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A bright spot in Palestine

Conditions for Palestinians are so unrelentingly awful that they make the outside world numb.

Here’s at least one tiny bit of good news...

As you know, Palestinians in Gaza must fish within a few hundred meters of the beach, or cast homemade nets from the shoreline. They are allowed to take boats out to six nautical miles, but few dare, since israeli boats and helicopter gunships can blast them at any time for any reason, or no reason. Every day we hear about israeli atrocities on land, but rarely hear about Palestinians murdered on the water, since there are no witnesses on the ocean, and the israelis can make up any lie they care to.

In 2000, Palestinians caught 823 tons of fish. Last year it was only 50 tons, because of israeli restrictions. Nor will israel allow a seaport in Gaza. In the 1980s there were about 5,000 Palestinian fishermen in Gaza. Today there are half that number, because of the israeli campaign to literally starve Palestinians to death.

Therefore Gazans usually buy frozen fish during the rare times they can afford to. They’re particularly fond of sardines – the fresh kind, not the ones found in oily tins.

This week, God sent an unusually large supply of fish (mostly sardines) to the waters off Gaza, and the Palestinians grabbed them before the israelis could prevent it. It was the most plentiful fishing week in 40 years. Not only that, the sardines were larger than usual. Most Palestinians barely catch enough to feed their own families, but this week some Palestinians made 500 dollars in a single day.

Overjoyed fishermen said, "Today the sardines broke the blockade!"


So far there has been no word on whether the israeli navy plans to poison the waters off Gaza to prevent a similar act of terrorism from happening again.



It's always good to hear good news!

Who would have thought a miracle would happen?

Thank God!

"Money" has no value - people do.


"Money" has no value - people do.

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