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Oprah Committed to Ending Palestinian Domination

How heart-warming and uplifting, for Oprah to stand together with the oppressed Israelis against the tyranny of the Palestinians and their brutal and dominant military power!

There actually is hope for the untold story of the decades-long Israeli suffering to be finally told, once and for all!

Ynet reports:

Oprah coming to Israel for solidarity visit

American talk show queen accepts Elie Wiesel proposal to come to Israel, says she sympathizes with Israelis' suffering

05.22.2007 | By Itamar Eichner

Oprah Winfrey will be arriving in Israel for a solidarity visit in the near future, the queen of American talk shows announced Monday during an event at Manhattan's Waldorf Astoria Hotel.

In the event, Winfrey was honored by the Elie Wiesel Foundation for Humanity for her contribution to promoting humanitarian issues.

Wiesel called on Winfrey to visit Israel, where "the major war against terror is currently taking place." in her speech, Winfrey said she sympathized with the suffering of the people of Israel, and that she intended to accept Wiesel's invitation and come with him to Israel. Israel's UN Ambassador Danny Gillerman, who attended the event, said that a visit of a figure with such influence on the international media could help bring an end to the indifference towards the terror threat faced by Israelis.

Barf bag please...


I don't think Oprah knows the truth about what's going on over there. Maybe she could take Rosie with her. At least if Rosie sees the way things are, she'll look at both sides.

Isn't that lying-bastard ellie wiesel dead? To think that dozens of millions of Arabs watch that damned Oprah show. Maybe it is time they reconsider? Maybe Oprah will prefer the income from a market of 4 million Israelis vs. 300 million Arabs... not to mention the Muslims. Barf barf indeed. May I ask where you got that smily from?? lol!

Cherifa Sirry

No Wesel is not dead yet.

However, he will rejoin Satan very soon.

Here's some maggots and their ages in years...

Kissinger – 84

Alan Greenspan – 81

Rafi “Stinky” Eitan – 81

Eli Wiesel – 79 (That’s SIR Wiesel to you!. The British Queen knighted him on November 30, 2006)

Ariel Sharon (vegetable) – 79

Pat Robertson – 77

Rupert Murdoch – 76

Larry Silverstein – 75

John Hagee – 67

Michael Eisner – 65

Paul Wofowitz – 64

Ehud Olmert – 62

Haim Saban – 60

Benjamin Netanyahu – 60

I got it from the MyWay message boards editing box ("Post New Thread").

I post at that site from time to time.

Here's the code for the animation:

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Apartheid Israel Placing America in the Crosshairs
American-Israeli Pimping-America Committee

She has been in news/media for three decades. I just can't believe that she couldn't know this stuff.

If she doesn't know, then it's a testament to the power of The Lobby.

If she does know, then she should be disowned by Mandela and her other humanitarian pals.

Apartheid Israel Placing America in the Crosshairs
American-Israeli Pimping-America Committee

I can't believe this. I actually had a bit of respect for Winfrey and her altruism until now. And whomever said that she's been in the media for too long not to know about the genocidal machine that is the state of Israel was spot on.

Wait, did I just imply that her association with and involvement in the mainstream media should be good reason for Zioprah being schooled up on Zionism? Because that's probably exactly why she isn't. That, and the probable fact that the only people she rubs shoulders with that know anything about Israel and Palestine are rich, Zionist Jews from Chicago Illinois.

Sometime ago a lot of people requested ope to expose 9/11.
I guess she has now shown her true form, unless she's trying to infiltrate the zionists which is unlikely.

i don't know why anybody would take seriously anyone in the mainstream media. Oprah and Rosie? Geezuz. Maybe soon dr. Phil. And of course, the stand up comedians like Letterman and Leno and O'Brien...

Goodness gracious. These people's programs are nothing but idiotic entertainment and pornography (and i mean in this instance pornography of the most useless and vile kind). And you think we should give them a chance?

Look. If some sort of a new and improved society is supposed to come out of this mess, it will not become one iota better by listening to these clowns and idiots and puppets.
What is the point of ousting the zionists and degenerative jewish influence if we remain slaves to the mentalities and idiotic entertainment they have brainwashed us with?

That is the best part of their scheme. Even if the FAIL, and are executed, or whatever...they will have the last laugh, because people have become neurotic idiots who have no lives but wanna go back to listen to the likes of Oprah and Rosie and follow degenerative and unnatural rules of behaviour such as a character named duped gave me a list of in one of these blogs.

They have already destroyed everything if we can't wake up from the slumber they have induced us to.

We have to understand that everything people take for granted, all their values and ideas, are implants. And get rid of them and start thinking about better ones.

Oprah will not provide us with such.

...I've been wondering how she felt about the outrages being committed against this oppressed people.

Perhaps she will change her mind once she sees the truth.

And if she doesn't...well.

Allah just HATES hypocrisy. Hopefully she is aware of that.

...and anyone who could tolerate the presence of Dan Gillerman for even a nanosecond has something wrong with them in the first place.

The guy isn't just a snake...he is an outright shaitan.

Thanks so much for the code! I love it!

Cherifa Sirry

You're welcomed. I love it too — that funny little head-scratcher, saying "no way... uh-uh" lol. Irresistable.

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AIPAC = Apartheid Israel Putting America in the Crosshairs

Apartheid Israel Placing America in the Crosshairs
American-Israeli Pimping-America Committee

This is perhaps why Oprah got all Israeli all of a sudden:

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