires, but rather because of the relief that Bush’s and Cheney’s departure gives. Naturally, Obama has an undaunting task before him, but he personally has the support of the better part of his people who seem ready to make great sacrifices to overcome the gigantic economic, financial, banking, military, political, diplomatic and social disasters Obama inherits from the Bush Era.
So far, so good.

However, the problem with Obama is not Obama himself, a mostly unknown and inexperienced American politician. The problem with Obama is the very powerful group of key officers and aides that surround the new president, which one is led to believe were not freely chosen by Obama; rather, they seem to have been imposed upon Obama by the New World Order Power Structure that for many decades wields control over the United States, and without whose complacency, agreement and support Barack Obama would probably have never made it outside of the political borders of his home state of Illinois.

As my wise grand mother used to say “a small sip of the glass, and you’ll immediately know if the wine is good…”. May we therefore give our readers an initial “sip of the glass” which helps to see how the New World Order Power Structures seem to have “filled the glass” from which president Obama has no choice but to drink from. And there are some very worrying indications that, because of this, History may very well end up judging Obama as the American president who led the US to its final twilight - or even some worse Götterdämmerung… This is all in line with our previous analyses on US and world affairs, and the on-going (and daily worsening) global financial collapse (See the English language section in Adrian Salbuchi)

In fact, we can see that the New World Order (NWO) power structure is filling Obama’s glass to the brim with three main types of Real Politik power players, who all report to the NWO:

  1. Militant Zionists (both Jew and Gentile);

  2. Members of powerful “Think Tanks” (notably, the CFR - Council on Foreign Relations, the Trilateral Commission, Bilderberg Conference, and the more recently founded Center for American Progress); and

  3. Former Bill Clinton Administration key officers (notably, in the Economic and Financial areas, because these Obama government officers are the same people - the veritable architects - of the irresponsible financial deregulation of the 90’s under the Clinton Administrations that led to the present systemic global financial collapse in the first place.
  • Axelrod, David - Senior Adviser to President Obama - Political Consultant - journalist for The Chicago Tribune, Militant Zionist

  • Barnes, Melody - White Hourse Internal Policy Council - Center for American Progress

  • Biden, Joseph Vice-President - Senator (D-Del. from 1979 to 2008) - Member of the Senate Judiciary Commission - Former chairman of the powerful Senate Foreign Relations Committee - Biden is a Militant Zionist, who told Rabbi Mark S Golun in a TV program on the Israeli Shalom TV network,“I’m a Zionist. You don’t have to be Jewish to be a Zionist”

  • Browner, Carol - Energy and Climate Affairs Coordinator; Former director of the Environmental Protection Agency during the Bill Clinton Administration.

  • Brzezinski, Zbigniew - Senior Foreign Policy Advisor - Co-founder with David Rockefeller of the Trilateral Commission - Director, CFR and the Trilateral Commission

  • Clinton, Hillary Rodham - Secretary of State - Wife of former president Bill Clinton - Former Senator (D- NY)- Militant Zionist - Directly linked to the CFR, Trilateral and Conferencia Bilderberg through her husband

  • Craig, Gregory B - Advisor - Former Policy Planning Director at the State Department during the Clinton Administration. Bill Clinton’s personal lawyer

  • Daschl, Thomas Andrew - Secretary of Health and Social Services - Former Senator (D-SD) and Majority Leaders . Former director at CitiCorp; Assisted Robert Rubin, (Advisor on Economic Affairs and former Treasury Secretary during the Bill Clinton Administration) - Zionist - Member, CFR and Bilderberg Conference

  • Emanuel, Rahm - Chief of Staff - Representative (D-Ill) since 2002 - Militant Zionist; Double-nationality: US and Israeli; Volunteer in the defense of Israel during the First Gulf War (1991 - led by former president George HW Bush against Iraq); Suspected of being an intelligence officer for the Israeli Armed Forces; Director at Freddie Mac; Adviser during the Clinton Administration; linked to Wasserstein Perella bank (Trilateral members); his father Benjamin Emanuel was a guerrilla fighter in the terrorist Irgun Zvai Leumi organization (then led by terrorist Menahem Beguin, later to become Israeli prime minister)

  • Froman, Michael BG - Adviser - Operates for Robert Rubin; “helped” Obama choose members of his team; Member, CFR

