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Ultra-Orthodox Call Women At The Wall "Nazis" and Accuse Them Of Being Non-Jewish


Another monthly prayer session, another confrontation between Women Of The Wall and the ultra-Orthodox at the Western Wall. Today: Shouts that the women were "not-Jews" and "Nazis," according to Israel's Army Radio. [Haaretz]

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Haredim dub women Western Wall worshippers 'Nazis'
By Haaretz Service

Confrontation broke out in the Western Wall on Friday, as Haredi worshippers protested an attempt by members of a women's organization to conduct a massive prayer session at the holy site by calling out "not-Jews" and "Nazis," Army Radio reported on Friday.

About 200 members of the "Women of the Wall" organization arrived at the Western Wall in order to take part in the monthly Rosh Hodesh prayer, and to protest the arrest of their fellow member at the site.

Police officers separated the two sides after Haredi worshipers approached the women's group members and yelled out "not Jewish, send them to church," and "Nazis, blasphemy."

Chairman of the "Women of the Wall" organization, Anat Hoffman, saud that the group's actions were not meant a provocation but as a silent protest against the government's holy site bill which she claims discriminates against women.

Last month, police arrested Nofat Frankel who was praying at the Western Wall in Jerusalem, due to the fact that she was wrapped in a prayer shawl (tallit).

Police were called to the area after the group asked to read aloud from a Torah scroll.

Police said they arrested the women in the wake of a High Court ruling, which states that the public visiting the Western Wall is obligated to dress in accordance with the site's dress code.

Western Wall Rabbi Shmuel Rabinowitz had said the act was a provocation meant to turn the wall into a fighting ground. "We must distance politics and disagreement from this sacred place," Rabinowitz said.

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