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Faith in Gold? Think Again!

Think any means of transaction other than worthless federal reserve toilet paper will be allowed to emerge? Think that gold is a safe haven and the government would never confiscate it like they did in 1933? Think Again!

US Government Forces E-gold Redemptions - Seizes Gold


In an unprecedented move on or just before Wednesday May 9th, 2007, the United States of America has forced Omnipay et al E-gold to redeem all the gold backing the 58 previously frozen accounts owned by e-gold, 1mdc, icegold and a handful of other exchangers and customers to be liquidated effective immediately to a us dollar account owned by the federal government.

According to the reduction in the gold bar list, the bar count has dropped by 48 bars of approximately 400 oz each between May 3, and May 9.

This redemption totals USD $11.357 Million.

Date Gold Grams ($ Value)
03-05-07 3,489,436 77.015 Million
09-05-07 2,974,871 65.668 Million

Gold Bars value Sold:
USD 11.357 Million

MoneyNetNews has learned from a reliable source that e-gold has been ordered to hand over a fresh copy of the customer database when the redemption is completed.

MoneyNetNews cannot confirm if all of the 48 bars redeemed account for the forfeiture action of the United States. It is possible that a part of this activity can be accounted for by increased volatility in e-gold's
general market.

Not only was E-gold / Omnipay ordered to convert gold (and silver) holdings
in the seized accounts into US Dollars, but that included their own (Omnipay's, and E-gold's) frozen (seized) accounts. This will ultimately result is great losses of value over time even if the victims of the seizures are found to be innocent due to the in progress bull market in gold and bear market in US Dollars.

The seizure order appears to be unrelated to the criminal case in progress against E-gold and OmniPay in that the seizure of the accounts by the government was done under a (separate) civil case, for which the Government has yet to file anything.

By doing so, the government was able to seize accounts without having to reveal anything to the owners of the accounts themselves. By law, the government has 30, and possibly up to 90 days to file a complaint.

Until the government civil filing is done, none of the victims of the seizures can possibly do anything to defend themselves, not even obtain information as to why their accounts have been seized, or what they would have done wrong.

None of the victims of the account seizures have been advised of anything
officially at this time.


So now Who thinks Gold is the chief currency or will be?

Sorry folks gold,diamonds,silver even copper are all trumped by one single ultra valuable commodity. With Energy being wasted like it is your soon going to be slaves to the only remaining alternatives.

Wind,solar and waves are energy. not much help for our current ills energy wise. Next..

Oil and gas are coming to an end as we have been consuming them off the planet so no help there.

Any one care to guess about the currency that will be in use after the shit goes into the fan?

Uranium-235 is going to become the yoke around every North American not connected to the evil houses. The Elite Money changers have been busily securing all the energy stockpiles of U-235 they can in preparation for the coming resource wars. Wars for energy and electricity are coming.

Please try to see the real events driving the beast this year. Energy use and controls are the reasons for the current messes we all live.

U-235 hording and control is the game. A game the Elite is winning on your dime and you don't even know enough to be angry about it.

First you take D.C. Then you take New York.

First you take D.C. Then you take New York :)

The majority is trying to avoid looking at the crickets seem to have more to say.

First you take D.C. Then you take New York.

First you take D.C. Then you take New York :)

I still think you had a great theory on the WTC DU dampers melting in the basement. Here's hoping the toxic investigation gets forced to deal with it.

About the Damper thing but the numbers and effects seen on the day just refuse to let me forget about them. I would sure like to be able to do a ground survey of the area looking for Uranium dioxide(UO2) contamination but i would be shot on sight i bet if i somehow manage to sneak that far into the Americas and started to poke about looking for the proof i think is laying all about.

And on a related but weirder note Did anyone see the Bees invade BBQ news stories some time in the last little while?
Has anyone given any thought to why a colony of bees would think a cast iron BBQ would be a good place to set up shop?

The bees are not gone there under ground waiting for better weather. That BBQ was a shelter. From what you ask? Well i have been looking at substances with extremely high (3-5 MEV million electron volts) property's being thrown into the air in massif PPM rates. I am betting that the very sensitive nervous systems in the bees is causing them to seek shelter from the DU contaminations in the atmosphere. Soon this effect of bees in crisis over the electron noise storm will begin having a effect on pollinated crops.

Again i hope i am Wrong but i know i am not.

First you take D.C. Then you take New York.

First you take D.C. Then you take New York :)

I bet the rational and level headed will choose to remain in denial about those dampers even with absolute proof staring them in the face. Stay in denial on sheer numbers of innocent N.Y. residents contaminated. Then there is the Banker and Lawyer areas of denial a whole different kettle of fish. But I am here. I see Lots that they don't want seen and would prefer not be topics of discourse. And i also sing out when necessary to maintain our contact with the events raging around us like this stupid Gold Standard talk crap.

America is going to be a electricity slave if she is not careful right now about keeping her eye on the very expensive resources every American is responsible to use correctly. (Read: Uranium-235 you can blow the crap out of the world or you can power the fixes and recovery from unbridled expansionism and out right empire.

First you take D.C. Then you take New York.

First you take D.C. Then you take New York :)

I am curious if folks from the greater NY area can actually access this site. Is there any NY area residents reading this? If so speak up i want to talk to you.

First you take D.C. Then you take New York.

First you take D.C. Then you take New York :)

I have noticed no chemtrails since the Iraq war funding resolution got vetoed. I'm thinking the program got yanked to transfer funding to the Iraq disaster. 12 clear days here with normal clouds is almost a new record.

Are you implying DU along with the barium and Aluminium dust?

On every single case of CCD on record? I sure could make a better call on the elevated DU (or more accurately UO2) levels versus CCD reports. this combined with an unknown thing like humidity or other things that can make such high energy particles more noisy for a organism like a bee with it's very sensitive sensory gear. Having a map on the reports of colony collapse disorder would sure help firm up the implication i am thinking about. It is an issue that is something to pursue until it stops bugging me.

I realize that it is hard to empathize with a bug but some do try to imagine the problems for them when they start doing weird stuff like moving underground in my back yard. But the facts and the baloney do gang up on this one does it not. I have heard a WHOLE spectrum of reasons for the effects and not one is based in the environment and what we are pumping into it with any realistic look to time lines and events in Iraq and Lebanon. (Read:IDF did some good DU business in Lebanon and other areas recently) Knowing testing is is not possible to reveal because most contamination is UO2 not DU so most searches miss it totally even though the residue is reading elevated even dangerous rad counts. Only if the tester is using the correct gear to detect it's presence will they find DU or its decay components like U3O8,UO2 and UO3.
You don't keep DU this Quiet if it is easy to detect and measure. I bet the hailstorm on tin roof noise of all the fine UO2 particles in our air is really the problem causing all the bee trouble.

First you take D.C. Then you take New York.

First you take D.C. Then you take New York :)

We can toast all your high tech toys America. Do you really want to push a very bad situation into a show of how wrong your foreign policy is. Follow the rules or trouble will come knocking. The newest card "TecSplatter" we will not blow up your house we will blow up your DVD iHOME PS3 crap.

RIA Novosti:From radio telescopes to electromagnetic weapons

The rumblings are getting louder and louder day by day.

First you take D.C. Then you take New York.

First you take D.C. Then you take New York :)

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