  • Furman, Jason - Advisor; Senior Adviser to Lawrence Summers (Clinton)- London School of Economics

  • Gates, Robert M - Secretary of Defense - Republican - Gates was named at the DoD by former president George W Bush in 2006 to replace Donald Rumsfeld, and yet was “confirmed by Obama” - Former director of the CIA under former president George H W Bush (Senior) - Co-chaired foreign policy CFR task force with Zbigniew Brzezinski - Involved in the Iran-Contras Affair under the Reagan-Bush Administration - CFR, Bilderberg

  • Geithner Timothy F - Secretary of the Treasury - President since 2003 of the Federal Reserva Bank of New York. Prominent architect of the 2008 Banking Bail-out Plans, together with Bernard Bernanke (FED Governor - CFR), Henry Paulson (former Treasury Secretary – CFR) - Also held office during the Bill Clinton Administration, and was involved in the bail-outs of Mexico, Indonesia, Korea, Brazil, Thailand in the nineties, under then Under-Secretary of the Treausury Lawrence Summers - Introduced to Obama by Robert Rubin and Lawrence Summers - Former Director of Policy Development and Review Dept at the IMF - International Monetary Fund, from 2001 to 2003 - Former director at Kissinger Associates - Member of the Group of Thirty, his mentors include Lawrence Summers and Robert Rubin. Member, CFR, Trilateral, Bilderberg

  • Holder, Eric - Attorney General - Holder arranged for Bill Clinton to pardon racketeer Marc Rich when he was Janet Reno’s Deputy Attorney General (Clinton)

  • Jones, James LA - Four-Star US Army Officer - National Security Officer (NSA) - Former NATO Forces Commander - Special Envoy to the Middle East for Security Affairs for former president George W Bush - Director at Chevron and Boeing - Zionist - Member of the Institute for International Affairs (founded by Air Force General Brent Scowcroft, former National Security Advisor under George Bush Senior) together with Zbigniew Brzezinski, Bobby Ray Inman (former CIA Director), Henry Kissinger and John Deutch (CIA director under Bill Clinton) - Member, CFR, TC, Bilderberg

  • Lippert Mark W - National Security Council Chief of Staff - Zionist - CFR

  • Mitchell, George - Special Envoy to the Middle East - Former officer during the Clinton Administration - Member, CFR

  • Napolitano, Janet - Secretary of Homeland Security - Former Attorney General for the State of Arizona - Member, CFR, TC

  • Orszag, Peter R - Director of the Office of Management and Budget - Member of Lawrence Summers’ team – Clinton economic advisor.

  • Panetta, Leon - CIA Director - Former Chief of Staff in the Clinton Administration.

  • Pfeiffer, Daniel - Deputy Commerce Director - Spokesman for Al Gore (Clinton) - His wife, Sarah Feinberg, is a Senior Assistant to Rahm Emanuel. Zionist

  • Podesta, John - Senior Adviser to Obama - Presidential adviser under the Clinton Administration - In 2003, he founded the Center for American Progress - Zionist

  • Power, Samantha - Public Policy Advisor - Wife of Cass Sunstein (director of the Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs)

  • Reed, Jack - Senator (D-RI) (CFR)

  • Rice, Susan -Permanent Representative (Ambassador) to the United Nations (under Obama ranks as cabinet level post) - Member of the National Security Council during the Bill Clinton Administration - Under-Secretary of State for African Affairs during the Clinton Administration - Member, CFR, Brookings Institution; and Aspen Strategy Group, together with CFR and Trilateral members Richard Armitage, Gral. Brent Scowcroft and Madeleine Albright.

  • Richardson, Bill - Secretary of Commerce (finally not confirmed) - Clintonite - Former officer at Kissinger Associates, CFR

  • Rubin, Robert - Senior Presidential Advisor - Director at CitiGroup, Former CEO, Goldman Sachs, Founder of the Hamilton Project, former Secretary of the Treasury during the Clinton Administration - Zionist - CFR

  • Shinseki, Erick - Four-Star US Army General - Secretary for War Veterans’ Affairs - CFR

  • Summers, Lawrence - Chairman, National Economic Council - Former Secretary of the Treasury during the Bill Clinton Administration (1999-2001) - Zionist - Former Economist-in-Chief at the World Bank - Former Dean of Harvard University - Member of Robert Rubin’s team - Member, CFR, Trilateral, Bilderberg, Brookings (director).

