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A typical Israeli "settlement" (pics)

No wonder they have to give these "settlers" a million dollars each to "settle"

Ma'ale Adumim is regarded by international community as illegal under international law according to Fourth Geneva Convention (article 49), which prohibits an occupying power transferring citizens from its own territory to occupied territory. Israel argues that international conventions relating to occupied land do not apply to the West Bank because it was not under the legitimate sovereignty of any state in the first place. 

Peace Now, an organization advocating for the return to pre-1967 borders, claims that 86.4% of Ma'ale Adumim is privately owned Palestinian land.   Palestinians claim lands from the villages of Abu Dis, Al Izriyyeh, Al Issawiyyeh, Al Tur and Anata were confiscated to create the settlement In 1982, the Jahalin Bedouin who had been living on the outskirts of the city were forcibly displaced to another site.  

Pictures here:

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