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The West's Sacred Lie: Ahmadinejad and his New Conference on the holocaust

TEHRAN, Jan. 28, 2009 (ISNA)

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said a cursory glance at the following events of the Second World War suggests the issue of holocaust is an excuse by the war winners particularly the US and Britain for domination over the world.


#99cc00">In his message to the conference on Holocaust, the West's Sacred Lie, held in Tehran, Tuesday, Ahmadinejad said a large number of media, wealth and power centers are under Zionists' control and they are plundering wealth of different nations.

The creation of illegitimate Zionist regime is among Holocaust aftermaths, after the war a political and power-seeking system which claimed to be defendants of some war victims said the survivors of these victims need to receive a blood-money and added that establishment of Zionist regime in Palestine is a part of the compensation.

Through the excuse, they attacked Palestine, killed and displaced a large number of people and commissioned the Zionist regime not to allow foundation of any regional power in Islamic countries, Ahmadinejad said.

Those now residing in the occupied lands of Palestine are some native Palestinians, migrants from the US, Asia and Europe and most of them are not war survivors, he said in his message.


#ccff33">Holocaust is intertwined with Liberal Democracy which backs the logic of holocaust and has made it so sacred that no one is permitted to enter #ccff33">into its domain, he continued.

#ccff33">#ccff33">#ccff33">If the reality of holocaust issue becomes clear, the Zionist regime will be fully collapsed, Ahmadinejad added.

Elsewhere, Iran's Government Spokesman, Gholam Hossein Elham taking part in the conference said as Zionist regime's lack of identity and the philosophy of its existence was unveiled, countdown has been started to put an end to the life of this center of corruption.

The world now suffers from the Zionist regime's presence, he said adding even if a real holocaust has occurred its origin is no where but in the West, so why Palestinians should be displaced to compensate for it, he added.


#66cc66">The real holocaust is arising

#66cc66"> in Palestine.  Just few

#66cc66">weeks   ago   civilians   and

#66cc66">defenseless  Gazans  were

#66cc66">slaughtered shamelessly by

#66cc66">Israel, why these people are

#66cc66">being killed, these crimes

#66cc66">cannot  be  interpreted  as

#66cc66">anything  but  genocide,

#66cc66">Elham    noted.

Zionist regime and its sponsors need to account for their crimes, they should account for their measures to the history, he added.

Zionist regime's cruel measures must be ended, the right of Palestinians should be recognized and the displaced Palestinians need to return home. They can also determine their government through a referendum.

Zionists have gone too far in committing offensives against that even Jews and rabbies in Iran, the US and Europe have denounced the measures, Government Spokesman noted.

Elsewhere regarding the US envoy to the UN who has said his country seeks direct talks with Iran, Elham said Iran is waiting for practical changes by the US officials.


#ff3333">As Iran's President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad unveiled Iran's views and the necessity of a change in the US policies, Iran pursues a clear stance on the matter, he added.

#ff3333">The US needs to accept that it is only a government not an emperor and Iran is waiting whether the previously discussed changes come true by the US President Barack Obama.

Also concerning delisting Mojahedin Khalq Organization (MKO) from the EU terrorist black list, Elham said the move shows they are making a political game with terrorism and similar concepts; they divide the issue of terrorism into two good and bad sections which puts their political and legal values into question.

They name Hamas, a group defending Palestinians' right, as a terrorist one while they remain silent and support Zionist regime's crimes, he said.


About two years ago, Ahmadinejad asked very simple, logical questions. Another among those, why do the Palestinians have to pay for what happened in the so-called "sacred holocaust"?

The slaughters in the Middle East have not changed in two years, not to mention 60 years - all to keep poor little israel feeling secure, according to this typical, hateful, pornographic zionist-jew.

No...not  Ahmadinejad....I meant in the linked sentence.

Certainly not Ahmadinejad...a MUSLIM.

Thank you very much!


As it has been said on the last subject on Ahmadinejad, he is a crypto-jew or a crypto freemason.

So, this conference will lead to nothing for revisionists. The real purpose is only to make Ahmadinejad pass for a nazi in the mind of common people. So if the USA try to invade Iran, people won't protest because in their mind, Ahmadinejad will be the bad guy. Maybe that the reason is also to make a diversion about what is happening in Palestine.