  • Sunstein, Cass - Director, Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs - Husband of Samantha Power (Advisor on Public Policies)

  • Sutphen, Mona - Deputy Chief of Staff - Executive Director, Stonebridge International - Member of the National Security Council (Clinton) - Member, CFR

  • Volcker Paul - Chairman of Obama’s Advisory Board on Economic Recovery - Former Governor of the Federal Reserve Bank (1979 to 1987 – during the Carter and Reagan Administrations) - Zionist - Member of the “Group of Thirty” - President of Rothschild Wolfensohn Company, intimately linked to the Rockefeller family - CFR; North American Director of the Trilateral Commission; Bilderberger.

Vice-President Joe Biden’s most strange “prophecy”

A short time before last November’s presidential elections, then vice-presidential candidate Joe Biden said that he “guaranteed” that if Obama won the elections, he would be tested by some major international crisis during the first six months of his presidency which would require him getting the support of those who voted for him, as he will have to make “very tough and unpopular decisions”.
The US News Network ABC News reported on 20th October 2008, that during a Seattle fundraiser, Biden said:

“Mark my words: It will not be six months before the world tests Barack Obama like they did John Kennedy. The world is looking. We’re about to elect a brilliant 47-year-old senator president of the United States of America. Remember I said it standing here if you don’t remember anything else I said. Watch, we’re gonna have an international crisis, a generated crisis, to test the mettle of this guy"

"I can give you at least four or five scenarios from where it might originate,” Biden said mentioning the Middle East and Russia as possibilities. “And he’s gonna need help. And the kind of help he’s gonna need is, he’s gonna need you - not financially to help him - we’re gonna need you to use your influence, your influence within the community, to stand with him. Because it’s not gonna be apparent initially, it’s not gonna be apparent that we’re right.”.

Finally, some questions:

  • Now, what exactly was now Vice-President of the United States Joe Biden talking about back in October?

  • What information did he have/does he have, that allows him to “predict” - even to promise - so forcefully that such a terrible crisis will arise within the first six months of Obama’s Administration?

  • Is there another 911 in the planning or… even something much worse?

  • Will a nuclear artefact be detonated in some “expendable” US city (e.g., maybe Phoenix in far-off and fall-out safe Arizona, or perhaps in Portland on Oregon’s Pacific Coast), that will be blamed on Irán, or Al-Qaeda, or Syria, or Hamas, or Hezbollah, or any other real or imaginary foe, as an excuse for a vastly escalated, all-out “Global War on Terrorism”?

  • And if such a crisis and attack can be “predicted” by the Joe Biden’s, is it because key Insiders know full well that this type of events are actually False-Flag Operations carefully planned, financed, protected and carried out by deeply embedded layers of powerful Intelligence, Operational and “Dirty Tricks” operatives loyal, not to the American National Interest, but to the NWO power structures?

Be it as it may,. we had all better be very, very alert in the weeks and months to come.

Adrian Salbuchi - (English)

• Researcher, author and speaker;

• International consultant; advisor to international companies;

• Specializing in the political, economic and financial power structures of Globalization;

• English-Spanish translator;

• Founder, Movimiento por la Segunda República Argentina - (Argentine Second Republic Movement)

• Director of media project El Traductor and the radio program “El Traductor Radial” -

• Founding Member of Centro de Estudios Económicos Mariano Fragueiro (Mariano Fragueiro Economic Studies Center);

• 55 years old; married; 4 children.  -  Contact:

• Author of several books on Geopolitics, International Relations and other subjects, amongst them:

