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Egyptian 'Mossad spy' dies in UK

Egyptian 'Mossad spy' dies in UK

An Egyptian billionaire who allegedly spied for Israel in the 1970s has been found dead outside his home in London.

Ashraf Marwan, the son-in-law of Gamal Abdel Nasser, a former Egyptian president, "lost his balance" while standing on his balcony on Wednesday and fell to his death, Egyptian state media said.

British police said only that they were looking into the death of an Egyptian man in central London, and it was being treated as "unexplained" but not suspicious.

"It's understood he may have fallen from a balcony," a police spokesman said.

A spokesman for Westminster Coroner's Court said an inquest would open on Friday into a man named Ashraf Marwan, but did not give any further details.

'Balance problems'

Egypt's MENA news agency quoted a source close to the family as saying Marwan had recently suffered from balance problems because of an illness and had been using a cane.

Marwan had been living in London after leaving Egyptian government service late in the 1970s.

He is thought to have feared for his life after he was publicly accused of being a spy for Mossad three years ago.

Israeli media named his as a source for the Israeli secret service, saying he had passed a warning to Mossad, the Israeli intelligence agency, on the eve of the 1973 Middle East war, also called the Yom Kippur War.

Yom Kippur 'tip-off'

Gad Shimron, a former Mossad officer turned historian, said Marwan had warned Israel hours before the Egyptian attack in 1973.

"We know now, from testimony given by Israeli spymasters and made public years after the Yom Kippur War, that Marwan was the man who tipped off the Mossad," he said.

According to The Times, a UK newspaper, Marwan offered his services to Israel in 1969, going on to provide information on Egypt and the Arab world.

He worked as a senior information official for both Abdel Nasser and Anwar Sadat, Abdel Nasser's successor as president.

Egyptian media has said he also had "intelligence duties".


with ultimate reward as plunge to your death screaming (Z)Jeronimoooooo...
I hope he did not expect to get Nobel peace prize for services rendered or he could be one very pissed off ghost haunting the Mossad agency.

"Let there be Light!"

"Let there be Light!"

Do AWAKENEDGOYIM and Traveller honestly think that a “top Mossad agent” would be invited to the wedding of the son of the Egyptian president about 3 weeks ago… which he did attend?? Please remember that the Egyptian president today was the leader of the Egyptian air force in the October war in 1973 when Israel suffered major losses due to the unexpected Egyptian attack. Gentlemen, I urge you to really think about what Israelis and Zionists write (and why they write it…) before you unintentionally help in distributing their negative propaganda which has concrete objectives of poisoning the Arab and Muslim world. Ashraf Marwan was very close to President Nasser and was in fact also his son in law. Marwan’s eldest son is called ‘Gamal’ after Gamal Abdel Nasser. Marwan worked very closely with Nasser and went on to become Sadat’s very close political and security advisor. Sadat waged war against Israel and crossed the Suez canal while the Israelis were asleep. Amongst other, Ashraf Marwan, a major arms dealer, made sure that the Egyptian air force was well equipped and supplied with everything it needed for this mission. If Marwan was a Mossad agent (let alone such a precious one!), why had the Israelis not even called on their reserves on October 6th ? Why did they wait for the war to actually start before they decided to take one step? Why did they allow hundreds of their planes to be destroyed and thousands of their soldiers to be killed since they had such great “intelligence”??

Gentlemen… gentlemen… Zionist propaganda is powerful… but the facts of the 6th of October war as reported and accounted for by writers and by History now, totally discount the Israeli version of who Ashraf Marwan really is.

What is really interesting is to understand the reason behind the “fuss” Israelis are presently making around Ashraf Marwan and of course the real reason for his death . 1973 took place over 30 years ago… and it certainly is not what concerns Israel today. Ashraf Marwan was no ordinary man and he was still as active as he was in 1973…, only he had grown older and gained more experience.

Cherifa Sirry

are very suspicious especially when they get rich in short period of time. There and update to this story on
and to be frank I don't trust people like that. Egypt is permeated with corruption in political circles as much as UK/US or Israel. This is Cherifa reason I will not cry for anyone who had dealings with Israel especially with Mossad. If he was as you say a double agent he should be living in Egypt with his own people and not in UK. I might be wrong in my feeling about this but to much of suspicion has been surrounding the whole 60's and 70's war for me to trust any side. Both wars in my opinion have just caused great dismay among Arab mases and it stinks on double dealing behind the public curtain.

"Let there be Light!"

"Let there be Light!"

sounds like revenge to me, push the old guy off his balcony, then slander.. a classic zionist MO.

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