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Ron Paul Stumping for Gold Standard

Of Of course, anyone who knows better knows a gold standard puts us straight back into the hands of the Banksters who control the gold.  Dumping the Fed is just fine with me, though, fat chance in hell it's gonna happen.


He'll put Schiff in charge of the gold supply. He might as well bring in a guy named Warburg and Trotsky while he's at it. Gold isnt the answer. Getting rid of lying, thieving, murdering, raping and shysting jews is the answer. Dont kid yourself.

Gold has been seized twice before in American history and when the wheels finally come off, there is plenty of precedence to call it in again, under penalty of imprisonment, of course.

Silver is much more practical in an emergency, and it's very useful as an antibiotic. It only takes three 9 volt batteries in series to make colloidal silver, or the power lead from a land line telephone!


abolish the fed and establish honest, decentralized FIXED monetary standard for the benefit of the people who exchange it.

banish from every nation all speculators, usurers, and thieves ...


"Money" has no value - people do.


"Money" has no value - people do.

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