  • “El Cerebro del Mundo: la cara oculta de la globalización” (Ediciones del Copista, Córdoba, 4th. Edition, 2003; 1st Colombian Edition, Editorial Solar, Bogotá, 2004, 470 pages) - (summary article “The World’s Mastermind: the Hidden Face of Globalization” is available on this site; also in French and Italian)
  • “Bienvenidos a la Jungla….dominio y supervivencia en el Nuevo Orden Mundial” (Ediciones Anábasis, Córdoba, 2005, 252 pages - “Welcome to the Jungle: domination and survival in the New World Order”)
  • “Argentina: ¿Colonia Financiera?” (Ediciones del Copista, Córdoba, 2002, 136 pages. - “Argentina: a Financial Colony?”)
  • “La Segunda República Argentina: el hito fundacional del siglo XXI” (La Editorial Virtual, Buenos Aires, 2001, 24 pages - Co-author: Dénes Martos - Wthe Second Argentina Republic: a Milestone for the 21st Century”);
  • “El Profeta de la Edad de Hierro: una interpretación jungeana de la obra de Richard Wagner” (Ediciones Kailas, Buenos Aires, 2003, 206 pages - “The Prophet of the Age of Iron: a Jungaean Interpretation of the Works of Richard Wagner)
  • “World Government: política y poder en el siglo XXI” (private edition, Buenos Aires, 1995, 256 pages)
  • Author of a myriad of articles published in various newspapers, magazines and Internet Web sites.
  • Invited to speak and give conferences on the power structures of the New World Order and economic and financial matters in various places throughout Argentina and abroad, amongst them:
  • National Universities: Buenos Aires University (Law and Economics Schools), Buenos Aires Catholic University, La Plata Catholic Univ., Rosario Catholic Univ., Córdoba University, La Rioja University, San Juan University, 21st Century Business University (Córdoba), Comodoro Rivadavia University, Patagonia Univ., Northeastern Univ. (Corrientes), Central Univ. (Azul), Lomas de Zamora Univ., La Matanza Univ., National Technological Univ. (UTN - Córdoba and San Francisco), Cuyo Univ., Cuyo Catholic Univ. (San Luis), Villa María Univ. (Córdoba); Ministry of Education, Córdoba Province; Córdoba Cultural Agency.
  • Freign Universities: Del Valle Univ. (Cali, Colombia), Javeriana Jesuit Univ. (Cali, Colombia); Loyola College in Maryland (US), Roman America Studies Center (Santiago, Chile)
  • Professional Associations: Córdoba Lawyers’ Bar, Córdoba Magistrates’ Association, “Mariano Moreno” Mutual Protection Assoc.; Juan Manuel de Rosas National Historical Review Institute; Rosario Lawyers’ Bar.
  • Military Institutions: Argentine Army War School, Argentine Air Force War School, Córdoba Police Headquarters; Malvinas Reservists and Veterans’ Association; Strategic Studies Center “Centro República” (Third Army Corps, Córdoba)
  • Schools: Santo Tomás de Aquino High School (Córdoba), Mariano Moreno Comercial High School (Córdoba), Pablo VI Hiogh School (San Francisco, Córdoba), FASTA - St. Thomas Aquinas Schools (Villa Devoto, Buenos Aires and 2002 Youth Camp in Córdoba), Del Carmen High School (San Rafael, Mendoza),
  • Congresses: Speaker at the National Education Congress (2000 and 2001, Córdoba) and at the International Education Congress (2002 and 2003, Córdoba). Third Roman America Meeting (Santiago, Chile, 2000); Education Congress (Villa María, Córdoba), Pro-Lifge Foundation Seminar (Buenos Aires, 2005 and 2006)
  • Other associations: Rotary Clubs (Alte. Brown, Lomas de Zamora, and Córdoba), National Council of the Justicialist Party, General Belgrano Institute (La Plata), Villa Ballester and Lomas de Zamora Chambers of Commerce; Embassy of the People’s Republic of China, National Trades Unions Federation (Santa Fe Branch); Association of Specialists in Political Science and International Relations (Córdoba); Entre Rios Center in Buenos Aires; Senior Officers Association of Banco de la Nación Argentina; “Saint Bernardo of Claivaux” Study Center (3rd Catholic Education Seminar - Luján); First Social Leaders’ Forum (Rio Ceballos, Cordoba); CIEC Foundation - Economic Investigations Center, Córdoba; Oikos, Territorial Research Association; Adolfo Alsina Association; Social Ethics Investigations Center (CIES);
  • Adrian Salbuchi regularly appears on various TV and Radio talk-shows in Buenos Aires, Córdoba and other parts of the country. Host of the talks shows “The National interest” aired on LRA7 Radio Nacional Córdoba (2001 and 2002); “El Traductor Radial” aires on AM990 Radio Splendid, AM570 Radio Argentina and AM740 Radio Cooperativa, among other stations.
    Contact: / +0054911 15-5339-7481.



a swill of infowars crapoganda

...with something more substantive than you usually offer? Is the above the full extent of your capabilities? If not. Your fact-free responses to such posts only lend weight to their assertions. Is that what you want?

on "atheo"s behalf Sullivan? It was a fact based post regarding this joker for which you previously banned carrying a torch for this one or something?

do you? I'm not arguing on Atheo's behalf. I'm taking issue with your infantile retorts. Can't you tell the difference yet?

