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The Money Meisters

The Money Meisters  

Free to PRODUCE . . . . Money 

A Private, Decentralized AND COMPETITIVE Money/Currency Industry

Hypothetical scenario: 1,216 separate Money/Currency firms ( all private, non-State owned and operated ) in the united States of America alone ( uSA = the several States composing the United States of America, which are NOT united on the principle of unlimited submission to their General Government ) with FOUR SEPARATE COMPANIES COMPETING IN EACH REGION OF ONE MILLION POPULATION.  The same situation for 303 other regions ( 2008 population estimate = 304,000,000 ). That does NOT mean only four companies for all of the uSA, but it DOES mean 1,216 separate companies with 1,216 separate CEO's ( Money Meisters ) and 1,216 separate currencies for all of the united States of America. Also a total of 20 KINDS of Money offered for all of the uSA. A moral, decentralized, efficient, high-quality, personalized system that might be called Independent Real Capitalism or maybe Distributism.



I have always become perplexed at the idea that money should be produced and spent by government instead of a private central bank , because I could see that this could easily be abused by the people in government.

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