As I said previously, the 1st conference was not followed by anything concrete (financial support to revisionists, revisionist lessons for iranian children, revisionists websites hosting for free, hosting revisionnists which are at risk of being put in jail, etc...). This shows clearly what was the real goal of this conference.

your link is full of rubbish, such as gossip and rumour.....and is simply based on what ignorant people want to believe, but not what they know.  Wow....the "naaazziii" concept.  In case you haven't HEARD, creepto-dalet, WE HERE AT WUFYS ARE ALL NAZIS - ad nauseum, ho hum and YAWN.

The concept of being a "nazi" has been over-used, and has long overstayed its most ignorant, ambiguous welcome.  Although there are people here that use this "nazi" rote with good intentions, I will never use it, regardless.  It is a  4 letter word that paints all Germans in a most unnecessary, mean-spirited fashion, as well as people who just want to see things as they really are....not what the press tells them.  The press & entertainment industry uses "nazi" forever.

ALL of your points are DULL. 

As are the points with that link.

The zionist jew-owned & operated mass media have been calling Ahmadinejad a "nazi" forever.  They have called him all kinds of evil things.  The renowned "hitler". 

I have been hearing shit like that since highschool, when people hated somebody, or the jews in the press, or their employees wanted to smear someone who questioned israeli tactics.

YOU SAY....a diversion away from what is happening in Palestine?

NO....quite the opposite!  Instead, that idiotic link you give me and what YOU babble, what you believe are the pathetic distractions.

Right....Ahamadinejad wants to hold his conferences to distract away from Palestine.  How feeble-minded can some very sad people get.  Ahmadinejad has been talking about Palestine forever.

Like Jeff Blankenfort

the late great Alfred Lilienthal,

Ilan Pappe

the late great Benjamin Freedman

David Cole

and so on....

My father used to say that the Jews and Christians who tell the truth about what is really happening and why are superior [to the Arabs and Muslims who already know and speak the truth] - especially as their words garner so much attention.


why is this dalixet cat taking so much heat for simply stating the obvious?  you guys are getting awfully pissed off at a guy for saying the man is crypto.  u guys disagree with this?  why is that?

seems pretty darn obvious to me that he is indeed from jewish roots.  he oplayus right into the hands of the war mongers.  what is so hard to udnerstand about this?  why is he taking so much heat for posting a reply to your story??

What is obvious is this crypto jew nonsense and yak is trying very desperately to paint Ahmadinejad into something he is not.

Must be the topics that Ahmadinejad discusses in his speeches at home and abroad.  Let us see:

-----What is happening to the Palestinians, what has been happening to the Palestinians since the 30s - done by zionist jews and their supporters

-----The holocausts of others that never see the light in the jew/zionist-owned & operated mass media.

-----What has been happening to Lebanon and Iraq - done by zio jews and their supporters.

-----He has brought up 9/11 and that it should be seriously investigated.

-----the jewish  holocash should be thoroughly investigated..... all these things he mentions which put the jew-zionist cabal into a mortifying spin.

It is obvious there are some jealous twisted people who want to put a smudge on Ahmadinejad and his work by calling him a 'crypto jew'.  People who find the obvious boring.

#ccffff">"this mehdi khazali, the son of the conservative Ayatollah Khazali, has written on his #ccffff">personal website#ccffff"> that he recently learned that President Mahmud Ahmadinejad has Jewish roots.

Khazali notes that Ahmadinejad changed his family name from Saburjian, and says that the origins of the Saburjian family in the town of Aradan should be investigated.

This jackass khazali says the key words:  should be investigated.

Now that is   #ff0000">O B V I O U S#ff0000"> ........dear watson!

no facts....just gossip.

only, bryd, you are no Watson.  daletx has commented and simply I responded to him.  No harm in that dear byrd.


Wherever that beloved man may be.....

Interesting CLUE....

This mehdi khazali guy says that Ahmadinejad's roots should be investigated.  

Ahmadinejad has called for serious investigations of 9/11 and the ziojew holocash   and they should be done without fear or punishment of imprisonment.

Well. That is interesting.  Tit for tat?  Truly a scheme of distraction away from  Ahmadinejad and his fight against the zionist jew warmongers and their murders for profit.


Its just sad to see something like this on wufy's , Ahmadinejad a puppet?? Nazi? Zio?

Whats wrong with you people? this is the biggest lie Ive ever witnessed on Wufys/p>

this gets the Biggest


award of 2009

These clowns accusing Ahmedinijad of being a jew come in here thinking we just fell off the spud truck. Their accusations serve to show us who the cryptos are on the blog.

 Ahmadinejad sure doesn't act Jewish, but why believe your lying eyes? (where have we seen that line before?)

He has a set of testicles that we wish our own "elected" officials had!

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