I didn't ban you. You banned yourself. You were banned, after a considerable number of representations from long-standing users, for abusive, insult-laden and content-free attacks on others here. After warnings about this behaviour, you didn't change tack.

If you can't post without being abusive, perhaps you'd be better off letting off steam and working out your anger-management issues on your own blog.

Were you banned for your pro-Obama views? Were you banned because you believe the global warming theory? Were you banned for any of your opinions? No. You were banned because you were unable or unwilling to keep your foul mouth under control.

Sure, others lose it once in a while, but you are one of the few that is consistently abusive and who appears to be unable to differentiate ad-homs from solid critique.

i know the American political landscape a hell of a lot better than that jagoff in Argentina who wrote the crapoganda. Its crap, so i called it crap, i dont feel compelled to give a point by point dissection of it to suit you Sullivan.

...but nothing you have written testifies to this claim. You don't feel like giving a point-by-point dissection of this piece because you would prefer to trot out your usual train of expletives and juvenile insults, and that's because you are patently not up to the task of engaging in reasoned argument.

great post, i couldnt agree more!! Would you then chide me for not providing a point by point list of sections i agree with?? And if not, why not??

Riddle me that Sullivan

its up to you. Your toilet-mouthed outbursts just portray you as intellectually deficient. You claim to know more about US politics than the people writing this stuff, but you have yet to evidence any such knowledge or the ability to put it across. It's your loss.

This and the mparent crap is why I rarely if ever comment or post here anymore.  I don't trust any of you.

This? This post? What exactly are you referring to?

Those were some very curious remards by Biden.  If he knows for sure that there will be some "generated" (isn't that just another word for "manufactured") crisis and that it will not be apparent that he is doing the right thing -- then he knows enough to prevent it from happening in the first place.  Unless he just means that Americans are stupid and wouldn't actually know a good policy if they saw one (which, hey, wouldn't be illogical of him to say such a thing considering the last 8 years of Bush).

Would think an "investigative journalist" (ha, ha, ha -- like there are any of those around anymore -- more likely to discover actual dinosaurs exist than to find an investigative journalist in mainstream media) would have heard alarm bells ringing after that remark.  Curious how no one presses him on what he means exactly.

Shootingsparks, you may have excellent reasons and plenty of information to counter the arguments made -- but if you don't have time to share them with us, it is kind of a waste of time to post an objection.  I'm not taking anyone's word for anything -- including the author of this piece.  If you want to provide some other sources or some information that I could investigate to find out what is wrong with this argument, I'd really like to take a look at it.  I mean that sincerely.  I'm not for or against Obama.  I only want to know the truth.  I hope he is the real deal, but all evidence at this point is suggesting otherwise.

It is just that on many of these forums, you get a lot of shills just announcing stuff is wrong, but they never bother to give any facts to back up their position.  So, I tend to automatically assume that someone who just dismisses something without providing any information why it should be dismissed as just another propaganda artist.

Now, I'm not saying you are one.  I haven't been around long enough to judge that.  But, you'll certainly convince more people by taking the time to provide counter arguments.

I'm not for or against Obama. I only want to know the truth. I hope he is the real deal, but all evidence at this point is suggesting otherwise.

I'm on the same page as you. That's why ShootingSparks jumps the gun when I post stuff that portrays the Obama administration in a better light than most of the other stuff I posted. I'm just interested in getting to the truth behind the propaganda on both sides. I can remember before the election being portrayed as a closet racist by some just because I expressed doubts about the Obama candidacy and whether, if successful, it would bring about calculable positive change for the ordinary American. In reality, nothing could be further from the truth.



feel free to google my nom de plume if you are curious as to my perspective. I have not been keping up with my blog, but there is plenty enough material there to clearly illustrate my position.

thanks for the link.  I will definitely check it out

What`s the matter Sparks?

Are you a bit miffed that some of us spit on the very name of that abomination that licks the feet of the chosenites?

This is your "messiah" in action Sparks.

A cardboard cut-out would have more depth than that joke.

Please Sir,can I have some more (soylent green)?

Please Sir,can I have some more (soylent green)?

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